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UAL's Captain Denny Flanagan (In-Flight Experiences, Sightings, Schedule, etc.)

Old Apr 23, 16, 1:38 pm
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Captain Denny's Retirement flight roll call. Please list your handle, cabin, and when you will be arriving in SEA, where we will arrange a dinner on 5/30.

Pat89339 - F - arriving 5/30
legalalien - F - arriving 5/31 (I can guest 2 into UC at either SEA or ORD)
Jubileesmom-F-arriving 5/30 ( I also can guest 2 into UC. )
Whiskarina - F - arriving 5/30
wxguy - F - arriving 5/30 via Capt Denny's second to last flight
FlyerBeek - F - arriving 5/29
JeepGuyDE - F - arriving 5/29 (need guesting into UC)
jmd001 - F - arriving 5/30 (would appreciate guesting into UC)
texasex95 - Y - arriving 5/31 (hopefully 5/30 if I can change my flight)
alanro - F - arriving 5/30 (I can also guest 2 into UC)
mendicantmonk - Y - arriving 5/30 (need guesting into UC)
SFO 1K - F - arriving 5/30 (I can guest 2 into UC)
wtigerFF - F - arriving 5/30 UA 635 (I can guest 2 into UC)
YRKInsider - F - arriving 5/30 UA 635 (can guest 2 into UC)
N1120A - F - Arriving 5/31 UA635 (Probably need guesting into UC)
CleUnited - Y - Arriving 5/30 (hopefully)
cawhite - F -arriving 5/30 UA635
paranoiatx - F - arriving 5/28 (can guest 2 into UC and/or 1 into CL)
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UAL's Captain Denny Flanagan (In-Flight Experiences, Sightings, Schedule, etc.)

Old Feb 22, 10, 12:42 pm
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Originally Posted by RdFltErr
Grrrr! How do I make this happen? I wanna meet him too! ;-)
This might help...
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Originally Posted by Fredd
Sitting proudly on our coffee table is a copy of The Age of Flight autographed by him and by Captain Bob Hart, the outstanding gentlemen who piloted us ORD-EWR. ^
Hmm, could be a new game - how many United pilots can you get to sign your Capt Denny copy of The Age of Flight? If only it was a little lighter... Mine is sitting on the bookshelf.
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Old Feb 22, 10, 1:58 pm
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The fleet "trading cards" that many of us have received from the Capt. Denny-relayted events are a good alternative for collecting pilot signatures. I have a set for all the mainline aircraft and have filled a few 757 and Airbus cards front and back with signatures of pilots. Surprisingly, I haven't had a repeat (other than Captain Denny) yet.
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Denny Flanagan

It was providential. I saw this thread this morning and then tonight (22Feb) Denny Flanagan was my pilot on UA917 IAD-SEA. He is a great ambassador for United and goes out of his way to make travel special.

I hadn't read the thread in detail, but I happened to ask him about channel 9, and he gave me a copy of The Age of Flight, which will find a prominent place on my coffee table.
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Can anyone tell me what he looks like? Tall, thin, white/grey hair, always smiling? Kinda reminded me of a younger captain Sullenburger.

We were on a 767 from DEN-SFO (flight 415) on 2/12 and I think he might have been our Pilot. If not this guy must have taken pointers from Denny!

A little background, we had a 3 leg itinerary EWR-DEN-SFO-HNL. We got to DEN on time but our DEN-SFO flight was on a ground hold due to a low level ceiling in SFO and the delay was likely to make us misconnect to flight 75 from SFO-HNL. A great gate agent put us on flight 415 to SFO minutes before they closed the jetway. 415 had already been delayed a couple hours and was more likely to get us there in time, despite a continuing ground hold on the tarmac.

Anyhow, we switched flights to 415, they closed the doors and pulled away from the jetway abour 3 minutes later then taxied us out to the tarmac to continue on with the ground hold for SFO.

Once on the tarmac, the captain came on, apologized and whatnot, had the flight attendents put on the movies (which normally wouldn't run for a 2 hour flight) and offer water or juice, and then opened up the cockpit and invited anyone to come sit in his seat and take pics and whatnot. These days I was shocked that would be allowed, but gladly joined the hords of others to check out the cockpit with my 2 sons.

