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Chamor Feb 5, 20 6:02 pm

United Cares
There's an issue I would like to raise with United concerning a flight my wife and I took today. I entered the information on the United Cares webpage but got this response:

"If you have not received an email invitation to this web page, your flight may not yet be eligible for this process. Please reach out to Customer Care to let us know about a recent experience"

I did not receive an "email invitation" to the United Cares webpage. Do I need an "invitation" to use United Cares? If so, how would I get such an invitation? Should I just do as they say and reach out to "Customer Care" instead? Or wait a day or two and then try again?.

WineCountryUA Feb 5, 20 6:13 pm

United Cares / Customer Appreciation is for those that have received a compensation offer due to a flight issue. Sometimes it might work without an invitation but generally, you need an invitation. So unless you were told by an UA representative or received an email, it is the wrong place to go.

United Cares is where you go to accept a compensation offer or a choice between miles or ETC.

Customer Cares / Customer Service is what you normally used to register a complaint. Customer Cares is where you start if UA has not yet acknowledged there was an issue,

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