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Old Mar 15, 19, 9:05 am
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Originally Posted by alifesjourneys View Post
I am not eligible ... again. I'm starting to wonder if it's because my address on file is in Canada or if there is some other reason. Anybody have some insight on this?
My wife had an offer, I didn't; we have a DPO address (counts as foreign address for PQ purposes, no PQD required). Still, your address in Canada may have something to do with.

For us, I think it's that she flies United 2-3 times/yr, I haven't flown them since summer 2016.
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Old Mar 15, 19, 9:08 am
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Originally Posted by PrivatePilot View Post
Wow, normaly I get nothing but this time: 4 trips $600 minimum and get 78,000 miles! Question: If I change an existing reservation by paying the change fee, will that count as having occured after March 15th and qualify?
Will probably require a new PNR, otherwise you're just changing an existing reservation.
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Originally Posted by goodeats21 View Post
4 trips
$300 per trip
3,600 miles.

While happy to be eligible again, I continue to be stumped by United's rationale for these. Bonus miles aren't high enough to sway any purchase this is just an extra bump if I happen to hit the requirements organically.
Similar here.

4 trips,
275 per trip,
3,300 miles.

I can get the same amount of miles for <$50 with hertz rentals.
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Old Mar 15, 19, 9:27 am
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2 trips @ $250 base fare for 2500 miles

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Old Mar 15, 19, 9:51 am
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5 trips @ $200 each for 17k bonus points - not happening haha

i also already booked most of my travel for the year as i took advantage of a pricing promo late last year
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Originally Posted by prometa View Post
The point I was trying to make is that the marginal value of 2500 RDMs is nothing. UA offering me free wifi on my next three flights before 5/31 would be more persuasive.
I guess I don't understand how you are making that point by telling us how many points you could buy for those fares. It's a simple bonus. We all have out own rough value of 2500 points - for me it would be maybe $50. I'd gladly take those $50 as a bonus for travel I would buy anyway, but I wouldn't spend any amount of money to book an extra (unnecessary) trip or book a less convenient flight or book a fare significantly more expensive than offered by a competitor...

My offer (1 trip, $200, 8k points) is a lot more attractive, perhaps because I ignored the previous MilePlay offer. Unfortunately I don't currently have any plans for air travel during the promo period, but if something comes up, I will factor it into my choice of carriers.
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Old Mar 15, 19, 9:57 am
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4 trips at $100 for Premier Silver

Yes, my profile is out of date!
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I would like to thank the OP ( jsloan ) for informing me of this promotion.

2 trips, 28,000 bonus miles, minimum $350.

Seemingly a generous offer. But yet again, not one I can take advantage of. I have 2 UA trips planned in April, but they are of course already booked. I can't make last minute bookings, at higher prices and no upgrade availability.
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Really lucrative one for me, 4 trips at $200 for 24k, which is basically assured. I'm surprised by this.

Usually mine have been something like 4 trips at $300 for 4k miles.
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1 trip
11K miles
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Old Mar 15, 19, 11:45 am
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Me (1k): 6 Trips >$300 for 8.1k miles
My cousin (lifetime gold through spouse): 2 trips >$200 for 13k miles!
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Old Mar 15, 19, 11:54 am
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popped up on my app today. 1K, 0 miles flown on UA in 2019. 68,000 fly 2 trips, min $2,000 each.
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2 trips, $1000 each, 60k miles
2 one-way mileage run perhaps?
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Old Mar 15, 19, 2:53 pm
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4 trips, $400 per trip, 28K miles. I think I may get there, although it will be close. I definitely have 3 trips to book, but I have a 2 week vacation in the middle of this that was booked long ago. So I need one more, we'll see...
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Old Mar 15, 19, 5:41 pm
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Seriously, the day after I book travel?

Well, my offer is garbage, anyway: 3x trips $275 or more in any fare class for 2600 RDM.

They at least used to seem to try to target these things, asking me for things like 2x $1000+ front cabin fares for 30k RDM which would actually go a bit closer to my normal travel patterns.
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