1+ Year Anniversary of Not Flying United

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1+ Year Anniversary of Not Flying United

I see a lot of posts on my Facebook timeline of friends posting pictures from last year as they boarded their last flights around this time. I went from boarding a flight as a Global Services member to disappearing for a year.

When I went through and canceled my 2020 travels, UA was very understanding and accomodating. This year, I got a few emails from UA making sure I'm still good and I got a call from UA to see when I think I'll fly again: before June, June-December, or not sure. They've still been understanding, with a general "we'll be here when you can fly." And even if I wanted to fly, there's so many restrictions up that it'd be difficult to hop around as I did.

On my last flights in January, it was a bit jarring to see a random passenger wear a face mask. And on one of my last flights, I remember a masked passenger bringing a tub of Lysol wipes on a UA EWR-IAH flight to wipe down the seat, window, arm rest, and lights/air controls before sitting down.

Since then, I've known of several UA employees, all EWR based, that have died from COVID. And I haven't been to an airport since.

Are you at/approaching your anniversary of not flying UA for a year ...and if so, did UA reach out to you to check-in and see when you plan to return to the air?
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My wife and I flew back from Barcelona on Mar. 12 right before US restrictions for travelers from Europe went into effect. Since then we have flown on UA to SFO (Sept.) and TUC (Dec.) on vacations. We have also driven on several occasions to states that are more welcoming. The main obstacles we face are not dangers of contracting COVID-19, but state and local restrictions on quarantine (Hawaii and then CA), hotel closures, restaurant closures and restrictions on dining.

As a lowly 1K, I'm not sure if UA really wants my opinion on air travels. As you mentioned, I would love to travel internationally, but cannot due to very stringent restrictions which precludes any tourism.
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According to the UA app, my last flights were MNL-BR-TPE, TPE-SFO, and SFO-LAS on Tuesday, 25 February 2020, as a lowly Premier Silver.
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As soon as Hawaii lifted the 14 day quarantine requirement with a negative test - I started flying monthly to Las Vegas. So while UA didn't call - my Casino Hosts certainly did with fairly frequent calls. In 2020 - I flew in February - Hawaii got locked down in March - and I resumed in October a very long stretch for me. I actually got Covid returning from one of the trips (December) but fortunately except for some fatigue, it didn't impact me very much.

Normally, I'd be in the Bay Area near weekly - but our offices are shut down until at least July 1, and I suspect that will be extended. And quite frankly, with all the restrictions in CA, I'm in no hurry to go back except connecting.
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Originally Posted by Weatherboy View Post
On my last flights in January, it was a bit jarring to see a random passenger wear a face mask. And on one of my last flights, I remember a masked passenger bringing a tub of Lysol wipes on a UA EWR-IAH flight to wipe down the seat, window, arm rest, and lights/air controls before sitting down.
Before COVID I was that person. In my bag there is a gallon ziploc with individually wrapped purell wipes and a few masks.

I've taken 22 flights since everything started closing down last March so I'm not personally in the "grounded" camp. My OPM flying did drop to zero though.
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Was booked on CX F to YVR in February 2020, but decided against it due to COVID fears.

Flew UA to EWR instead in mid-February with a friend and we both caught COVID in NYC, though we didn't know it at the time. There were no tests back then and that was before COVID symptoms were known or COVID was even thought to be there. We both tested positive for antibodies when those tests became available, though our spouses and other friends and family were all negative.

Went back to the skies in August and have been flying regularly either solo or with the same friend since then. Not ready to travel with my wife and kids yet, and besides there's no way my 2 year old would keep her mask on.

Just took an antibody titer nearly a year after getting COVID and my antibody numbers are still sky high, while my wife still tested negative and has stayed grounded.
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It was last January for me. I was meant to travel just before the US closed its borders but I cancelled. Since then the US no longer allows me to set foot on a UA plane.
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It'll be a year in about 2 weeks. I have not heard from UA for sure.
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I think it's expected for UA to reach out to its GS members. The sheer number of elite members below GS, however, I wouldn't expect much from UA (or any airline for that matter).

Originally Posted by HNLbasedFlyer View Post
So while UA didn't call - my Casino Hosts certainly did with fairly frequent calls.
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I'm at about the 1-year anniversary of not entering the LAS United Club, even though I've been heading out of the airport at least 10 times in the last 12 months.
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Last flight was in September, flying back from Portland, ME. No idea when the next flight will be...hoping it will be in the next 2-3 months, but realistically I have no idea.
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Last trip last year was to Hawaii and came home March 5th. Next trip is to Hawaii on March 8. So a year since I've been on a flight. I have received first vaccination shot and getting the 2nd one on Feb 19,
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My last United flight was in February 2020. I have not flown United since, but Jetblue, Delta, Alaska, and American have all treated me well in my (paid) F flights -- mostly transcon and Hawaii flying.

In part, I am consciously booking away from United after United's unilateral change of terms as to my Lifetime United Club membership.
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My last international trips were last year Jan + Feb --- ICN, PVG, NRT, and BCN. My last time thru US Customs resulted in a dreaded 'X" at the Global Entry kiosk, my passport being put in a lock box, and an hour+ with a nurse from the CDC who was quite sure I had to be a super spreader. Thankfully, no COVID.

I cannot wait for restart of business travel even if I have to sit in seat 42B for 15 hours.
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Went February 2020 - December 2020 without flying.......drove me insane. I'm booking and flying as much as possible. DXB this month.
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