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Ocn Vw 1K Dec 27, 06 9:29 pm

Availability of ATC Communications on Channel 9 thread [2011 Flights]
As the previous ATC availability threads were rather lengthy, we have closed those and started anew here for you to post your 2011 experiences.

Please follow the posting protocol for this thread:

Please note that this thread is limited to:
1) listing the flights/dates on which ATC communications are or aren't offered;
2) describing any interaction with flight crew staffing the specific flights about channel 9 availability;
3) describing any on-board audio system or technical issues bearing on channel 9 availability.

All posts straying from the last three points are considered off-topic for this thread and will be handled per FlyerTalk Rules. This includes discussion of United labor-management relations issues (even as bearing on channel 9), and related meta-discussions of policy. If you do wish to post about something you hear on the ATC frequencies, please post to the active "Fun Things Heard on Channel 9" thread.

You United Forum Moderation Team: Ocn Vw 1K, iluv2fly, l'etoile, and FlyinHawaiian

VTerforlife Jan 2, 11 11:59 am

Availability of ATC Communications on Channel 9 thread [2011 Flights]
12/24/10 UA758 SFO-DEN ^
12/24/10 UA908 DEN-ORD ^
1/1/11 UA551 ORD-LAS :td:
1/1/11 UA544 LAS-SFO ^ Pilot even explained the oil leak delay.

FlyinHawaiian Jan 2, 11 11:30 pm

1/2 UA951 IAD-LAX ^ Nice chat with the pilots pre-flight; it was also nice to listen to a rare BASET3 approach into LAX (eastbound landing).

czhang Jan 3, 11 4:16 am

1/1/11 UA875 SEA-NRT :td:
1/2/11 UA897 NRT-PEK :td:
Both flights operated by the same aircraft and presumably crew.

db01 Jan 6, 11 7:18 pm

Jan 6 UA 458 LAX-PIT ^ with pilot announcement on the ground

iceman77_7 Jan 6, 11 8:39 pm

1/4 UA 147 SAN-SFO :td:
1/6 UA 955 SFO-SAN ^

323power Jan 6, 11 9:02 pm

1/6 UA 470 JAC-ORD ^ with annoucement

warreng24 Jan 6, 11 9:36 pm

Is there a 2011 thread?

04 Jan UA976, PHX-DEN, A320, On ^
04 Jan UA938, DEN-ORD, B572, Off :td:
04 Jan UA200, ORD-BOS, A319, Off :td:

UAPremExecflyer Jan 8, 11 10:36 am

Jan 5 ORD-DCA UA205 Yes (w/announcement from purser)

goalie Jan 8, 11 10:52 am

SFO-JFK :td: (as we speak ;))
asked the Purser and was told the Captain said no

Ocn Vw 1K Jan 8, 11 11:07 am

1/4/11 SFO to LAX 867, A320 ^ on request to F/A who asked Captain.
1/5/11 LAX to SFO 841, A319 ^

Ryu2 Jan 8, 11 1:03 pm

1/4 UA 500 SFO-PHX ^ was announced by captain :td: FAs didn't turn on the entire audio system until about 20 minutes after takeoff. :mad:

USFdonWill Jan 8, 11 10:14 pm

1/8 UA972 SFO-ORD :td:
1/8 UA222 ORD-BDL :td:

midnightio Jan 8, 11 10:56 pm

1/7/11 UA862 HKG-SFO, Off :td:

david7031 Jan 9, 11 5:21 am

12/23/10 UA 945 FRA-ORD B777 :td: (Asked FA to ask Captain, Captain said "No, because some people are recording it on their iPods.")
12/23/10 UA 609 ORD-SFO B752 :td:
12/23/10 UA 6435 SFO-ONT CR2 :td: (No IFE)

01/06/11 UA 6464 ONT-SFO CR2 :td: (No IFE)
01/06/11 UA 900 SFO-FRA B744 ^:( (Asked FA to ask Captain, Captain said yes. CH. 9 on from SFO to Canada, then only last 20 minutes of flight)

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