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End of 2019 United BIS Rankings or How Much Did You Really Fly Last Year on United?

View Poll Results: What was your end of year 2019 (only) UA BIS miles number?
1 Million or more UA BIS miles
500 thousand or more but less than1 Million UA BIS miles
250 thousand or more but less than 500 thousand UA BIS miles
100 thousand or more but less than 250 thousand UA BIS miles
75 thousand or more but less than 100 thousand UA BIS miles
50 thousand or more but less than 75 thousand UA BIS miles
25 thousand or more but less than 50 thousand UA BIS miles
less than 25 thousand UA BIS miles
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End of 2019 United BIS Rankings or How Much Did You Really Fly Last Year on United?

Old Dec 25, 19, 10:13 am
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End of 2019 United BIS Rankings or How Much Did You Really Fly Last Year on United?

Are you a Moon flight Mission Leader or a Suborbital Cruiser?
United BIS Rankings* Up to Post #67 - (Please Post Your Numbers in This Thread - See Information Below)

Rank -- Name -- UA BIS Miles -- Star Alliance BIS Miles
Interstellar Mission Flight Commander:
1 ua1flyer 1,476,132 1,501,132 Congratulations on this Record Setting BIS!!!

You Made it to the Moon AND Back!! >450K miles
2 dkmatter 872,934 Almost made two lunar round trips!
3 npei 730,000
4 ContinentalFan 651,449
5 Kmxu 505,995
6 IAHMCI 477,000
7 Kitto 476,741

You reached the Moon! One small step.. >225K miles
8 ua1flyerLilBro 432,585
9 dkc715 362,680
10 ua48ua49 357,100
11 BldgEnergySaver 328,663 372491
12 John Aldeborgh 273,724
13 UA_Flyer 271,237 357,557
14 totorn 237,053 276,680
15 spartacusmcfly 229,751

Quadruple Earth Looper!! >100K miles
16 wxguy 210,000
17 sing-along 203,331
18 Fivestardude 192,106
19 kirkwoodj 182,661 212,656
20 laughinlab2000 175,941
21 mikeyf 167,554
22 United 747 160,000 200,000
23 fivevsone 156,000
24 hscottm 151,212
25 mabatross1 150,000
26 DELee 149,919
27 MCLC 146,948
28 st530 145,919
29 usbusinesstraveller 145,614 150,028
30 BayAreaTrvler 145,000
31 fishleafer 141,014
32 MTan 133,000
33 PVDProf 131,000
34 jasonp622 130,455
35 HoyaSFOIAD 125,553
36 leoo 109,441
37 JRCFreqFlyer 106,647
38 tarheelnj 102,473
39 chrisksc 101,222
40 iflyabunch 100,991

Double Earth Looper! >50K
41 rowenb 99,365 Almost!
42 CIT85 98,714
43 GW 96,813
44 daisyatl 95,113
45 JWWI 88,296
46 kevflyer 80,000
47 RobotDoctor 79,313
48 skidooman 70,204 244952
49 MrCUBS 68,470
50 EWRSNA 68,429
51 bloodyeyeballs 67,818
52 8MiHi 56,318
53 lhrsfo 55,000
54 Polytonic 54,508

Circumnavigator >25K miles
55 gayste 49,744
56 rwm818 49,438
57 mackenzie77 32,515

Suborbital Cruiser <25K miles
58 sakaike 22,091
59 lax2jfk2lax 2,000
60 mahasamatman 0

Information on This Thread: As I have done for a few years now, I thought it would be fun to put up and rank the numbers for United BIS (Butt In Seat) or "actual" flight miles*. Since 2016 when United changed the PQM award amounts so they are more heavily weighted by the booking codes, particularly for business flyers (up to 3X flown miles), the PQM totals don’t always correlate well with your actual flight miles. In fact, beginning in 2020 United will no longer have PQM’s as they move to a dollar only or dollars and flight segment status program.

So again, this thread is strictly for ranking United BIS miles for 2019 which ranks your real flight miles* on United planes. If you also want to list your Star Alliance BIS that is fine as well for fun. If you want to rank your PQM miles you can do that on a thread started by UA_Flyer at: End of 2019 PQM Ranking .

If you want to rank your Lifetime United BIS miles you can do that at the United Lifetime Flight Miles "BIS" Ranking for the end of 2019 that can be found here: United Lifetime Flight Miles BIS Ranking for the End of 2019

The three previous year’s United BIS rankings can be found at:
End of 2018 United BIS Rankings or How Much Did You really Fly Last Year on United?
End of 2017 United BIS Rankings or How Much Did You Really Fly Last Year on United?
End of 2016 United BIS Rankings or How Much Did You Really Fly Last Year on United?

After we have a reasonable number of United BIS entries I will provide a ranked list periodically that is divided into levels of flight distance accomplishments (How many times have you circled the globe or traveled to the Moon?).

The best and easiest way to get your United BIS miles number is to take your United Lifetime flight Miles for the end of 2019 (or what you expect it to be) and subtract from it your United Lifetime flight Miles from the end of 2018. This one year difference in Lifetime Flight Miles is your United BIS for 2018.

If for some reason you didn’t record your end of year 2018 lifetime number last year (Doesn’t everyone?), then you can still calculate your United BIS by taking the PQM from each 2019 trip which is on your detailed activity list and dividing the PQM for each flight by the appropriate multiplier for the booking code for that flight and then adding up all the resultant BIS miles. These booking codes values are on the “United Earning Miles for flights” page but to summarize: 3X for J; 2X for C, D, and Z; 1.5X for P, O, A, R, Y, and B, and 1X for everything else, except .5X for basic economy tickets. For example, if your PQM for a flight is 1500 miles and your booking code was P then your BIS for that flight was 1000 miles (1500/1.5). Also upgraded flights having booking codes with a Z prefix such as ZQ or ZW are still 1X (ignore the leading Z). You can also download your flight activity list into a spreadsheet to make these calculations easier.

Finally, if you don’t have your 2018 lifetime miles, are mathematically challenged, or don’t have all day to calculate your BIS, please feel free to approximate your BIS. Just put a “~” in front of the number to designate an approximation and I will also be happy to rank it.

Let the posting begin…

(*Note that the United Lifetime flight miles are a bit of an approximation to your actual flight miles since United rounds up all small flights less than 500 miles to 500 miles even. Thus, United slightly overestimates your mileage depending at least on the number of short flights you have taken. United also does not keep track of or give lifetime mileage credit for any award flights. To keep this simple, let’s just use United’s definition of flight miles.)
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210,000 paid BIS. Another 100,000 or so on UA award tickets.
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Old Dec 25, 19, 4:54 pm
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149,919 BIS miles

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98,714 BIS (according to UA Lifetime miles calculations with 500 minimum miles per segment). I have too many short 500 minimum segment flights to calculate actual BIS.
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~55,000 miles. Fewer BIS this year as more (cheap) premium fares bought and in the process of switching to BA. I had targeted 2Mm by 2024 but, following the changes, it is now very unlikely to happen ever.
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United metal only BIS 271,237
Other *A BIS 86,320

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54,508 BIS here, all UA metal.

Originally Posted by DELee View Post

149,919 BIS miles

I hope you find a way to squeeze out those last 81 miles! :O
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ua bis: 273,724
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UA BIS: 32,515. My lowest in a decade and purposely so - even before the changes for 2020, decided I was out.
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UA BIS flown this year:
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Projected end of year (LHR-ORD-PDX still to go) ....

UA BIS - 145,614
*A BIS - 150,028
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49,438...but I am LT Plat so no need for a MR.
no more flying in 2019
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