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United Airlines Fleet Updates [2022 Edition]

United Airlines Fleet Updates [2022 Edition]

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Please read: This is a community-maintained wiki post containing the most important information from this thread. You may edit the Wiki once you have been on FT for 90 days and have made 90 posts.
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The Fleet Status site is:

At the site, you can find information about the interior features, livery, etc., for every plane in United's fleet.

United Airlines Equipment (Aircraft) Codes (via JOSECONLSCREW28)- code refers to type and configuration but not IFE:

73S - B737-700 Guam Configuration (12/30/84 Slimline)
73G - B737-700 Slimline (12/36/78 config)
73Y - B737-800 Slimline Config (16/54/96 config)
73U - B737-800 Guam Slimline Configuration (16/42/108 config)
73Q - B737-800 Slimline (16/54/96) with SFP (a/c 3519 and above 16/48/102) 3528 and up Sky Interior, 3532 and up Sky bins
73C - B737-900 Slimline (20/42/117 config)
73L - B737-900ER Slimline Config (3413-3442 & 3479: 20/42/117), (3443-3478: 20/39/120) (3479 Sky Interior and Space bins)
37E - B737-MAX8 Slimline 16/54/96): Sky Interior and Space bins
37X - B737-MAX9 Slimline
20/48/111): Sky Interior and Space bins
75B - B757-200 Int'l Config (
75S - B757-200 Int'l Config (16/42/118)
75E - B757-300 Slimline (24/57/156 config)
76S - B767-400ER (39/70/131 with Y crew mod)
78H - B787-8 (28J/21PP/38E+/158Y)
78Z - B787-9 (48/88/116 config)
78P - B787-9 (48J/21PP/39E+/149Y config)

77E - B777-200ER Polaris/PP (50/24/46/15

pmUA19F - A319 version 1 (12/36/78 config)
19G - A319 version 2 (12/36/78 config) (ex-CZ frames, different lavs)
20S - A320 version 1 (12/42/96 config)
20C - A320 version 2 (ex-CZ frames) (12/42/96 config), different lavs
37K - B737-900ER (20/39/120 a/c 3801-3810 ) (20/42/117 a/c 3811-3894 Sky - a/c 3895-3899 Space Bins
76A - B767-300ER Polaris 2 class (30J/46E+/138Y config)
76L - B767-300ER Polaris/PP (46J/22PP/43E+/56Y config)
77G/M - B777-200 Domestic (Versions 3 & 4 / 28F/102E+/234Y config)
77O - B777-200ER Domestic Version 32F/124E+/206Y config.
77U/N - B777-200ER Polaris/PP (50J/24PP/46E+/156Y)
77X - B777-300ER Polaris/PP (60J/24PP/62E+/204Y)
78J(78X) - B787-10 Polaris/PP 44J/21PP/45E+/199Y config)

Here's what each of the facilities do historically:
Domestic Contract:
LCQ, Airbus heavy/medium maint, Airbus Inductions and mods, 319/320 reconfiguration, 763 paint
MIA, reconfiguration and maintenance, all except 787/777
DLH/BQN/BFM, Airbus maintenance
SAT 757 maint/reconfiguration, some 763 maintenance
INT, 737 & 757 maint.
TPA, 737 heavy maint, contract, but UA building own hanger
RFD, 777 ADS-B (completed)
ILN occasional 763 maint.
Domestic In House:
HOU, 737 heavier maintenance, some shorter mod work
SFO, Airbus D checks, heavy 772 maint, 737NG C checks, other maint.
MCO, 737/757 maintenance, some mods.
IAH, light maint, some mods
SEA, 77W, 787 delivery induction
DEN, IAD, 787 new delivery induction
Paint Facilities
VCV, AMA, CWF, FTW paint
International Contract:
HKG, heavy widebody maint and reconf (also heavy GUM 737 maint); 763/772GE Polaris mods
XMN 772PW Polaris mods, 787 mod, 777/787 heavy maint
PVG, 788 modifications/WiFi, GUM 737 maint
PEK, some widebody maint.

Services ended at:

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Originally Posted by Infinite1K View Post
Should this be in a different thread? Seems like all this USB-* discussion is way off the subject matter.
It is part of the fleet update, same as screens and Bluetooth addition.
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20th 38M for UA.
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