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Old Apr 10, 17, 11:10 pm
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A quick note: on an IAD to ORD flight, I grabbed a bag of popcorn from the snack tray offered. The FA said "the gummis are really good" so I grabbed those too, and indeed they were good. It's little things like this that make the difference. It creates a positive feedback cycle. I was happy, I said thanks, presumably she felt good, and employees that feel good deliver better service.
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Old Apr 11, 17, 11:15 am
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Originally Posted by saltydog75 View Post
A quick note: on an IAD to ORD flight, I grabbed a bag of popcorn from the snack tray offered. The FA said "the gummis are really good" so I grabbed those too, and indeed they were good. It's little things like this that make the difference. It creates a positive feedback cycle. I was happy, I said thanks, presumably she felt good, and employees that feel good deliver better service.
I usually grab 2 packs of gummis. I like those.
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Old Apr 11, 17, 12:16 pm
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That reminds me of a refreshments only flight in front where they forgot to load the refreshments. We were each offered something in the back. The FA actually took the time to open our snack box, then arrange the snacks inside the box so they were standing up and facing you. The guy infront of me and his kid ordered two of at least 4 items then later tried to ask for more after they ran out, but the FA apologized profusely. Now that's the friendly skies. The only negative, the one time I actually wanted to recognize a UA employee and they remove the option from the survey.

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Outstanding service today on UA 503 from DFW-DEN in F from the lead purser. He was engaging, friendly, professional, and attentive throughout the flight. At the end of the flight, he came around to each passenger with a personalized thank you, including, "especially today more than ever, thanks very much for your business." Haven't had a personalized thank you like that on AA in a very long time.
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Old Apr 14, 17, 9:49 am
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Outstanding service last night on 1153 SFO-BWI. Inbound flight landed 45 minutes late into SFO because of ATC. Ground staff and agents busted their rear ends to get it turned around quickly. On board FA's we're friendly, professional and on the ball, proactively helping people find space for their bags, working with people to do some seat switching, etc. Plane pushes back only 12 minutes late and landed in BWI only 5 minutes past the scheduled time.

And you'd never guess it by The Internet this past week, but this is representative of the majority of my flights on UA in the past 12 months.
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Old Apr 16, 17, 12:53 pm
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Great service on UA 705 SFO to ORD Fri evening. The businessman across the aisle from me in E+ was very upset that his power outlet wasn't working, and the most patient and friendly FA in the world endured many rounds of complaining from him. (Another FA also had a go at appeasing this man, including offering to reseat him in Y- aisle where a power outlet was working, but there was no pleasing this guy. )

Also realized later that the first FA comped my drink - he didn't say anything at the time, but I guess the credit card reader was on the fritz, as there was no charge on my card when I looked later.
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Enough of the "United Sucks" threads

Over the past couple of weeks, the cynicism had reached an all time low. I understand people are skeptical right now. We all are. But so many threads are filled with voices that won't give UA the benefit of the doubt.

I'm sitting on an LAX-HNL flight right not in F (lie flat). The service is just as nice as it was last month, last year, 5 years ago. I smile at the FA. The FA smiles at me. My monitor is non-functional, and there is already a voucher in my inbox.

Will this thread get merged with the huge one about saying nice things about UA? Perhaps. But if so, all the all threads that are down on UA should get merged as well.
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Old Apr 27, 17, 7:42 pm
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Originally Posted by QBK View Post
Thought about writing in to compliment them, but figured I might just get them in trouble...
The trick is to be vague in these cases. Mention a positive attitude and how it made you feel, and not anything you feel can get anyone in trouble.
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Originally Posted by zrs70 View Post
Will this thread get merged with the huge one about saying nice things about UA? Perhaps. But if so, all the all threads that are down on UA should get merged as well.
Amen. I've always thought it peculiar that almost every negative incident, whether newsworthy or quotidian, gets its own thread, while every positive experience is rolled up into a single, solitary "positive experiences" thread.
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Old Apr 27, 17, 8:44 pm
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FA in F on 5465 SFO-SLC April 8th was great.

