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CEO of United Airlines points out flaws of Honolulu’s aging airport

CEO of United Airlines points out flaws of Honolulu’s aging airport

Old Jun 6, 19, 6:39 pm
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Having been born and raised in Honolulu, I couldn't agree more with these comments about HNL. Moreover, I'd add that the international arrival experience via noxious and crammed Wiki Wiki bus is also atrocious.

Tourism is Hawaii's #1 industry, and deplorable HNL is the first thing most of our visitors experience when they arrive in the islands. SMH.
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Old Jun 6, 19, 7:10 pm
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Originally Posted by HNLbasedFlyer View Post
“I hate to be over dramatic but we’ve got to fix this. This is the jewel of this island. People love coming here and we’ve got to have an airport that represents it,” said United CEO Oscar Munoz.

“I toured this airport with our team this morning ... and literally things are coming off the wall," he said.

Over the next several years, it will invest $200 million to upgrade its own terminals and facilities
Hey Oscar, UA is the dominant carrier at Washington’s international airport, and your slum of a “temporary” C/D concourse is a national embarrassment. When are you going to express concern about that?
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Originally Posted by halls120 View Post
Hey Oscar, UA is the dominant carrier at Washington’s international airport, and your slum of a “temporary” C/D concourse is a national embarrassment.
Now that is a miserable airport!
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I like the 1970s feel of HNL terminal. It looks the same as the episode of Sanford of Son, The Hawaii Connection. HNL is also a lot nicer than EWR...
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Originally Posted by IAH-OIL-TRASH View Post

Any walking is pretty minimal. Hard to fix. Horrible design puts non-Canada int'l arrivals at opposite ends (Diamond Head and Ewa concourses) of main terminal. No secure non-bus path from either. Right now they're building securable arrivals paths from gate to upper bus level.
This isn't 100% correct. There are gates that are walkable to Customs & Immigration in both the Ewa Concourse as well as the 'armpits' between the concourses. I do agree that the bus system to C/I is abysmal. Living in HNL, I absolutely hate arriving from an International flight, walking out into the humidity after a redeye, getting crammed onto a bus with mine and everyone else's carry-on luggage and then exiting the bus with a stampede of plane mates. It's bad enough that my vacation is over but having to deal with that really irritates me.
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I love HNL when I am arriving in the mid-day sun, looking forward to a few days of Aloha. I always enjoy that outdoor walk to baggage claim. I scarcely notice how run-down it is.

I don't care so much for it when I am departing at night, looking ahead to a too-short-to-get-decent-sleep overnight flight, and heading back to reality. Then it seems really dumpy.

For the supporters of the United Club at HNL - what about those restrooms?
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KOA is the worst. It needs a total makeover.
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Originally Posted by Buster CT1K View Post
KOA is the worst. It needs a total makeover.
To be fair, all the gates at KOA are equally bad. Although I do like the Hawaiian "terminal" which has their "first class lounge" which is basically a small room next to the gate with WiFi, air conditioning, and soda.
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New Leadership

On a related front, United lost their Director for Operations for the Hawaii region. Quentin is becoming CEO for Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Quentin was very visible at HNL and the other airports. He helped with the FFG Do in Honolulu that kicked off the Island Hopper trip a few years ago. And he's been a good resource for GSers out here.

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I love HNL. It has an Island feel but functions. My favorite United Club. A freshening would be welcome as long as it preserves the low latitude feel. We need more parking. KOA needs to shed its stockyard feel. But UA needs to address IAD far more urgently
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We fly frequently from the Bay Area, and on the one hand HNL is tired, old, and worn out. But, like many others, we are usually so happy to be there that we look past the worst issues. I think a cosmetic re-do combined with an upgrade to key, core infrastructure (HVAC, baggage, etc.) could preserve the retro charm while bringing it into the current century. Happy that UA is investing. Dare I ask for that investment to bring back Halfway to Hawaii, or some other unique in-flight experience? In my view, the vacation should start at the originating airport, not the destination.
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HNL is just fine. I always find myself wanting to say "Book em, Dano" when I go through there.

Oscar's statement underscore his failure to understand that people/service matter more than hardware. Let me set him straight:

HNL: crappy infrastructure+great people = good experience
Polaris: good infrastructure+crappy service = bad experience
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I like HNL the way I would be devastated if SFO ever replaced the beautiful wood railing in some of the T3 gates and around the staircases.. very old but IMO have a timeless quality that fit the location
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