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exiled2tx Jun 15, 14 6:20 pm

Mileage Plus Shopping Portal - Not Crediting
I used the MP shopping portal three times during 2H13. After waiting 6 months for miles to show up in my account (the old CO used to take up to 6 months), I contacted United MP customer service. And a few weeks later I contacted them again because of lack of response. The second time they said that I would have to contact the shopping service and gave me an email.

Repeat - sent them an email, and then again a 2nd. They then told me that I had to speak to MP shopping customer service. And gave me an toll free phone number.

Called that number twice already and left messages. I call in the middle of the day and the recording indicates that they are open during those hours. But no one has called me back.

It is not a lot of points but it is the principal of the matter. Plus I have some expectation of some major home fixup before year's end so that I might run up some nice charges at some of their merchants.

Can anyone suggest where to turn (besides a shopping portal for one of UA's competitors)?

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