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United business to PVG - 747 from Ord, or 777 from Newark?

United business to PVG - 747 from Ord, or 777 from Newark?

Old Jun 12, 14, 10:14 am
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United business to PVG - 747 from Ord, or 777 from Newark?

Title pretty much says it all. I can connect from my home city to either with relative ease. Pricing is about the same.

I've flown the newark route several times, like the business class configuration, but am tempted by the still available upper deck on the 747.

I believe the ORD flight is United crew, while I know the Newark is the typically much better CO crew ...

There are good seats on both flights.

Any advice?
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:26 am
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due to so few opportunities to fly upstairs on an airplane, I would most certainly do the 747 upper deck!!
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:32 am
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Agree with Upper Deck on 744. Otherwise I would avoid PMUA 772 J seats, especially if you are forced to the middle. EWR should have 2-class PMCO 772, which is better than the three class version.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:35 am
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sCO 777. Because according to the CEO the crew with the "old" United are inadequately trained
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:36 am
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UD on the 744. i just happen to think they're fun.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:38 am
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Both are fine. UD will be quieter as there's less people. And, as others have mentioned, there's the novelty of it.

I find the sCO seats to be a bit wider (I'm a side sleeper) although the non bulkhead footwells are restricting.

Both are comfortable. I believe the sCO service will be a little more involved since its only a two class plane. I've really never had an issue with either CO or UA crews outside the random unpleasant person (but that happens everywhere).

Probably have a higher likelihood of a delay on the 747 but operations are such a mess these days there's really no safe bet.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:40 am
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747 upper deck - while you still can.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:41 am
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UD 744 no question. Will only be around for so long. Take advantage while you can.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:41 am
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Newark based PMCO crews are some of the worst in the system. Go for the nice Chicagoans any day
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:42 am
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In general, I prefer the pmCO BC seats to any of the pmUA ones, though the 747 upper deck comes close and has a nice ambiance all its own (plus the window-side storage negates the computer bag storage problem of the pmUA seats). I have an additional reason to prefer the EWR route, finding that it is easier for me to sleep on flights that go to the "right" of the pole and spend more time in darkness, rather than the westbound flights from ORD that are generally always in the sun. Idiosyncratic, I know, but there you have it. I have a flight to PEK out of ORD in October and will choose to fly to EWR for this reason (and to eliminate any chance of getting into the dreaded middle seats of the 2-4-2 configuration). Just pray my GPU comes thru...
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:44 am
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If you like to be on time, avoid the 744.

PMCo 777 middle is my favorite C seat in the fleet.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:45 am
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747 for nice UD and wi-fi.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:45 am
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I suppose I can "split the baby" and do one outbound, the other return.

JDT1955 - you make a good point there though. I'm not sure I like the idea of a "sunny" trip. I'm a bit spatially challenged - would it be different if I did the return from PVG to ORD?
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:52 am
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747 UD.
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Old Jun 12, 14, 10:56 am
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Depends on what seats are available

It depends on what seats are available and how much you like direct aisle access without someone crawling over you. The EWR flight middle seats offer direct aisle access and the bulkhead seats are particularly comfortable for a larger foot well. The ORD 747 UD does not offer direct aisle access but I believe are superior seats to the non bulkhead non middle seats on the CO 777.

So my advice look at the seat chart before making a decision.
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