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JShLin Feb 1, 20 1:22 pm

Paper menus in "International Business" (not Polaris) (narrowbody)?
So I'm used to only getting a paper menu on international widebody and PS. Today, I was handed a menu in "Business" aka International in Domestic First; narrowbody equipment. Is this a new thing? I've never gotten on before, but I don't do these flights often either.

rch4u Feb 1, 20 1:31 pm

What route? Do you have a picture? I think MEX gets the premium transcontinental-looking black one sheet menu.

HNLbasedFlyer Feb 1, 20 1:51 pm

I got a paper menu SFO-HNL a month or two back. It was completely random.

econ Feb 1, 20 2:05 pm

I remember getting one of these going to PTY a few years ago. But I did not get them the last time I went to/from MEX.

JShLin Feb 1, 20 3:48 pm

Picture as requested. Dessert was also served as a separate course, which I also think is new? Route is SJO-IAD. Didn't have this on my flight down a couple of days ago. Either way, a good idea given its bilingual nature; it's definitely useful and feels like a classy touch.

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