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Let's play a game... How many years out-of-date is united.com?

Let's play a game... How many years out-of-date is united.com?

Old Aug 31, 14, 12:13 am
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Originally Posted by char777 View Post
And good design and user experience is not anathema to functionality, as so many people here puzzlingly believe. You people do realize that it's possible to have both.
I believe good design and user experience are essential to functionality.

Where I differ with the "Oh, that's so last Century!" and "Where is my Tulip?" complainers is that I believe the current setup does represent a relatively good design and user experience. Could it be better? Sure. Will a complete "21st Century" makeover make it better? Highly doubtful.
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Old Aug 31, 14, 1:11 am
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Originally Posted by DenverBrian View Post
Example: FlyerTalk. It's functional. It's NOT attractive by 2014 standards. ... Heck, MilePoint is an interesting example - functionally, it's essentially the same as FT, but it's a far more elegant interface.
Ummmm... IMHO FT interface is much better than MP. MP is ugly.

Originally Posted by DenverBrian View Post
Amazon's website looks nothing like it did in 1995, or 2000, or 2005, but it remains easy to find what you need, narrow down selections, check status of orders, and other stuff related to an online retail catalog.
Bold mine. IMHO, No, No, No... Amazon shopping is frustrating. It is less frustrating than the majority of other online retails, but still very frustrating.

Back to topic. While UA.com has many glitches and not super fast, it is still way much better than almost all other airlines.com. Heck, I even think UA.com looks better than the updated AA/DL.com
I often choose to book on UA.com just because I do not want to deal with the BS on many other airlines.com
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Old Aug 31, 14, 5:53 am
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Originally Posted by jacobac00 View Post
I'm fascinated by most of the replies on this subject. To me it seems that most people would be happy to go back to a text only interface. If "glitz" isn't important, why have any graphics at all? Just imagine how fast the website would be if the seat map was displayed in ASCII art instead of bandwidth hogging image files! I would actually be okay with this too, I hate the mouse and would do everything with the command line if
PDA.continental.com, how I miss thee.

That was everything you're talking about - all text, no graphics needed. LOVED it.

I'm a command line kind of guy - would rather use VMS 'phone' than Facebook messages, but the world's passed me by, I guess.

Edit: for a neat throwback, telnet to rainmaker.wunderground.com
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Old Sep 2, 14, 7:10 am
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Biggest issue I have with the website is how slow it is. Sometimes I have to wait almost a minute to return flight search results. Very time consuming if you need to do many searches. Otherwise I would say the site is (just) OK.
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Old Sep 2, 14, 8:50 am
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Originally Posted by rittenhousesq View Post
Other good features, like the listing of amenities for a flight and details on a plane's configuration and the "where is this plane coming from" are all from the CO side.
please, please, please i hope they do not get rid of this. recently i've been dipping my toe at DL and once in a while AA, and i never really realized how much i've changed my habits around this feature. i time my lounge/food/work around exactly knowing when the inbound is coming, rather than constantly checking to see if my outbound has changed on the departures board every few minutes. when i suddenly found myself without that feature on another airline, it was definitely noticeable. i was traveling with coworkers who only fly DL last week, and the general consensus was, "oh crap that would be super useful if i had that."
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Old Sep 2, 14, 9:07 am
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Happy to see that I'm with the majority on this.

There are some small changes I would like to make to the website - I like from the PMUA site the information on baggage. Ever since baggage calc was implemented, the info mostly isn't there. I simply wish there was clearer information on charges without needing to input flight info.

I also like PMUA's approach with showing outbound and inbound side-by-side, though I seem to remember not everyone thinking it was so great.

I like the functionality of the site, and the graphics bother me much less as long as it works. VX has taken the opposite approach

Originally Posted by dmurphynj View Post
PDA.continental.com, how I miss thee.
Loved it!

Edit: for a neat throwback, telnet to rainmaker.wunderground.com
Didn't load for me
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Old Sep 2, 14, 9:29 am
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Originally Posted by 787fan View Post
DL.com uses a PAINFULLY small font and their award calendar to broken beyond repair, while AA.com requires calling in their hotline for nearly anything (even things as basic as changing my FF number from AA to US).
YMMV - I end up calling into UA far, far more than AA to deal with issues (given similar amounts of flying on both these days).

