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anyone else receive lower-status kits by mistake?

anyone else receive lower-status kits by mistake?

Old Feb 25, 03, 4:31 pm
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anyone else receive lower-status kits by mistake?

Hi all,

I was a long-time 2P but thankfully qualified for 1P this past year. I actually made it with the help of the Elite Qual Offer, but in early January (boo, hiss!).

United has reflected my 1P status on both united.com and in four UAL flights since I became a 1P, but lo and behold, in the mail last week arrived my 2003 Premier kit with a 2P card and the July expiry companion ticket.

Anyone else move up a level during early days of the Elite Qual and receive the proper kit reflecting your new status? I called Mileage Plus Premier (I don't know the PremEx number because I haven't received the kit!) and they told me basically to cool my jets until April at the earliest.

I'm not a huge fan of this approach, primarily because I do a lot of *A travel where they really want to see the gold card rather than just have you tell them you are *G.

Very frustrating, considering I made this status in the first week of January and I paid for the privilege.

Anyone else have a perspective on this?
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Old Feb 25, 03, 4:38 pm
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During the calendar year you qualified only for lowly 2P.

Mileage Plus looked at your calendar-year 2002 mileage and sent you the appropriate card based on what you flew during the calendar year.

You got your lowly 2P card at the same time everyone else -- like me -- got his card reflecting his calendar-year 2002 mileage.

Some time in April, Mileage Plus will look at the activity of everyone who signed up for the requalification offer. For those who achieved a higher status level, new cards will almost certainly be sent then.

If you don't like this arrangement, you still have 34 days to go for 1K.
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Old Feb 25, 03, 4:40 pm
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Last year I got a 2P kit even though I qualified 1P.

1P kit came later. Much later.
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Old Feb 26, 03, 6:31 am
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in what circumstances do you have to show your MP card?

i dont think i have ever had to pull mine
out of my wallet at any time.
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Old Feb 26, 03, 7:15 am
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by leightonbest:

in what circumstances do you have to show your MP card?

i dont think i have ever had to pull mine
out of my wallet at any time.</font>
Gaining entry to a Star partner lounge for starters. "Star Gold " does NOT always print on partner BPs.

I needed to avoifd MASSIVE check-in lines at SYD last week at Virgin Blue. They have this booth at far left with a UA logo over it. (For the SYD-BNE codeshares). I was not going to BNE, but showing that girl the 1K card with a smile got me a BP in seconds.

~ Glen ~

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Old Feb 26, 03, 8:10 am
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I also got a 2P card even though ual.com reflected my 1P status two weeks before the date of the cover letter enclosing the 2P card. How hard would it be for UA to run more frequent sweeps?

MP Service Center told me to wait until April. This is annoying, but probably inconsequential because I don't have any travel between now and then for which the *A Gold card would make any difference.
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Old Feb 26, 03, 9:01 am
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I'm another long-time 2P who qualified for 1P on 12/31, and I got the 2P card. It was theorized in another thread that they did the original sweep for cards sometime before the end of the year, so if you qualified late, you get the lower-status card... (it does take some time to get things to the printer -- I'm wondering if they won't wait until the end of the status extension period to do another sweep, in which case I'll be getting my new card pretty late as well...)

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Old Feb 26, 03, 9:04 am
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Nothing at all in mailbox yet.
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Old Feb 26, 03, 9:42 am
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Last year I got a 1P card despite qualifying for 1k late in the calendar year. (My wife never did get anything despite qualifying for 1P in November of 2001). I ended up calling to get them to mail me my kit. If I were you, I wouldn't wait too long, as their systems seem to have as many holes as Swiss cheese.
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Old Feb 26, 03, 9:48 am
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I received my 2P kit, as a mileage posting issue prevented my 1P status from posting until January 2003.

Emailed MP Customer Service and they noted my package was sent on 2/14, so I figure it will arrive in a few days.
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Old Feb 26, 03, 10:05 am
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heck, at this point I'd be happy to get a lower status package, or ANY package for that matter....
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Old Feb 26, 03, 10:35 am
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I remember seeing on the elite requalification offer webpage that they would send the new kits out 2-4 weeks after the status posted. Did they change this policy to now send them out in April? If so this is a real bummer as I recently qualified for 1K and am looking forward to the SWU's for flights in late March. If I don't get them by then I guess I'll have to suffer with the SQ Spacebed!!
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