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FlyHighInTheSky Dec 28, 15 10:28 pm

How old were you when you first received 1K/GS? (Updated with Poll Options!)
Mirror of a thread in the AA forum.

How old were you when you first received 1K or GS status (or whatever equivalent level their was at the time)? How did you achieve this status at that age?

1K for the first time this year at the age of 29 and will be GS next year (2016) still at 29 via Pass Plus Flex. Lots of international travel for a business I own and a bi-coastal marriage for most of the year with frequent trips back and forth.

What about you?

seanp7 Dec 28, 15 10:53 pm


superEGO Dec 28, 15 11:29 pm

[email protected]

Kacee Dec 29, 15 12:12 am

[email protected]

Living in ANC . . . lots of business travel to SFO, BOS, and NYC, Europe for fun. Red-eyes ex-ANC with 5 a.m. Sea-Tac arrivals for the onward connection and catching zzz in the N terminal RCC dungeon. Those were some tough miles.

ua_sp_102366 Dec 29, 15 1:10 am

First time 1K (Prem Exec.) @ 27
First time GS @ 29

jackexu Dec 29, 15 3:09 am

First time 1K @21. (two month after 21)
Came to the U.S. & First time UA just few days before 18 years old birthday in 2012.
Hopefully can reach 1MM @25.

mkr Dec 29, 15 3:14 am

Became 1K after merger. Too old to really utilize it like I would like, but do enjoy frequent CPUs. Was top level Elite with Continental OnePass before the merger.

Duke777 Dec 29, 15 3:55 am

First made any kind of status at 19 on Delta thanks to transcons for school. Often was told I was too young to have status when checking in.

Made 1K on UA @ 26 due to work (consultant + a fair amount of leisure travel). Only a little over 1/3 to MM since I was fairly diversified with AA and DL.

I enjoy the perks with all the work travel and treating the GF to nice trips with upgrades or miles.

SMFlagg Dec 29, 15 4:08 am

Originally Posted by ua_sp_102366 (Post 25929064)
First time 1K (Prem Exec.) @ 27
First time GS @ 29

The same here.

RockinRon Dec 29, 15 5:15 am

I was 38 and it was from international travel for work. I have maintained it for the last 5 years though 2015 was mostly domestic travel (a real grind).

Singapore_Schwing Dec 29, 15 5:25 am

1st 1k at 25. 15th year as 1k at 40 (mostly on segments the first 10 or 11 years).

1st global services: still waiting.

halls120 Dec 29, 15 5:30 am

First 1K when I was 55. I didn't start flying a significant amount until I was 48.

LASUA1K Dec 29, 15 6:16 am

19 years old for me as a 1K.

DENflyer3 Dec 29, 15 6:35 am

How old were you when you first received 1K/GS?
GS at 24, I really wished I'd known then how far down things would go and had used it right

helvetic Dec 29, 15 7:09 am

Made 1K yesterday. 24.

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