Yes, on AA it would be nice to be able to apply SWUs online and such, but UA w/SHARES issues requires often lengthy calls IME.
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Old Sep 2, 14, 9:52 am
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Originally Posted by tuolumne View Post
Thank you, I never understand why these discussions invariably end up with the idea that you have to take one or the other. Both please!
They end up this way because of the reality of limited IT budgets. At some point you need to decide where the marginal dollars go. Put another way: if IT budget is fixed, a pretty website comes at the expense of a functional website. That's where the whole "choose one" idea comes from.
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Old Sep 2, 14, 11:37 am
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I agree that the overall aesthetic of the UA website is painful, but I also like most of the feature/function bits. As others have noted, my biggest pet-peeve is the calendar function not moving out the return date options (it should always move the return date to the day after the outbound date whether you use the calendar widget or not). My second biggest complaint is that the search by schedule function doesn't respect the departure times that they let you specify (e.g. afternoon, morning, etc). It seems to simply show all flights for the day every time.

I liked the side-by-side feature from .bomb, but I have found that the new way isn't so bad.
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Old Sep 2, 14, 11:42 am
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I think the website it fine, one of my favorite among airline websites. I hope whatever cosmetic changes they would give it wouldn't bog it down in flash-heavy garbage and eliminate the functionality that I've come to count on over the years.
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Old Sep 2, 14, 12:03 pm
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Originally Posted by tods27 View Post
I liked the side-by-side feature from .bomb, but I have found that the new way isn't so bad.
I agree that I can live with it, especially for domestic flights. For intl flights, I try to be flexible and book where there is R availability whenever possible.

Unless there's a trick I'm missing, it's a pretty big time waster to have to click through to the return flight, or to search all one ways. It would be nice to see R availability round trip on one screen.

If returning to the UA.com method meant giving up something else, I'd vote to keep it as is.
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Old Sep 2, 14, 12:50 pm
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i prefer more rudimentary websites such as .bomb and alaskaair to the "fancier" websites like DL and AA...function over form, please!
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Old Sep 3, 14, 4:31 pm
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Originally Posted by flyingbroom View Post
i so much preferred the old site where you could see both outgoing and returning flights and corresponding price when you moused over.
now it has become a lot more complicated with a new page, order shuffled etc.

oops. i see halls120 has the same idea.
Well, I have to say that I absolutely despised that 'feature' f the old UA site. I very much prefer being able to pick and choose each and every flight individually rather than having the site pick combinations for me.
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Old Sep 3, 14, 4:43 pm
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
Well, I have to say that I absolutely despised that 'feature' f the old UA site. I very much prefer being able to pick and choose each and every flight individually rather than having the site pick combinations for me.

This. I had a few problems with the PMUA flight selection, and was happy they went with the CO site.
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Old Sep 3, 14, 4:58 pm
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Originally Posted by dmurphynj View Post
I've always been a fan of this site since the CO days ... When the merger started and I had to use united.com, I was unimpressed. Back at the original merger time, I remember a lot of UA flyers complaining about how much they hated CO's site. Now, several years in, I read this thread, and the near-universal love for the website is fascinating. (And accurate, IMO!)


Leave the danged website alone, please!

Originally Posted by MatthewLAX View Post
I disagree. I hate the type of security that BA (for example) has that logs you out every five minutes and in which agents are so strict they will only talk to the account holder. I appreciate UA's approach and they take steps when necessary - like fixing up the problem in which people were going in and canceling Air China premium award space. US is the airline that could use some additional security.
Completely agree RE: the US site. When my wife changed her name, it was quite a hassle to submit (often by fax!) documentation to get her name changed with all her programs. EXCEPT on US, where we simply logged into her account and just changed it in her profile. No substantiation necessary at all. At the time, I appreciated the ease, but I soon realized that that's a pretty glaring security flaw.

As for the PMUA setup that showed both sides of a trip on the same page for
pricing purposes - I get the appeal on some level, but practically it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me. When I click through the return segment after selecting the outbound flight, only to find that it's only the 6am option that is available at the lowest price quote on the previous page I'm certainly annoyed, but it's not like booking a different outbound would change that.
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