UAL - Book USD with CA credit card?

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UAL - Book USD with CA credit card?

A United Airlines flight I'm looking at is $585 CAD on their Canadian website, but if I change to their US site it's only $403 USD (which at straight exchange rate is $531 CAD).

Even at the credit card currency conversion of 2.5%, which say takes it to $545 CAD, that's still a $40 difference per person.

Does it make sense to use their US site and pay in US funds instead? Are there any issues I might not be aware of?

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Have you tried to book? The UA website typically restricts the currency to match the billing address for the credit card.
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Haven't tried to book... wanted to do some research first, hence this discussion. I read elsewhere there were issues trying to book American Airlines with foreign cards.
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Your best bet is to find a friend with US cc and ask him to purchase the ticket for you, you can pay him cash after that..
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I'd bet both are booking into different fare classes...while not as common on transborder routes, it does occur. This is typical differential pricing based on point-of-sale.

Also possible (or is cacheing an old fare, and it will update in the last step before purchase.

Two best options are to either find a friend with a US CC and use that and pay back. Or, book on a US point-of-sale that takes a Canadian credit card. For example, try Orbitz (pretty sure that will),,, etc.
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UA will book with whatever currency the billing address is in. It does do a real time conversion though so if it actually books at $403 USD it will charge whatever the market rate is to your CAD card.
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Can OP use Paypal?
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