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Help with Engagement Proposal at gate on arrival (FLL)

Help with Engagement Proposal at gate on arrival (FLL)


Old Jun 13, 19, 8:12 pm
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How about packing a suitcase, or two, with the flowers and maybe a bottle of chilled champagne with a pair of glasses? Deboard, open, voila!
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Old Jun 13, 19, 8:29 pm
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Originally Posted by LesPaul30 View Post
..... Only to grab one from me (while with the “ba bye” folks) as they deplane. They don’t want to do this, they don’t have to. No inconvenience for them at all. .
Say you can explain what is happening in 10 seconds?? and say you can cover two people at one time. So an average of 5 seconds per person.

5 seconds * 150 people, 750 seconds -- those in the back of the bus will be delayed over 12 minutes

And many of the those agreeing to take the flowers will want a brief chat with your future fiance -- blocking exit flow even more.

This seems like the potential for over 15-20 minute delay on emptying the plane and delaying the crew

And the OHB storage -- forcing a few to check their bags

This seems like a major inconvenience for the other passengers. Some will be game and others will have no choice.
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Old Jun 13, 19, 8:32 pm
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I think this is a terrible idea. Not only the whole flowers fiasco but a public proposal in an airport??? This is not at all romantic and seems to be more for you than for her.
Sorry, but you asked.
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Old Jun 13, 19, 8:52 pm
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Look if it must be in an airport and if United are up for it, consider something more along the lines of this one jetstar pulled off:

bringing members of the public into it is a recipe for disaster as others have said

(ETA apparently my jetstar link doesn’t work but essentially she was taken into the cockpit for a tour afterwards and they had arranged staff outside the window holding signs that said “will you marry me”)
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Originally Posted by chavala View Post
I think this is a terrible idea. Not only the whole flowers fiasco but a public proposal in an airport??? This is not at all romantic and seems to be more for you than for her.
Sorry, but you asked.
Now that Chavala has demonstrated the courage to declare what many of us were thinking..... I will chime in with wholehearted agreement. A marriage is about confirming a special bond between you and your future spouse. Making a public spectacle out of it diminishes and cheapens it. All the more so since airplanes today have the base status that Greyhound buses had a generation ago.

As anecdata, I note that every single one of my acquaintances who did a gimmick proposal -- e.g. in a stadium after a football game, while skydiving, with a Harley group, etc.--- is now divorced. The successful ones did things like hike to a hilltop where they often went together, or have a picnic at their favorite private beach. Think elegant and personal. An airplane is the opposite of that.

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I didn’t want to be the first but I will add my pleas not to do this. And I am female. It would be truly uncomfortable, both as a spectator/drafted participant and moreso IMO, as the girlfriend. I would not have been happy if Mr. Fink had pulled something like this, or indeed any public proposal, on me. It isn’t cute, it isn’t funny or charming, it is cringe-worthy. Make it travel-related if you like, but make it more private and personal ( the cockpit idea is ok) and don’t make strangers be part of it when all they want to do at midnight is get off the plane and get home. Just my two cents.
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Don’t do it this way. 90% of the passengers will be peeved and there is a lot of logistical unknowns.
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Originally Posted by LesPaul30 View Post
What I have in mind is that I would be flying in from IAH to FLL on flight 2100 in a few weeks which arrives at 23:42. She will be on flight 711 from EWR which comes in at 23:28.
Just brainstorming, if you're intent on making the plane travel part of this, something that might require less involvement and forbearance from others might be if you went to EWR and booked yourself onto her EWR-FLL flight without her knowing. Various ways to play it after that. e.g. you could board last into one of two empty F seats and have an FA go back to give her a "battlefield upgrade".
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Another 2 cents. How are you going to keep these 150 strangers from congratulating her on their way out, ruining your "surprise"? Will she be happy they all knew before she did? And do you want the message to really be coming from strangers, even if all they do is hand her a flower? Also, if she's getting off a plane late at night, will she be happy about the way she looks for this special moment that will presumably be captured in some selfies and possibly by any of the people who may still be around in the airport who could be taking photos and videos and posting them publicly. You know her better than any of us, but please really consider if a proposal of this sort would be something she would be comfortable with. Is there a different grand gesture you can make that doesn't rely on 100+ tired strangers and a 12 minute window?
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I tend to concur with the other folks that a more private venue is ideal, but if you have your heart set on this and she’s expressed a desire for a public proposal, do what makes you happy!


My very, very strong advice no matter what is to have a plan for afterwards. The moment itself is seconds and is over in a heartbeat, and may or may not go exactly as planned. (In my business, we often host proposals, and they go sideways all the time, usually because the subject of the proposal figures out what’s coming and the timeline has to be sped up.).

While you spend most of your time thinking about the gate, most of your memories will be from the hours afterwards, when you can spend happy time together basking in the glow of being newly engaged and the romance of committing to spend the rest of your life as a couple.

If it were me, I’d be at the gate with roses and ring, and I’d keep it pretty simple there - other than letting the GA know, I’d probably not involve the rest of the public or do some over the top display. Then, I’d have the entire rest of the evening choreographed. Limo waiting at arrivals. Champagne in an upgraded hotel room. Dinner reservations for somewhere on the beach afterwards. One of her favorite dresses packed in case she wasn’t planning for a formal meal. You get the idea.

Those details will be what she - and you - remember. The actual moment of the proposal at the gate will be fun, but it’s over fast; focus on giving her a whole evening to remember with lots of privacy and space for conversation afterwards.

In your current plan, this whole thing goes down at midnight. Are you sure that’s a good idea? Wouldn’t it be better to choose an opportunity that lets you enjoy each other’s company for a while afterwards?

(It also goes without saying that no proposal should ever occur without the answer already being known, but you’ve alluded to that being the case in your initial post, so I won’t belabor that point. Other than by writing this paragraph...)
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Old Jun 13, 19, 11:09 pm
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I'll say this. I witnessed the entire proposal onboard United's 747 flight and thought it was romantic and beautiful, not cheesy. I'm not against your idea, OP, though I do agree it may be overkill...


(disclaimer - link to my blog)
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Old Jun 13, 19, 11:16 pm
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I have no advice to offer, just best wishes and good luck. I hope your girlfriend doesn’t read Flyertalk!
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I am a romantic and love flowers but complete strangers giving them to me would freak me out.

I understand why you are doing this at an airport as it seems plane travel is very much a part of your lives.

I think if YOU met her with the bouquet of flowers and then dropped to one knee that would be a romantic proposal. Getting strangers involved in such a personal moment seems a bit icky to me.

All the very best for your future life together.
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I love that you’re putting so much thought into your proposal, but I do fall into the camp of “maybe do something else.” Unless she is a huge AvGeek then this is a touch cringy. That being said, you know your GF better than anyone, so do whatever you know she would love. Best of luck to you!

ps, I do have to ask, you’re not the FLAIRPORT snow globe guy from A.net from years ago are you??
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Giving someone a single rose reminds me of the Bachelor/Bachelorette reality TV shows about people wanting to meet someone to marry amd be selected from among a large number of such. It could also have connotations of some wierd pseudo-religious cult.

I'd be extremely annoyed if someone tried to do this on a flight I was taking. That many roses in a confined space with recirculating air would be unbearable and remind me of funerals.
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