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United Polaris - New Business Class seats & inflight service {Archive}

United Polaris - New Business Class seats & inflight service {Archive}

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Archive thread -- Active thread is United Polaris - New Business Class seats & inflight service -- 3+ years after Intro

United website - Explore: http://view.ceros.com/united/polaris-business-class/p/1
from UA's Facebook stream
Only customers traveling in United Polaris business class or United Polaris Global First on international flights and customers in Star Alliance international first or business class cabins on flights longer than six hours will have access to the United Polaris Lounge.
Official Polaris Lounge Access Rules are here: Polaris Lounge Access Rules

United Polaris Business and Polaris First pax may access the Polaris lounge at connecting airports and their final destination within 24 hours of departure or arrival.

*A international J and F pax may only access the Polaris lounge at the departure airport. For purposes of Polaris lounge access, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and Guam are excluded from the definition of "international."

Seat Chart.

Press release: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-relea...300278706.html

NEW YORK, June 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- With the aspiration of making weary business travel a relic of the past, United Airlines today unveiled its all-new United Polaris business class, the airline's most significant product transformation in more than a decade, featuring a reimagined, sleep-enhancing, departure-to-landing experience for intercontinental travelers.

Named after the North Star, United Polaris is the shining new star of business class travel that flyers can turn to for a tranquil and restful journey.

"United Polaris will change the game in international business travel with an exceptional level of relaxation and comfort throughout our customers' journeys," said Oscar Munoz, president and CEO of United. "This completely reconceived experience exemplifies the new spirit of United and the innovation, excitement and operational momentum across our airline."

Path-Breaking Design

In setting out to create a transformative business class experience, United chose to outfit its widebody fleet with a custom-designed, exclusive-to-United seat, rather than select an option already in the marketplace. Designed in partnership with Acumen Design Associates and PriestmanGoode and manufactured by Zodiac Seats United Kingdom, each United Polaris seat will offer direct access to the aisle, 180-degree flat-bed recline and up to 6 foot 6 inches of bed space.

Crafted as individual, forward-facing, suite-like pods, each customer's personal suite will feature a "Do Not Disturb" sign, mood lighting, one-touch lumbar support, several storage areas, multiple surfaces for simultaneous working and dining, a 16-inch high-definition entertainment screen and, for seats in the center of the cabin, electronic privacy dividers. Complementing the new seats, United and PriestmanGoode have also conceived an all-new look for the United Polaris cabins.

In rethinking the international business class experience, United conducted more than 12,000 hours of research, and sleep emerged as the single most important priority for international business class travelers. United Polaris' path-breaking design and sleep-enhancing focus was inspired and informed by insights from hundreds of customers and employees, inflight product simulations and more than 100 product evaluations.

Sleep-Enticing Amenities

In addition to the sleep-enticing United Polaris personal suites, several other amenities were designed with our customers' sleep in mind.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, United has worked with leading luxury specialty store Saks Fifth Avenue for custom-designed bedding. All designed to provide the best sleep in the sky, the new bedding collection will feature plush duvets, lightweight day-blankets and a large and small pillow for each United Polaris customer. In addition, mattress cushions will be available upon request.

Slippers will be available on all flights, and customized United Polaris pajamas will be available by request on flights longer than 12 hours**. Flyers will also be able to request a gel-cooled pillow. New amenity kits will feature ergonomically designed eye shades, calming lavender pillow mist and additional products from Soho House & Co.'s Cowshed Spa.

With the introduction of United Polaris, the airline intends to donate tens of thousands of pillows, blankets and other inflight service items to Fisher House Foundation, which United and its employees have long supported.

Elevated Dining Experience

Upon boarding their flight, each United Polaris customer will be welcomed with a pre-departure beverage of his or her choice and gourmet chocolate. While in the air, customers will enjoy regionally influenced in-flight menus updated seasonally, developed in partnership with The Trotter Project and its critically recognized chefs, including Bill Kim of acclaimed Chicago restaurants Urbanbelly, bellyQ and Belly Shack.

The airline will offer an upgraded wine experience, with the highest-quality options curated exclusively by United's Master Sommelier. Inflight service will also include made-to-order signature ice cream sundaes, a dessert cart with a variety of petit dessert options, chocolate truffles and wine flights. On daytime flights longer than eight hours and on all flights longer than 12 hours, hot mid-flight snacks such as lobster macaroni and cheese will be available.

Raising The Bar With United Polaris Business Class Lounges

United will also open an exclusive portfolio of United Polaris business class lounges in nine locations around the world the only lounge of its kind offered by a U.S. airline to business class customers that will feature custom-designed chairs, private daybeds, spa-like showers and chef-inspired hot meals served in a boutique restaurant setting so customers can refresh and dine before boarding their planes. Premium sparkling wines and spirits, refreshing snacks and bottled water will also be offered.

The first new United Polaris lounge will open at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Dec. 1, 2016. Lounges in eight other locations Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, New York/Newark, Washington Dulles, Tokyo Narita, Hong Kong and London Heathrow will follow in 2017.

