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MSPeconomist Sep 14, 19 1:12 pm

Originally Posted by notquiteaff (Post 31524887)
Posting service problems here usually doesn’t achieve anything other than encourage unwarranted ridicule of attacks from fellow members.

OP’s wife should consider taking “Jim”’s advice. Then send a copy of the El Al invoice/receipt to Oscar with a very brief description of what happened. “Jim” needs a different role that isn’t customer facing.

"Jim" needs to be fired if this is how he interacts with HVC or in fact any customers.

AsiaTravel2019 Sep 14, 19 1:14 pm

Yup, this is what I encounter on long haul UA.

Terrible attitudes, sarcasm, condescension. Bad food. Broken promises. It's the "Dick's Last Resort" of the skies.

And then you will have a good experience. And then 2 bad ones.

It's like the gate agent at the premier counter who checked me in yesterday. Didn't greet me, or thank me, or do anything. Terrible service. I got better service flying economy on other airlines.

Annalisa12 Sep 14, 19 2:25 pm

Originally Posted by NYTA (Post 31523783)
It's not about the pajamas. It's about the airline not providing something they say they will provide and then suggesting to the customer that they fly another airline if they are unhappy with the poor service/attitude. Would have been the same if after showing the menu suddenly they had said there wouldn't be any meals served.

Let's say they didnt have a drink onboard they said they would. Would you ask to speak to higher ups etc?

I get the rude part. Definitely not called for.

narvik Sep 14, 19 2:27 pm

Originally Posted by Annalisa12 (Post 31525252)
Let's say they didnt have a drink onboard they said they would. Would you ask to speak to higher ups etc?

Well, if they didn't have ANY drink on board TLV-EWR, I certainly would! ;)

hotturnip Sep 14, 19 3:48 pm

The point of the OP's story is NOT, "Why didn't I get my 4th set of pajamas? I'm entitled to unlimited pajamas!" So the cynical snark is way off base.

The point is "UA staff copped a terrible attitude and provided hostile service." All they had to do was say, "I'm so sorry, we don't seem to have pajamas this trip--I'm not sure why that's printed on the menus. If I run across any, I'll bring you some."

Sounds like an EWR-based crew for sure.

sleeper.agent Sep 14, 19 6:08 pm

Not sure if Ibmossed this, but have you written to United about it? It would have been interesting what their reply would be.

FlyingNone Sep 14, 19 6:19 pm

I just don't get it how some of these customer service agents/ flight attendants fail to have even the slightest amount of sympathy or urge to get something or do something for someone who asks. Is it so far out of the way to be polite and nice ????. Even if they ask in a snotty or condescening/critical way, just do your job !!!!......." I don't think we have any but I will certainly look" would be a start........then do it at the first possible chance - even if it means moving to a different part of the cabin to look around or get what they are requesting. You've just started your onboard duty and you have no enthusiasm? or "less stress" at the beginning of the trip to go the "extra mile" ??? -- but I'm sure when you (flight attendants) land in TLV or EZE or some exotic international locale you have no problem finding the best shops or restaurants for your personal comfort. Maybe if these FA's would think out of the box BEFORE passengers get onboard like making a mental note of where items are kept and if they have enough on hand etc. it would make their "miserable", highly-paid, well-traveled lives easier.

PTahCha Sep 14, 19 6:45 pm

I guess I had an opposite experience on my last EWR - HKG flight. The FA proactively offered pajamas and mattress pad during boarding. The pre-departure bubbly was filled to the rim of the glass. Wine was consistently refilled during the course of the flight. Mid-flight snacks were provided right away after request. Although, only the front cabin got the slippers and not the second Polaris cabin. (the HORROR! :eek:) The purser was apologetic after I told hme and gave me some slippers right away.

