Booking a longer layover when paying $

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Booking a longer layover when paying $

I have tried searching for this information but I am not having any luck so I thought I would ask the experts.

I want to book a flight on UA (or a partner airline)flying from the IAH to FRA through London. I found some flights that work great but I was hoping for a longer layover so I could run into London for a 8 hours. The longest layover I have found is 6 hours which isn't enough time to clear customs and get in and back with the safety net of time I feel I might need. I can see that there are later flights available from London to FRA. My question is how can I book these later flights? Do I need to book it as a multi-city flight or is there a trick?

There seems to be many tips when using miles, but sadly I need to pay for this trip.

Thanks for any tips
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Since you did not give time constraints or cost constraints, it is hard to give you specific advice. I have never made that particular trip myself, but here are some general thoughts (my 2 cents worth). I think others will respond.

(1) Search schedules of various airlines first. Then price options. Try also searching just IAH-London. Then try searching London-FRA as a separate trip.

(2)See if a Travel agent can help?

(3)Regular search on will route you through EWR, ORD, or YYZ.

(4) Multi-city search on works, but CAN cost more for a longer layover, depending on flight chosen.

(5) try checking Hipmunk for ideas.

Have you considered train from London-Frankfurt? takes just 5 1/2 hours & is a nice ride.

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Sometimes multi-city search will work as you are permitted up to 24 hours for a layover before it counts as a stop.

I did this last week from DUB-SFO through LHR. I wanted an overnight in LHR, but departure <24 hours after arrival in LHR. In the end I had to phone it in but I did get the same price, but this particular case was not bookable online as Aer Lingus does not code share on the route. With LH to FRA that should not be an issue.

I'm not sure you would want to take the train. You have to change in Brussels and, whilst the train time is only about 5 1/2 hours, that ignores transfer time in Brussels. I have various green friends who started to do this for environmental reasons, but they all quietly reverted back to flying, rather than wasting a whole day on various trains.
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use hipmunk
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Originally Posted by pbd456 View Post
use hipmunk
This. Use the ITA code to force the LHR connection or multicity search.
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Originally Posted by pbd456 View Post
use hipmunk
yes. Hipmunk is pretty good, but it's not necessarily an example, I want to book a trip (paid) to match a mileage award trip with a routing of EWR-GVA-ATH with the GVA-ATH leg on Aegean and about a 3 hour layover in GVA. No matter how I try, I can't get the Aegean flight to show up in the search results. It exists and will show when searching for an individual flight GVA-ATH, but not part of an overall itinerary. Same problem with the UA site and ITA. Would a phone agent be better.?
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OP, I do this regularly on my trips to Europe (including several times in London). I normally first search (on by individual legs to identify the flights I want, then perform a multi-city search, using specific times; in about 90% of the cases, the itinerary then prices itself correctly. I normally look for 23hr layovers - but anything under 24 hours should price the same or almost the same as the regular two-hour layover, regardless of the type of search.

One more point: LHR can be treacherous for your plans - more than once, there was a two-hour-plus immigration wait; I may have been unlucky, but, well, something to keep in mind.
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