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WineCountryUA 2019-03-24 20:25:50

(Wikipost) Interim 77x seatmaps with Polaris seats & potentially Premium Economy (2018-19))


This seatmap is being used for all flights will an sUA 777-200ER scheduled. It is being used to guard against equipment swaps into one of the three possible seating configurations: legacy sUA 3-class (8F/40J and 3-3-3 in Y), 2-class Polaris (50J and 3-4-3Y), and 3-class Polaris/PE (50J/24W and 3-4-3 Y). The actual seatmap for the aircraft assigned to your flight will become available when the flight is added to the normal Flight Status display, approximately 60 hours before departure (usually overnight).

Blocks in Economy are at all 'F' seats, plus 20CH, 21BJ, 22BJ, and 35ABCDE (the last for accommodation). The blocks are designed so that, regardless of which equipment flies, no one will be moved or scrambled when the seatmap updates. Instead, some seats will unblock and some blocked seats may be deleted based on the real configuration, and then some rows may be added. This process is similar to that for the 757-300, 737-900, and other frames with uncertain configurations.

Some danger remains if there are more equipment swaps after the initial frame assignment, and the change from F/J to Polaris in the forward cabins is not a well-defined mapping.

Premium Economy, if on the plane used, would be Rows 20-22, Seats AB[ ]DEFG[ ]KL


Similarly, as Premium Plus is added to the existing Polaris 773s, Rows 19/20/21 seats B & K are not shown, to accommodate potential swaps between PP & non-PP equipped aircraft.

It is speculated that once PP is offered as a true separate cabin. UA will focus the PP equipped aircraft on a few selected routes to minimize the swap risk.

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