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Global Services 2020 Notifications (ONLY) -- "no discussion"

Global Services 2020 Notifications (ONLY) -- "no discussion"

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Old Dec 9, 19, 7:09 am   -   Wikipost
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This is the thread is for the posting of actual notifications of 2020 GS invitations (ONLY) - no side discussions.

Since new invitations and new invitations roll through January, use this thread for actual invitations only. For discussion of qualification criteria or timing or being on the bubble, please use GS Qualifying for 2020 Discussion / Questions.

For discussion of GS benefits, please use Consolidated Global Services Thread: Benefits, Questions [2019]
Form Link to collect this years qualification (or rejection) information

You can view the results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

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Old Dec 3, 19, 1:17 pm
Original Poster
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Global Services 2020 Notifications (ONLY) -- "no discussion"

This thread is for GS notifications only.

I have > $54K PQD, but as a > 4MM, not worried

Good luck everyone!

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Old Dec 3, 19, 1:53 pm
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I'm a bit extreme on the 2020 notifications as I already received 2020 qualification when I got my mid-year invite earlier this year. I did notice when I logged into the "mystatus" website this week the welcome letter had reset and popped up upon logging in but I think this is more to do with them refreshing something on the page vs. the new invites coming out.
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Old Dec 6, 19, 7:37 am
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Checked last night and received the 2020 welcome.

SFO / 255k pqm / 52 pqs / $54k, 100% all UA metal, lots of Polaris flights to Asia.

Screenshot below.

Had it for 2019 too with almost the exact same stats, but with about 220k pqm. Actually about the last 8 years has been almost the same. I may not be exciting, but I'm consistent.

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Old Dec 9, 19, 9:47 am
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Originally Posted by ua_sp_102366 View Post
I'm done for the year.. See below (Al UA metal spend):

2016 $141K 3 Yr Average $67K

2017 $75.8K 4 Yr Average $85K

2018 $54.5K

2019 $70.3K

Still no work.. I am getting the check back later message like everyone else. Not too concerned though

Update.. Just got notified (VM) that i re-qualified for 2020.
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Old Dec 9, 19, 9:48 am
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: SFO
Programs: UA GS 1.9MM / UC / AS Gold 75K / Bonvoy Plat / Hilton Diamond
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I'm in, 6th year, SFO-based:

PQD: $54,356 (UA Only, with another $2,500 to go)
PQM: 237,172
BIS: 148,200

3Y Trailing: $177k (2018 $56k; 2017 $67k; 2016 $62k; 2015 $74k)

Phew ... that situation last week had me worried!
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Old Dec 9, 19, 9:49 am
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I got the Jan 10 message last week but just refreshed mystatus and Iíve been re-invited with $62K PQD out of EWR. This right after I had called to push through two T-72 Polaris upgrades. Exciting day!
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Old Dec 9, 19, 9:54 am
Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: San Diego, CA
Programs: UA GS 1M
Posts: 19
Just checked as well, got the re-invite.
My stats YTD:
PQD: $75k
PQM: 306k

Last year;
PQD: $96
PQM: 366k

All above are United only Metal.
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Old Dec 9, 19, 9:56 am
Join Date: Dec 2018
Location: Sausalito, CA
Programs: UA Global Services, United 3MM, Marriott Platinum
Posts: 4
Got the invitation this morning

230,000 PQM.
42 PQS
$61,718 PQD, all United, almost all international.
Based in SFO, land of the Global Services flyer.
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Old Dec 9, 19, 9:57 am
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: SFO
Programs: UA GS 1MM / Hilton Diamond / Bonvoy Gold / Hertz PC
Posts: 327
Checked this morning, got it for 2020. Will be my 5th year.

$55k PQD, all UA metal
240,819 PQM
SFO based.
90% transcons sitting up front.
HoyaSFOIAD is offline  
Old Dec 9, 19, 9:57 am
Join Date: Nov 2018
Posts: 12
Just received notification.

Will finish year with:
$59,400 PQD all United metal
278,000 PQM
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Old Dec 9, 19, 10:03 am
Join Date: Nov 2017
Posts: 7
Checked this morning and received the message that I was qualified for 2020! $51,000 in PQD and 200K PQM.
Last 3 year spend on ~$180K
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Old Dec 9, 19, 10:21 am
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 1
I'm a long time lurker- received the GS notice today. The Jan 10th thing threw me!
SFO based
PQM 269,343
PQS 80.5
PQD 85,066 with one more EU trip to come in 2019. >90% UA metal

year 3 of GS. Yay!
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Old Dec 9, 19, 10:32 am
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Programs: United Global Services, Amtrak Select Executive
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Wife had "Jan 10" notice up until just now it changed to show that she qualified, with $55K, 166K PQM, 54 PQS, out of EWR. Spend is 80% domestic refundable J and 20% international discount J.
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Old Dec 9, 19, 10:37 am
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: sfo
Programs: United GS, Starwood Platinum
Posts: 565
Just received notice after having Jan 10 originally
4 Year GS
SF Based
300k PQM
$57 k spend
93 PQS

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Old Dec 9, 19, 10:46 am
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: DC
Programs: MPGS, 1MM
Posts: 43
Just received my notice as well.


$66K PQD, all but 1000 on United
167,000 PQM
120.5 PQS

2nd consecutive year, after very similar stats last year; DCA/IAD based
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