Poll: Opinion of United post-incident.

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Old Apr 11, 17, 3:57 pm
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Poll: Opinion of United post-incident.

FT is replete with seasoned travelers, and are reacting differently to both "IVDB-gate" and "leggingsgate" than the public at large.

So, how about an unscientific poll, please post two numbers:

A) On a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being the worst possible, and 10 being the best possible, what is your opinion of United today?
B) On the same scale, what was your opinion of United 3 months ago, before these two "scandals?"

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Just post two numbers ... I will tabulate them and edit this post.
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Old Apr 11, 17, 3:59 pm
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You could ask the mods to set up a FT poll for the thread.

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Before: 6.5
After: 4

My opinion of United was already that they were the "least" of the "big three" for various reasons (even if I do get lounge access with them via Amtrak...and the food in the lounge is pretty good, at least at ORD). This made them take a major knock in my book...but it did even more to Republic in my mind and I'm even more reticent to take a "connection" flight now.
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:15 pm
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1) 7
2) 7
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:23 pm
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1) 7
2) 7
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:27 pm
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A 10
B 8
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:30 pm
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1) 7
2) 7

I swear I thought of that independently of previous posters!
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:31 pm
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1. 6
2. 2

Prior to all of this my opinion of UA was rising with the launch of Polaris and more pmCO crew rotating through SFO. The huge drop is mostly because of Oscar's tweet and subsequent email to all employees demonizing the passenger and pushing blame to him. That to me is indicative of a corporate culture that has gone shockingly wrong.
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:31 pm
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Now: 2
Before: 5
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:32 pm
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3 months ago: 5.5
Today: 2
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:32 pm
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1) 7
2) 7
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Old Apr 11, 17, 4:33 pm
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Before: 5
After: 1
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A) 6.5
B) 6

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Today: 3

Mistakes happen, and a handful of employees don't represent the whole airline. But really disappointed by Oscar's communiques yesterday.
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seen too much like this . . .

United seems to have become petty, angry, and vindictive towards pax. I've seen too much recently.

Before: 8
Now: 4

I've seen over-reaction and this SOP used by other gate agents and FA's. Oscar backing this up with that communication to the employees is where I'm placing most weight. That seems to be the reality we'll be dealing with at UA.
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