Rude Flight Attendant on UA890

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Rude Flight Attendant on UA890

Recently flew UA890 PVG-SFO in E+ and my aisle was served by 2 FAs, and older black woman and a younger Chinese guy who was presumably a language speaker. The older FA wasn't particularly friendly to passengers but I was quite taken aback by how she treated the younger FA working in the aisle. She barked orders at him and when he hesitated, she would start talking really loudly and slowly like she was insinuating he didn't speak English or something. I have her name and was going to write in but not sure it would accomplish anything....thoughts?
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UA can't do anything if they don't know that there's a problem. I would certainly expect FAs to treat passengers and their colleagues well. I would write in.
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I'm not sure about others, but I'd write in since she didn't seem to be friendly to anyone (customers or even her coworker). FAs who act like its a pain to do anything and everything shouldn't need to be up in the air any longer. This is a service industry and while I do recognize that FAs are there for our safety, the customer service also needs to go hand in hand with it.
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I would write in and express your concern. It sounds like she was berating an employee who was trying his best. It reflects poorly on the airline if customers have to be subjected to that.
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Customer comments do go into a file of some sort attached to the employee. They typically don't amount to much in most respects, but if comments do pile up, they may indicate a need for management to act. IMO, I would write, but I wouldn't expect any action other than a polite but canned reply.
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1353513636 If you don't tell the managers at UA, you will continue (as others too) to get poor service. Do write and let us know what happens.
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I would report it.
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You can write in, but I doubt anyone will pay any attention. Also, if you mention the ethnicity/race of anyone involved, I guarantee nobody will pay attention. If you have a name, any further identification will cast doubt on your motivation.
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Reminds me of flying Northwest over 20 years ago from MSP to Osaka and seeing the white American FAs (both male and female, all very thrilled with themselves and flirting with each other) barking at the Japanese FAs. It was uncomfortable to watch. We were college students many of whom had never flown abroad and thus ignorant of the free booze (myself excepted). They were pretty rude to us as well.
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Please report this, it's the only way we can improve as an airline. No one should treat a co-worker this way. In the past, I have had FA's actually complain to me, and I've made sure I reported the behavior.
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Mentioning the race of the FA adds zero value.
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Definitely report it, although leave the race stuff out. If UA doesn't know about it they have no way to correct it.
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I usually luck out and get the friendly flight attendants, and will write in to compliment the exceptional service. I usually get a quick reply saying that they’d forward the message to the flight crew and/or supervisors/management. I’d expect the same sort of process for negative feedback as well.

Although I usually luck out with FAs, I have seen my share of rude FAs - I remember one in particular where an older couple who couldn’t speak much English on a SIN flight wanted a vegetarian meal for what I assume was a religious purpose and the flight attendant literally threw the trays on their table and told them to eat around the meat. They then tried to communicate that they were vegetarian again so then she pulled both of the main food plates and told them to just eat the bread and salad. I still regret not speaking up or even just writing in, but I think I was just too shocked at what I had seen.
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Originally Posted by tuolumne View Post
Mentioning the race of the FA adds zero value.
Except, perhaps, to identify her. They don’t always wear name tags.
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Yes, please write in. Otherwise things won’t improve.

Originally Posted by correction View Post

Except, perhaps, to identify her. They don’t always wear name tags.
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