Domestic CPU clearance rates for 1Ks

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Domestic CPU clearance rates for 1Ks

Other 1Ks seeing a spike in CPU clearance rates? All of a sudden, Im seeing 50% of my segments clear in January 2019. Im talking G, K, L fares with segments clearing days in advance, one even at T96. Routes are SFO/LAX/SAN-ORD + SAN-SFO and vv. I havent really seen this since about a year into COs takeover of UA. Could it be that GSs RPU inventories are drawing down, assuming UAs PZ inventory supply strategy unchanged?
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I’m at 90% CPU... however that’s on either super early or late night flights. I’m seeing the drop of CPU clearing at T96 hours.
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Me too, easily 50% including hub to hub. One flight last week had 7 1ks boarding an EMB 175 and I was the only one CPUd on (I think) an L fare.
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January is historically the worst month for CPUs. You've got more 1K's (and for that matter, GS) than any other month due to people having the higher of their 2017 or 2018 earned statuses, along with some people throwing RPUs and even GPUs on every flight they are on to use them before they expire.

That said, I'm 100% on everything that isn't SFO/SJC-ORD, and 0% on those two routes, where even CPUs weren't enough to get me the upgrades.
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Short segments CPUs

My high percentage is due to shorter segments (less than 2hrs) such as SLC-LAX, SFO-SLC and ORD-EWR. I missed on IAD-ORF once. The relatively two longer flights were SEA-IAD over Tuesday and Wednesday. There was a last second upgrade on IAD-IAH on B767 and IAD-SLC (with few elites). So, there is no upswing in CPUs, depending on your routing and travel time.
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United still flies shorter segments on 2 cabin planes? All I ever see are CR2s and E145s...

Kinda forgot CPUs even exist...sorta like RPUs. Wait, are they still around also?

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Originally Posted by goodeats21 View Post
United still flies shorter segments on 2 cabin planes? All I ever see are CR2s and E145s...

Kinda forgot CPUs even exist...sorta like RPUs. Wait, are they still around also?

My experience exactly. E-175s were there now they seem to be gone on sub 2 hour flights!
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I feel like a lot of this is small sample sizes, although it's always hard to tell. My general impression versus 1-2 years ago is that more and more people are buying F outright and/or taking the check-in buyup offers, but it's also much harder to tell the difference between 1K CPUs and 3-4 day purchases of F since they don't display the upgrade list anymore. Most recent DCA flight went from J7 to J2 around T-96, but based on the 1Ks in the back and not in the F cabin during preboard, I wouldn't be surprised if that was revenue purchases.

I'm 2-for-2 on CPU thus far (plus a successful RPU), but I don't gamble much and will buy F if I don't know I have a good shot at clearing.
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2/8 so far this year. Position on failed upgrades did not seem unusual compared to the last year. Given the times I was traveling and the low fares I was on, I wasn't expecting the CPUs to clear at all.
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I am running about 10% in the last two years, and surprisingly low on a lot of U/G lists. I fly a lot of hub-hub at prime times, so I don't expect upgrades anymore, but even formerly reliable routes (Florida, for example) have become rare for me. I generally fly on Q,U,W,V fares with some deeper discount mixed in, along with Y/B/M from time to time. Like a lot of others, I'm also a Z/P buyer when the price is right, so there's that, too.

Peak rate for me was about 2010-2014 as a top tier and 80%+, mostly discount fares. It's been steeply downhill from there.

Conversely, I've had exactly one GPU failure in about 5 years (on LH C>F), and end up using all of my RPUs every year, mostly on premium transcons.
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2/4 so far this year - wasn't even close to getting an upgrade on transborder segments that are usually not that bad for upgrades. (#3 on 16J YYZ-ORD, #7 on 6J EWR-YHZ)
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I am seeing nothing clear - for me, or anyone else - on my flights. F seems to go out full with either paid, awards, or buy-ups.
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I was around 25% for CPUs for 2018. For the last two months, while trying to use the leftover GPUs on every flight eligible, also ended around 25% as I'm guessing everyone else was using their leftovers up too. Seemed like I was slightly higher on the upgrade list, but not by much. Mostly mid-cons and transcons for me though.
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In 2018 I finished with 15 back to back CPUs, 2019 I'm on a slow start but not bad so far:

Yes: 5
No: 5
N/A: 9

The "N/A" category is either on the RJ200... or the much more pleasant ERJ145.

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0/2 for me. Not even close to the clearing.
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