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2022 United PQF/PQP/BIS Status Milestone Roll Call Thread

2022 United PQF/PQP/BIS Status Milestone Roll Call Thread

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Originally Posted by UA_Flyer View Post
United is measuring us based on Premier qualifying flights (PQF) and Premier qualifying point (PQP), and this seems to impact how we all meausre milestones. I still cannot figure out what the milestone measurements should be. Is it the milestone to achieve United defined status or milestones for how much flying (as measured in the past). One can buy a really expensive full fare business class ticket and instantly achieve status without meeting the PQF threshold.

Here is the 2023 qualification criteria:

Here are the 2019 and 2020 milestone numbers:


2019 United PQM/PQS/PQD Status Milestone Roll Call Thread
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Old Jun 22, 22, 8:35 pm
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Originally Posted by ua1flyer View Post
just passed 400,000 BIS and 125 PQF
Wow! Thatís sounds exhausting. Safe travels!
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Old Jun 29, 22, 12:46 am
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Originally Posted by ua1flyer View Post
just passed 400,000 BIS and 125 PQF
400k miles already? You're on pace for 800k...I hope that wasn't in economy.
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Old Jun 29, 22, 2:01 am
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With the travel I expect for the rest of the year (and also the inflated fares I expect to pay), plus the PQP I've earned with my UA cards, it's looking like I might end up in December with about 8,000 PQP and 21 PQF. Is it worth the $1,000 or so for me to try to hit Plat?

For context, I hit Gold for the first time ever at the end of last year with ~6,1000 PQP and 24 PQF. All leisure travel too. I fly a lot of SFO-DEN and other ex-SFO shorthaul, plus some transcons and 2 or so trips to Europe. I will usually try to do the transcons and Europe in J award tickets.

If I hit Plat, I suppose the Plus Points might be nice, but I'm not sure how much else my flying experience would materially change. Gold felt like a big enough step up from Silver with E+ at booking and Star Gold lounge access, but that's about it. Am I missing anything else with trying to hit Plat?
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Old Jul 3, 22, 5:32 am
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Crossed Platinum and on track to re-qualify 1K by the end of the year.

40 PQF
9,124 PQP
81,052 BIS United
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Old Jul 3, 22, 10:52 pm
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121 PQF
31555 PQP

All done in economy post 3/1/22. Not sure if this is the spot to ask, or if I should go to the GS thread. At the rate I'm going, assuming fares hold, I'm going to end up around 55-60K PQP. Some of this is bonus/card spend.

How far off am I from GS? I know that home airport matters, and I don't really have one. My round trips start in ORD (30%), DTW (30%), FNT (30%), and GRR (10%).

Does GS even matter if I'm flying out of DTW/FNT/GRR?
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Old Jul 3, 22, 11:58 pm
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Originally Posted by CPS89 View Post
... At the rate I'm going, assuming fares hold, I'm going to end up around 55-60K PQP. Some of this is bonus/card spend. ...
Remove the non-UA/UX flight PQPs, including any partner PQPs, that's the number that matters.
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Old Jul 5, 22, 6:43 am
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Crossed Gold on ANA in J Saturday. Have about 8,500 PQPs.

Still at only 3 UA segments. Went to Asia via IST on Turkish, came back via NRT. At booking, was a little painful to only get 1000/1500 PQPs on each J segment on partners. On board, however, the soft product was so far beyond Polaris that it took the sting out of the reduced PQPs. I'm on track to another year at 1K.
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Old Jul 5, 22, 6:55 am
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Requalified for 1K July 3 EWR-GVA

18 PQF
15,174 PQP
38,922 BIS United

Originally Posted by jasonp622 View Post
14 PQF
11,563 PQP
27,014 BIS United
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Old Jul 5, 22, 7:26 am
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Clawed my way back up to 1K (after splitting in 2019 between UA & DL) on July 2nd hitting the spend but not the PQFs yet on a Turkish J flight NAP-IST-ORD on Thursday.

26 PQF
15,178 PQP
26,743 BIS UA (lots of J segments on LH, A3, TK)
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Originally Posted by Repooc17 View Post
Crossing PQP Gold level, and about to reach 1K PQF level.
Actual numbers for the 1H of the year:

PQP: 6,065
PQF: 31
UA BIS: 56,907; actual BIS: 54,775 (500-mile round up)

Actual BIS for all carriers: 102,906 (free agent!) and 52 flights across the board in the first half of the year.

How much was the bonus PQP from UA - 3K? My PQP per each flight segment (PQF) would be under 100 if subtracting out the bonus PQP.
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Old Jul 5, 22, 8:53 am
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I am over 100K BIS on Star Alliance and will be over 100K BIS on United in a couple of months.
I am still behind my annual 350K+ *A BIS and 240K BIS on United before Covid.

Perhaps I am old shcool, I have found the PQP measurement almost meaningless in track one's flying activities. It is more about how much one spends on airlines tickets. PQF is more meaningful as it shows number of segments flown. BIS is still the better indication, IMHO.
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Old Jul 7, 22, 11:47 am
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Reached UA Gold on the first segment of my HNL trip.
Chase Card PQPs posted while I was relaxing on the beach, causing me to just barely cross-into Plat on the return of the same trip.

PQFs: 15
PQPs: 10,007
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Old Jul 13, 22, 12:11 pm
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Today I pass 450,000 BIS on the way to Australia. Also just passed 22,800,000 lifetime.next stop Capetown.
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Old Jul 19, 22, 11:50 am
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Currently 1K, just passed qualifications for Platinum next year on EWR-PBI. I should hit 1K by end of August, maybe September if I delay a trip. Have done a fair amount of flying on American and Delta this year as well which has delayed re-qualification.

PQF: 21
PQP: 12,961

May end up re-qualifying on a trip back from Las Vegas if Lady Luck is on my side.
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