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New (beta.)united.com layout -now standard site ("Classic View" returns) [2018]

New (beta.)united.com layout -now standard site ("Classic View" returns) [2018]

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Originally Posted by mr8 View Post
How to get the old layout back
  1. Delete the cookie named: newHP
  2. Go directly to https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/
  3. Enjoy it while it lasts
United Airlines' Redesigned Homepage Takes Off

Airline unveils new homepage with improved functionality and more personalized experience

CHICAGO, July 12, 2018

Today, United Airlines (UAL) announced the redesigned united.com homepage, featuring a more personalized digital experience for each customer and an updated, more modern, user-friendly design. The new homepage was created to better tailor the experience for customers, while also improving functionality and ease of use.

Some of the key highlights of the new homepage include:
  • A more contemporary, user-friendly design
  • Content personalized based on customer's MileagePlus status as well as upcoming, current and previous trips
  • A new display that is fully responsive for optimal viewing on desktop and mobile devices
  • A travel inspiration integration section that allows customers to explore curated content from different destinations United serves will be available later this year

"Each one of our customers is unique and has different needs for his or her travel, and our goal with this new homepage is to provide customers with a more seamless experience," said Praveen Sharma, vice president of digital products and analytics. "

Personalizing our digital offerings is just another step towards giving our customers the experience and the products that they ask for."United's homepage is the starting point where most of its customers begin their journey. These latest efforts reiterate the airline's dedication to improving the travel experience for its customers, beginning before they book a flight.

The airline first began rolling out the new homepage in April, and continued expanding to more and more users, while adding additional functionality throughout the phased roll out. The site will be live to all customers in early August.

Earlier this year, United updated its mobile website, adding a more optimized display, additional flexibility to adjust flights throughout the site, Japanese language and point of sale and more. The new design of United's homepage will also appear on the airline's mobile website, creating a more seamless experience when managing travel and bookings across a variety of different devices.

Today's announcement is just the latest in United's commitment to invest in all of its platforms to give customers the tools and information they desire to travel with ease.
Another workaround is a non-US site.
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Old May 2, 18, 12:37 pm
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New (beta.)united.com layout -now standard site ("Classic View" returns) [2018]

Just got an email about a new united.com layout:

Be one of the first people to experience it.

You've been selected to try the beta version of our new home page before it's released to the public. We've reinvented the page to make it more personal, modern and streamlined. Before taking a look, here's what to expect.

It starts here

Your travels begin on our home page. Whether you're booking a business trip or a dream getaway, we want you to have the best experience. You will soon receive offers that'll enhance your flight or inspire you, so please stay tuned as we're still working to personalize them to you.


The new design gives you a cleaner experience, working smoothly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Whether you're booking a flight or managing multiple reservations, the simplified home page will help make the process easier.


This is just the beginning of the new visual design coming to some of the most important parts of our website. The home page is more than just a booking tool – it's a way to interact with us, see the latest products and get inspired for your next trip.

Edit: looks like they've also updated the mobile site to match the new desktop version (different from the recent iOS mobile site update)
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I have no issues with the current .com GUI .. it is the stupid booking engine behind the scenes that needs to be upgraded.
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Old May 2, 18, 12:44 pm
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Originally Posted by NH_Clark View Post
I have no issues with the current .com GUI .. it is the stupid booking engine behind the scenes that needs to be upgraded.
Same here, I think I prefer the old layout with the multiple blocks. The new one just seems to have more space dedicated to ads...
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Old May 2, 18, 1:04 pm
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Meh, Like the current home page better. All the underlying pages seem to be the same right now. Interested if they will change them also.
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Old May 2, 18, 1:13 pm
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The website gets worse every time they "enhance" it. No reason to believe this one will be different.
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They have just gone to a more tablet looking layout

And show Hotel, Car, Cruise, Vacation VERY prominently.

First try, never left original page.

Second try took me to legacy page results.

When clicking on home page after search, took me to beta site.

And won't let me leave it Guess I'll have to clear cookies .....

NVM, just click Leave Beta Site
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Old May 2, 18, 1:23 pm
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Don’t know why there’s a need for change. Current website is good. The homepage from this new site looks like a step back.
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Old May 2, 18, 1:38 pm
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I liked the previous version, the one with the Verdana font. It's interesting how the current site still incorporates elements of the previous version, for example querying detailed flight status (upgrade lists etc.) still shows the old layout with Verdana font. I think it's a testimony to the old site that anything that requires more in-depth information requires regression to the old layout, as the current layout only seems to allow a dumbed-down display of information.

The current site with the Helvetica Neue font seems to be heavily inspired on dl.com which sports the same font, although I'm not sure if it was UA or DL who first adopted this layout.
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Looks good to me. Like the simplified layout.
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I like it too. Simple and clear. As long as they don't take away functionality I'm all good.
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Originally Posted by FlyngSvyr View Post
Meh, Like the current home page better. All the underlying pages seem to be the same right now. Interested if they will change them also.
I was amazed to see this latest redesign is only a page deep. It goes without saying that they plan to change the whole site eventually to match this UX, but given how slow they've been to make changes in the past five years, it could be another couple years before we see a sitewide redesign rolled out.

Having said that, the new homepage design is solid, and it's nice to see a responsive design that has some personality, doesn't feel generic.
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I don't mind the new design, though the new sidebar undercounts my number of RPUs available

Clicking through to "My Account" still shows the right number.
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Ugh. I have yet to see an "upgrade" that I liked for any airline or banking website (or Netflix, etc.). On the beta, 2 of the 4 tabs are useless and half the page is wasted space.

When I go to the UA website it is generally for one of 3 reasons: (1) Access MP account info (2) Access a current reservation (3) Make a new reservation. That's it.

The current format shows a list of reservations (usually the 2 upcoming) which is useful. For booking there is an option for one-way (which I always use) and miles. The new format does not have either of these items.

As others have said, a step back. These things never seem to be designed for actual users but more for the company to enhance revenue.
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Originally Posted by justpetehere View Post
I don't mind the new design, though the new sidebar undercounts my number of RPUs available

Clicking through to "My Account" still shows the right number.
I almost had a heart attack. 0 RPU and 1 GPU. I'm like no...I have about 10! Then clicked through and they were all there.

but UGH. the filters are still gone. i really like being able to remove UX, or partner flights. SO ANNOYING they removed this.
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Not that impressed. Felt the same way when they went to the current design as well a few years back. As someone above mentioned, I fear this is a fancy new 'front end', and they will fiddle with things on the back end as time passes that will (undoubtedly) have a negative impact on the overall experience somehow.
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