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WineCountryUA 2018-01-14 16:20:53

(Wikipost) United Consolidated Compensation Thread [2017]
Last year's thread United Consolidated Compensation Thread [2016]
And earlier United Consolidated Compensation Thread [2015]

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I think I deserve something from UA -- whom do I contact?

- Flight attendants: get compensation onboard for aircraft/inflight-related items. (NEW)
- 1K/GS: Contact UA via the emails on the back of your MP card.
- Other UA Elites: PremierVoice
- All others (including all non-UA elites): Customer Care

Except for a few exceptions (see below), UA is under NO OBLIGATION to provide compensation but may instead provide a goodwill gesture as an appreciation.

2. What is the Customer Appreciation website?

It is a website dedicated by UA for proactive compensation/goodwill offer.

If you have been:
a. Told inflight to go to this website/Received e-mails from Proactive Recovery Operations Team
b. Received a "We are sorry for the inconvenience" card.

You should go to the website and claim your offer first before contacting Customer Care.

3. What do I get if UA decides to provide me the compensation/goodwill gesture?

UA's compensation/goodwill gesture generally will be provided in a form of ETCs or miles based on your elite status. Currently, the ETCs and miles offered maintains 2 cpm ratio ($50 ETC =2,500 miles).

4. Should I take miles or ETCs, and which one is better?

It is a personal preference on how you use the miles/ETCs.

Miles don't expire if you have account activity at least once every 18 months or have a qualified Chase UA-branded credit card. ETCs have a 1-year validity from initial issuance and can be used on flights operated by UA or as UA Express ONLY

Miles are likely to provided greater value than 2 cpm for those booking international premium cabins. ETCs might have greater value for domestic trips. For example, a $100 ETC may be sufficient enough to cover much of the cost of your future trip, its equivalent miles (5,000 miles) does not. And the ETC trip will earn PQDs (no value subtraction), PQM/Ss & RDMs. See Consolidated "Various tips for using an electronic certificate (TCVA & 016)" [Merged] for detail.

5. What recourse do I have other than Customer Care?

You should consider everything with Customer Care is final. However, if you want to push further, you can try emailing UA executives (including the CEO). UA is known to respond customers' emails.

UA's Executive Contacts (Credited to Christopher Elliott)

6. What about DOT?

If you believe your issues may fall within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), contact DOT via the Air Travel Complaint - Comment Form.

NOTE - What the DOT does is to refer your complaint to UA and require UA to respond. DOT does not handle complaints unless they involve in violating DOT regulations.

7. What about if I have been "Involuntary Denied Boarding" (IDB) by UA?

See Is this IDB? Am I entitled to IDB compensation? [Consolidated]

8. What if I get downgraded (traveling in a lower cabin then I was booked)?

See Downgraded from First/Business Class on United (Questions, Compensation, etc.) [2016]

9. What about baggage claim?

Contact Baggage Resolution Service Center

10. What about if I have a EC261/2004 claim against UA?

See Best Practices for Filing EU 261 Claims Against United?

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