United Polaris Introduction

United will begin to introduce United Polaris on Dec. 1, 2016, with the new inflight food and beverage experience, new custom bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue, new amenity kits and the new United Polaris lounge in Chicago. The United Polaris business class seat will first take flight in December on Boeing 777-300ER aircraft and subsequently on Boeing 787-10 and Airbus A350-1000 aircraft, as well as on Boeing 767-300 and 777-200 retrofits.

United Polaris will serve business class customers flying the U.S. airline industry's most global route network, reaching more than 330 destinations in more than 50 countries.

More information on the United Polaris business class can be found at united.com/Polaris.

[From [email][email protected] 11/15/2016]
Starting December 1, 2016, United Polaris Business Class service will replace United BusinessFirst service on international flights, and United Polaris Global First service will replace the current United Global First service.

Between 2017 to 2019 eight additional United Polaris lounges will open at EWR, HKG, IAD, IAH, LAX, LHR, NRT and SFO. We do not have the exact opening dates at this time. A scheduling announcement will be forthcoming.
** Flights with pajama service (for both directions)
(from United Twitter feed https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CyjFHZLW...jpg&name=large

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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:25 am
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Regarding ORD:

There's no flipping way that ONLY the former GF lounge gets converted to a Polaris lounge. The early afternoon Asia departures and evening Europe/SA departures have hundreds and hundreds of BF passengers.

The current GF lounge holds, what, 40 people in a PACKED scenario?

My guess is that they split the current C Concourse UC in two...Either expanding the current GF lounge well into the UC (probably around the current UC bar area, at least), or go the other way and make the Polaris lounge start somewhere around the old smoking section/current cry room...Or go complete opposite, UC becomes the Polaris, and GF becomes a small UC.

I don't know the admission stats at ORD, but it's BY FAR the most crazy around the time of the international departures, then the crowds die down dramatically.
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:26 am
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Originally Posted by MrAndy1369 View Post
Have to admit I'm disappointed. I was hoping today's event would unveil a lot of improvements for everyone, not just a focus on the international premium cabin. "Improving the customer experience" leads me to think of something that UA had up their sleeve for everyone (Y, non-elite pax included).

With that said... GF officially discontinued?
Wonder if the soft product will carry over to other planes w the current BF seats.
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:26 am
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Why would they refer to F as United Polaris Global First. If they wanted to keep Polaris, just name it Polaris First or Polaris Business?
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:26 am
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Today, a GS gets access to the GF lounge when traveling in BusinessFirst. And of course the GF lounge as long as GF still exists. Does that mean no more differentiation for GF and GS in terms of lounge access?
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:27 am
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so what about economy upgrades?
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Looks really good. Definitely a smart re-branding by UA.

I'm curious to see who will have access to the Polaris Lounge. Not clear if it'll replace the GFL or not and even if it does will access rules change?

I note they are silent on GlobalFirst in the announcement and timing for the 777-200 retrofits.
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:28 am
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Originally Posted by joshwex90 View Post
So who will have access to the lounge? Did they say?
"customers traveling in United Polaris business class or United Polaris Global First on international flights and customers in Star AllianceTM international first or business class cabins on flights longer than six hours will have access to the United Polaris Lounge."

Polaris GF???
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:29 am
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Originally Posted by Michael D View Post
So SFO-PEK will have pjs but PEK-SFO no pjs (12 hour rule). No pjs to/from ICN or NRT or HND out of SFO/LAX?

Not good. Not thought out?
Assume for a PR they went big picture. And we'll see, similar to that of the mealtimes, a more comprehensive breakdown. (at least for PEK-SFO).

Else, the PR and website would be just flooded with nuances.
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:29 am
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this is great news ... I hope they will roll this out quickly wrt retrofits because the 773 and 350s will be coming online SLOWLY and I want a consistent product when I book my flights ... with all the UA schedule shuffling this better gets done asap ... DL did it in about a year ... we'll see how long it'll take UA.
Also great to see a dedicated lounge; these UA clubs were just acceptable for intl premium travel.
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Old Jun 2, 16, 10:30 am
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Originally Posted by manstein58 View Post
Getting rid of 2-4-2 is a YUUUGE improvement
Just remember that getting rid of 2-4-2 == (effectively) getting rid of upgrade possibilities.
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Originally Posted by skycrab View Post
Any airline that'll serve me 3 glasses of wine at once is definitely on my good side

Seriously though, it looks like an upgrade to the wine and champagne offerings, to a level you'd expect from a major carrier like UA.
Some people ask for the can, I ask for the bottle
I re-watched the portion of video with the 3 wine glasses--definitely my favorite part so far.
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Originally Posted by nevansm View Post
Polaris is also coming to 350-1000, 772, and 767. I'll be interested to see what the 767 layout is like...
They purport all aisle access, so is that a 1x1x1?
Staggered 1x2x1?
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Originally Posted by mahasamatman View Post
Just remember that getting rid of 2-4-2 == (effectively) getting rid of upgrade possibilities.
Very true- and potentially the reason to get rid of UA
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Originally Posted by cesco.g View Post
An amenity for ULH flights; not getting PJs on a 7 - 8 TATL hop, I can live with.
Except a flight like TLV-EWR is booked at 11:55. That's ULH to me, but not enough for PJs...
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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
The draft layout calls for 60 J seats.
Now that is awesome!
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