Polaris In-flight Experiences

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Sleep-Enticing Amenities

In addition to the sleep-enticing United Polaris personal suites, several other amenities were designed with our customers' sleep in mind.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, United has worked with leading luxury specialty store Saks Fifth Avenue for custom-designed bedding. All designed to provide the best sleep in the sky, the new bedding collection will feature plush duvets, lightweight day-blankets and a large and small pillow for each United Polaris customer. In addition, mattress cushions will be available upon request.

Slippers will be available on all flights, and customized United Polaris pajamas will be available by request on flights longer than 12 hours*. Flyers will also be able to request a gel-cooled pillow. New amenity kits will feature ergonomically designed eye shades, calming lavender pillow mist and additional products from Soho House & Co.'s Cowshed Spa.

With the introduction of United Polaris, the airline intends to donate tens of thousands of pillows, blankets and other inflight service items to Fisher House Foundation, which United and its employees have long supported.
*Flights with pajama service (for both directions)
(from United Twitter feed https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CyjFHZLW...jpg&name=large

Trip reports with photos:
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Originally Posted by cesco.g View Post
This is the PL burger with the fries alongside; burgers are usually not part of the long-distance dining offerings.
Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
You have to fly CX for that
As long as the cabin crew is in the mood to provide it.
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Flew EWR-GRU in 2-2-2 exCO Polaris.
Highlight was the Polaris Lounge - the burger was great, and the Plane cocktail and champagne. It was all downhill from there. Service on the flight was poor. FA didn't know what the mattress pad was when I asked and when she figured it out she immediately said "once we are in the air I'll get you one" (we had only just boarded). Then she came back with one. Food onboard was poor, service terrible - no bread offered, the guy taking meal orders asked if I wanted "beef, chicken or fish" about 1 minute after receiving the menu and then sighed when I didn't know.

The crew definitely had a "feed them so that they'll sleep" attitude. If it wasn't for the the hilarious non-Rev UA FA seated across from me keeping me entertained with some Brazil stories and taking photos, it definitely would have been 100% miserable.

Flying GRU-ORD in Polarised J tonight; hoping that is better...
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Originally Posted by FlightNurse View Post
To be fair, this is all airlines and most companies.
Nope. Delta has made a point in their investor presentations that they can charge more because they offer better service. Others like Cathay and Singapore haven't openly stated as much, but clearly run things that way.
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Great service on LHR-LAX yesterday. Really liked the new pre-arrival chicken with gnocchi dish. Laurent-Perrier Millésime 2007 served as the bubbly.

The pizza didn’t look great.
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Originally Posted by kirkwoodj View Post
Or BR ^^
The BR burger and fries are excellent - and poaching a subject from another thread, ARE served with Krug or Le Veuve Clicquot (and used to be served with Dom P).

Aside from poor meal quality and options, nothing sours the Polaris experience more than a nasty or disinterested crew....of which there are far too many.
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Flew GRU-ORD in Polarised J recently. Seats were tight but I saw the Do Not Disturb button - pressed it - and thought cool, I can skip breakfast.

90 mins before landing, the FA woke me up and joyfully shrilled "Good morning! We are almost there! Are you ready for breakfast?" A good morning indeed :/ Ordered a coffee while glancing at the still activated Do Not Disturb button...
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And speaking of J burgers, NZ's ain't bad either.
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Originally Posted by st530 View Post
And speaking of J burgers, NZ's ain't bad either.

Too much bread....not enough meat!
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Originally Posted by narvik View Post
Too much bread....not enough meat!
Yes, but the triangle of cheese on the pickle is a nice touch!
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Flew 1L on UA900.

The outbound UA901 had gone some equipment changes in the last few days before departure. It was 2-4-2 for months and then a couple of days before departure, it showed 1-2-1 Polaris cabin. But then flipped back on the last day and my seat got switched around each time.

I ended up with a inside middle instead of an aisle seat.

Not sure why but they gave me a $175 e-Cert for that flight. I think there was a slight delay IIRC.

Then on the return, for about 90-120 minutes, my screen was frozen and they tried to reboot it several times. Apparently it takes 5 minutes to reboot each time or so they told me. But it didn't work until about 90 minutes later.

They gave me a $250 e-Cert for that.

So $425 in e-Certs for a $2600 P fare.
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I have you slightly beat and on the same flights - $500 ($300+$200) - once for a bad power outlet that really wasn't that big of a deal and the other one was when my seat wouldn't recline in one direction, which wasn't a big deal either.

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Originally Posted by DMSFCA View Post
I have you slightly beat and on the same flights - $500 ($300+$200) - once for a bad power outlet that really wasn't that big of a deal and the other one was when my seat wouldn't recline in one direction, which wasn't a big deal either.
Do you flag to FA for these or do you have to write in?

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Plenty of PJs (the new style) on UA 101 (IAH-SYD July 17th), as well as on UA 100 (SYD-IAH July 26th). On both flights, both pillows, slippers, and the spiderman amentity kits were at every seat upon boarding.
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On Sunday, the late-night EWR-TLV flight had pajamas and Spiderman amenity kits (although in a soft pouch, I thought I had seen reports of a metal can?). The kits and 2 pillows, 2 blankets, a bottle of water, headphones, and slippers were at each seat. There were plenty of mattress pads that guests could help themselves to. Absolutely no PDB (and I can't see any reason why not, especially since we knew at boarding time that we were going to leave late so we could wait for a bunch of connecting passengers from ORD). Very rushed and curt meal service, with no proactive offer for additional beverage (after the pre-meal nut and beverage service). No printed wine menus, but the FA serving my side of the cabin did know all of the available varietals. Other than dessert and the pre-arrival snack (omelette actually was quite good) FAs offered no additional service. Empty cans/bottles/glasses accumulated at my seat for 5+ hours before being cleared. Snacks and water were set out in the galley, and waters were replenished once the initial round disappeared.

I quite like the seat and the dual air nozzles (which lets you keep your seat nice and cool) but the soft product needs a bit of work.

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Polaris on ~12 vs ~15 hr flight?

Hey All, not sure if this is the right place to ask (so please feel free to move if not), but, is there going to be much of a difference on an overnight flight from TLV-EWR vs. TLV-SFO in Polaris? I am on the upgrade list for my flight TLV-EWR, but TLV-SFO looks way more open in Polaris (~2.5 weeks out).

Ultimately getting home (DEN) from SFO only affects travel time by ~+2-3 hrs, and since I am hoping to get a GPU from my boss, or, miles/co-pay as a backup, is it worth changing to TLV-SFO for a better shot in Polaris? Or, just stay in Economy and have a shot at Premium Plus from TLV-EWR?

Silver, U Fare.

Thanks in Advance!
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