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Pat89339 Sep 18, 20 2:14 pm

Originally Posted by VWang1111 (Post 32683062)
Didn't see this anywhere else but Travel bank is offering an additional 5 miles per dollar up to 5000 miles which is very tempting.

Thanks! I used for two AMEX cards that had Airline Credit remaining. I'm glad I didn't cash out earlier.

JHake10 Sep 18, 20 2:40 pm

This deal isn't going to turn any heads but its a decent deal. I was looking for xmas flights and purchased the wallet funds, got the bonus miles, and immediately booked my flight. All in all I'll get miles when i fly the flight, bonus miles from the promo, and credit card points.

italdesign Oct 16, 20 8:34 am

When do TravelBank funds expire? OMAAT claims 5 years, but TB T&C says 18 months if you have no activity.

WineCountryUA Oct 16, 20 9:33 am

Originally Posted by italdesign (Post 32752081)
When do TravelBank funds expire? ....

What does your account say?
Go to My Account and find Travel Bank Balance, then click on More Details.
I have some funds expiring in 18 months from the last credit -- this was the 1.5% credit for using the card. Then I have a cash deposit (made last month) that expires 5 years from the deposit.

ctownflyer Oct 16, 20 3:10 pm

Does UA still give an ETC for expired TB funds?

SPN Lifer Oct 16, 20 3:21 pm

The term "expire" suggests otherwise.

WineCountryUA Oct 16, 20 3:28 pm

Originally Posted by ctownflyer (Post 32752908)
Does UA still give an ETC for expired TB funds?

While this was once true, it is no longer in the T&Cs

Was true in 2015, gone by at least 2018 -- probably removed during the closure and then reopening of TravelBank in 2017

LGA1K Oct 18, 20 10:15 am

An update on my effort to extend an expiring TravelBank balance-
-Adding $50 did not help--original balance expiry date did not change
-Calling customer service did not help--Agent and supervisor told me adding money was "activity" and should have extended expiration, but there was nothing they could do. Suggested I contact Customer Care by email.
-Customer Care did not help--Never received a reply, or even acknowledgement of receipt.
-Used the full $170 value in my TravelBank account to purchase a $174 ticket, then cancelled within 24 hours. The $4 on a credit card was refunded right away but I got an email saying the balance was subject to audit and could take up to 30 days. In the meantime, TravelBank completely disappeared from my account on
-After 2 weeks, TravelBank reappeared in my account, the $120 old Club balance showed up with an expiry date 18 months in the future and the recent $50 deposit showed up with expiry in 5 years.

So all good, but as I did not realize at the time, this should not have worked. According to section 12 of the TravelBank T&C: "In cases where TravelBank Cash is for any reason removed from an account, as for example the use of TravelBank Cash for a TravelBank Award, and there is a subsequent cancellation of a transaction and a redeposit of the TravelBank Cash to the Member's account, the cancellation of the transaction and redeposit of the TravelBank Cash to the account shall not qualify as "Account Activity."

italdesign Oct 18, 20 11:50 pm

Thanks for the update LGA1K . It's terrible that UA is making a mockery of their own T&C, with no customer service help. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

Flying Machine Oct 19, 20 6:07 am

I typically use my iPhone and the United app for making reservations. Throughout the reservation process and including payment I havenít see my travel bank balance prominently shown as a form of payment selection. Am I overlooking something? In fact, I donít see it at all. How about you?

rxgeek Oct 27, 20 2:20 pm

Originally Posted by Micp3208 (Post 32569788)
This is the email link:

There are six denominations you can choose from, $50 to $1,000.

Thanks for posting. I also added this to the wiki:

giblet Dec 1, 20 4:53 am

I have the PRG card which is up for renewal and I haven't used my $100 UA credit yet this year. On a scale of 1-10 how bad of an idea is it to do the $100 Travelbank, wait for it to credit, and then cancel the card? If I wait a month or two to cancel, will they refund a portion of the annual fee? I am sick of paying for this card and getting basically nothing for it and I want out, but I'd love to take that $100 with me on my way.

cfischer Dec 3, 20 4:12 pm

Got an Email with another 10% promo ... hmmm ... will be a tough one to add even more funds right now.

We'll match up to 10% of the money you add to your account.
We want you to feel inspired to plan for your next trip. That's why we're matching up to 10% of the money you add to your TravelBank account until December 9, 2020.*

Terms and conditions:

*Members can choose from six purchase amount options and, once purchased, the value remains valid for five years from the date it is deposited in your TravelBank account. Purchases made between December 3, 2020, at 12:01 a.m. CT and December 9, 2020, at 11:59:59 p.m. CT, are eligible for a bonus deposit equal to 5% of the purchase value for purchases of $50 and $100, and 10% for purchases of $250, $500, $750 and $1,000. The bonus value expires 120 days from the bonus deposit date. Purchases of TravelBank cash are not refundable and are limited to $1,000 per promotion per MileagePlus account. This offer is also subject to all of the TravelBank terms and conditions. United has the right to terminate this promotion or to change the promotion’s terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, benefits, and/or conditions of participation, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice.

Filler03 Dec 4, 20 11:39 am

Originally Posted by WineCountryUA (Post 32570598)
And TB funds can be used for partner flights! What would be great would be depositing ETCs in the TB and consolidate the two programs.

How sure are you that TB funds can be used for partner flights? Thought the T&Cs said no.

Hawkeyefan Dec 4, 20 11:57 am

But again I ask, what can TBfunds be used for. Just ticketing? C+? Upgrades? Lounge passes? Etc? No one knows.

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