SS255 Sep 14, 19 10:52 pm

I’m with the OP on this one. I bring my own UA pajamas on non-pajama flights. If I don’t bring pajamas on pajama flights, I expect them on board — and request them and the mattress pad immediately after boarding. No, I don’t need any more pairs, but it’s easier to get a fresh pack and leave them on board than it is to bring an old pair with you. I hate surprises (unless they’re “surprise and delight” surprises. :cool:)

ctownflyer Sep 14, 19 11:06 pm

All TLV flights get the PJs.

OP should contact UA customer care and let them know about the onboard service.

NYTA Sep 15, 19 1:21 am

Originally Posted by Annalisa12 (Post 31525252)
Let's say they didnt have a drink onboard they said they would. Would you ask to speak to higher ups etc?

I get the rude part. Definitely not called for.

Not for a particular drink but, just to make up an example, if I got served a glass of whatever (for argument's sake let's say Champagne) flying once a month for years on the same flight and was suddenly told by an FA that they never serve Champagne at all on that route - not that they ran out on this particular day, but that they don't serve it ever on that route - you bet I'd inquire higher up in the chain - especially if the printed menu on the flight said they'd be serving it.

For those of you who say "why such a fuss about pajamas?" - I can also bring my own Champagne on board with me, but I don't, because the airline is expected to provide it, including not lying to me about whether they serve it or not and suggesting I fly another airline when I call them out on their lie, followed by their immediately serving Champagne to all of the passengers.

PaulInTheSky Jan 3, 20 7:59 am

Originally Posted by NYTA (Post 31523394)
My wife flies paid business class TLV-EWR and back once a month on UA for work - she's free to choose whatever airline she wants. While the "Polaris Pajama" thread on this forum says that EWR-TLV doesn't officially give pajamas, she has gotten them on every flight. On her most recent flight home from EWR to TLV, she asked a crew member while they were on the ground for a pair of pajamas. She was told that because the flight is less than 12 hours, she wouldn't get any. She explained that not only did they give them out on every flight she has been on this year, but that on the menus they handed out, it said specifically that they would be giving out Pajamas (both in English and Hebrew so they can't say it wasn't meant for this route). Crew member didn't care. Wife asks to speak to the purser - gets the same message. Then asks for someone more senior than that - gets referred to "Jim" who is introduced as the "Global Services Rep" (A ground rep?) who grudgingly hands her a pair of large/Extra-large saying that's all they had (she's a small/medium). She explained to Jim that if they print on the menus on the plane that they are giving pajamas then they should actually live up to it and give everyone pajamas who asks rather than making it seem like they are doing the passengers a favor.

Jim's response..."You're welcome to fly El Al next time instead" (!)

Shortly after Jim left, the crew went and handed out pajamas to all of the business class passengers, including exchanging my wife's extra large for a medium.

All I can say is, WTH?

As of today's date she's spent over $32,000 with UA so far this year and if you include me and our kids for personal/work travel we have collectively spent over $40k on UA. I'm kind of thinking we should take Jim up on his offer if this is the way UA wants to treat their customers. Any thoughts on how to make sure UA corrects their crew/staff attitudes? I don't care about getting thrown some points for "compensation" or whatever - I just want the staff to learn how to behave properly!

Very bad business practices. Surprised that not many figured that in EWR-TLV Eastbound, the flight duration was 10.5, while the westbound TLV-EWR was a tad over 12 hours. This is why setting a flight duration backfires UA in terms of what amenities are included.

uastarflyer Jan 3, 20 12:03 pm

Originally Posted by NYTA (Post 31526351)
For those of you who say "why such a fuss about pajamas?" - I can also bring my own Champagne on board with me, but I don't, because the airline is expected to provide it,.

Im pretty sure UA and most do not allow passengers to open their own alcohol brought on board.

But I am with you on the pajamas. If I had seen this a few hours ago Id be reading this in my Polaris PJs at home!

mh3265a Jan 3, 20 12:17 pm

It's a flight out of Newark so are we really shocked that the OP had a bad customer service experience? I agree not worth a huge fight over PJs but this gets to a broader problem with United NOT being consistent in what they market and offer on flights.

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