The captain was great, gave out spec cards on the 767, explained the cockpit etc. His co-pilot was very friendly as well (a female) and printed out a weather report for me for SFO. Anyhow, I asked the captain what our chances were to make flight 75 out of SFO to HNL and he said he was going to do everything in his power to get us there in time, as he too was on that flight, along with the rest of the crew, deadheading to HNL.

Turns out we got to SFO just in in the knick of time, and by the time we got to the gate and boarded had only a few minutes to spare before they closed the doors and pulled away from the gate. The captain from 415 ended up sitting directly behind me in E+.

He was a great guy, you could tell he loved his job, and he certainly made an unpleasant situation far more tolerable. I swear I think it was the Denny you all speak so highly of in this thread.

BTW, I found out yesterday that one of my employees is Denny's relative (he's her uncle I believe).
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Old Feb 23, 10, 6:33 pm
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Originally Posted by Sabre1
Can anyone tell me what he looks like?
There are a few pictures of him in various posts, including the newspaper article in this one: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/12839814-post167.html
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I'm sitting in 9a on Flight 336 LAX to Den, talking to Captain Flanagan, while he passes out 757 cards and greets each customer. There is no better omen!
He said his schedule for this weekend got switched around because of the weather delays, and he's going to o on Flyertalk to check out this thread!

And he just gave me a copy of The Age of Flight/Come Fly With Us CD!!! Thanks Captain Flanagan! This is why I love to fly United!

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Captain Flanagan was my pilot today SEA-SFO. The first time I've had the pleasure. He started the day with a greeting over the intercom at the gate, then handing out 757 cards as we boarded. I talked to him in SFO where he said there were 3 other flyertalkers on the plane. A very nice man who had praise for flyertalk. Hope to meet him again.
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I've recently begun working at O'Hare as a volunteer for Travelers Aid, and I was most fortunate to run into Captain Flanagan on Saturday evening (3/13) while trying to assist a distressed passenger with a re-booking.

To make a long story short, I was attempting to assist a passenger who missed an AA ORD-SEA flight, and the ticket was issued by CO (005 stock). Calling CO was futile (epic hold times with weather wreaking havoc), there were no CO agents at the airline's T2 check-in hall, and there were likewise no CO agents at their gate area (B1-B4). Proceeding with the distressed passenger down the B concourse in hopes of tracking down a UA agent, who might then have possibly assisted by paging their CO counterparts, I ran into Captain Flanagan near B5. Needless to say, I was thrilled at this welcome turn of events!

True to form, Denny was quite busy helping a crowd of UA passengers gathered all around him, and I waited my turn. Finally having his attention, Captain Flanagan listened intently to my predicament and immediately took out his cell phone to dial first one contact, then another, before finally obtaining an internal number to CO's ORD operations office. Dialing that number and identifying myself as a Travelers Aid agent, I was able to finally make headway on the distressed passenger's ticket, and the passenger and her family ended up making the next AA ORD-SEA service, which departed but an hour later.

Always a UA brand ambassador, Captain Flanagan would not let me get on with my business without first giving me his business card, with a warm smile.

^^ to Captain Flanagan!
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He is class act! UA should be proud.
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Finally got a handwritten note on a business card from Capt. Denny. This guy really loves his job, you can tell. Class act, great guy, this is what the face of United should be.
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I met Captain Denny Flanagan again this weekend to Tampa. We chatted a little bit before departure and after arrival. He is a really nice guy. I heard that there is a thread where FTers can have dinner with him? Could any one please point me the link to the thread? Thanks!

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In addition to the dinner, for anyone interested in flying with him, here's his June flight schedule.
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I flew with him earlier this year, DEN-SAN. I went up to the cockpit after the flight to remind him of how famous he is with FTers. He said, "come on in. I've got stuff for you," and game me a copy of the UA history "The Age of Flight", the CD of Frank Sinatra commercials for UA in the 60's and a bag full of plastic kids flight wings. The latter I later gave to my favorite GA in DTW, and she loved them. Said that UA doesn't have them anymore. Wanted one for her personal collection.
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