I missed the cut-off on the survey I was sent, so wrote in to praise her but also pointed out some aspects of UA Domestic product that I consider poor. Unfortunately the response I got indicates they ignored the good parts.
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Old May 14, 17, 10:39 pm
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Thumbs up to United

Today at EWR was apparently a really slogfrest.. my parents had the crummy routing of BWI-EWR-JFK-TPE on an award ticket. I should have been a better son and changed the routing but nothing super great came up (options out of PHL/BWI). They had a built in 5 hr layover and I was keeping an eye on things, but it looked like they would still deck out a 3.5 hr delay. MY backup plan was to send them in a car from BWI to JFK....

They boarded the plane at 835 PM with an estimated arrival at 945 (enough time)... and sat and sat on the tarmac.. at one point the captain apparently talked about offloading the plane and canceling.. finally about 1030 they get the okay to push back and route into EWR at 1130... with their connectiing flight due to leave at 130 AM. United met them at the gate with a golf cart and drives them to the end.. they meet the driver I had waiting for them curbside on level 3 terminal C and are curbside at JFK at 0020 and in the lounge by 0037 (including checking bags)... 50 minutes from gate at EWR to JFK. Truly amazing and I'm so thankful that United came through for them.... They hold absolutely no status; this leg they wear traveling in Y (it was a C ticket but no C space was available)...

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Old May 15, 17, 1:41 am
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UA1967 (May 13): the "Summer of Love" flight

On Saturday, I had an experience that was more unusual than great, but great nevertheless.

I took UA1967 from LAX to SFO. It was designated as the "Summer of Love" flight: it was fifty years to that date when the Summer of Love was declared in San Francisco. We were specially welcomed on board this flight. There was a flow control issue at SFO (two runways closed), but they swapped slots, so that our 45 minute delay could get us there 20 minutes early. Someone read out a "Summer of Love" manifesto or declaration, something like that, during the flight--all very hippy-esque. They played that "flower in your hair" song about San Francisco--it was released fifty years ago on Saturday. The crew (those that had hair) wore flowers, guess where, yep, in their hair.

We landed early on 28L; we were supposed to be routed onto 2R, but someone gave us some kind of concession; lots of foreshadowing that there was more to come. Of course, a B787 occupied our gate (something about animal cargo being moved around), so we ended up being five minutes late. We were greeted with flowers, hugs, etc. At least I assumed they wanted to hug me. I hugged preemptively just in case. They had "Summer of Love" decals to let us know how to get to baggage claim. There was a chorus singing away too; my guess is that it was (part of) the Gay Men's Chorus of San Francisco--it was excellent. They had a pack of dogs, therapy dogs, wagging away, doing what dogs to spring, summer, winter and fall.

It was all very unexpected and memorable and you'll have to wait for another 50 years, if you want to experience the next one!
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Old May 16, 17, 3:32 pm
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Superb IRROPS Service!

Kudos to UA yesterday during the wx problems at ORD.

We got to the check-in counter 2 hours before the flight to find that ORD had just instituted an inbound ground stop which would cause us to miss our international connection. The TA quickly (in less than 5 mins) rerouted us through EWR and, although we had to run to make the flight to EWR, we made it! And they even got 2 biz seats next to each other for us on the international leg.

This is the second time in less than 6 months that the IRROPS handling has been lightning-quick, and where our upgrades were preserved.

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Old May 16, 17, 7:45 pm
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Had friend today flying: ALB - EWR - BRU - BEY - 2 hour delay on originating flight and amazingly calling UAL and rebooking on: ALB - IAD - FRA - BEY was painless!
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Old May 17, 17, 5:02 pm
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so many good united experiences lately

wanted to share an outstanding experience:

Family medical emergency that occurred while I was out of town. I called GS line in a panic needing to get home. GS found a delayed flight and got me a seat on it--I don't know if they overbooked it or asked the airport to find space, but it shouldn't have been available.

I then rushed to the airport, but forgot about checking in--on my way there, the station supervisor called my cell phone (not sure how they got the number), to let me know I wasn't checked in for the flight, but she would print a boarding pass, meet me at TSA and then have a cart ready to run me to the gate.

I got from downtown to the plane in under an hour, and was home with my family in under 3 hours. As I told united, this is the kind of stuff you remember for a lifetime

I've been long-term committed to united and know how hard things are this month--that said, stuff like this doesn't happen unless your employees care (just need the commitment from UA to deal with the bad 1% bc they are ruining the reputation for the rest)
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