Bed Bugs (on my UA Flight?)

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Thank you for all the comments. For the ones asking, it was not the first time I got bitten by bed bugs, back in 2009 stayed with a friend, and unfortunately he had them in his house.

The bites were in zigzag pattern, in cluster of 5 and 6. I might be wrong, and I hope I am, taking a 11 hr. flight in July to Istanbul, and I prefer not to worry about insects being in the seat. Never my intention to bring attention to myself, not a big poster and unfortunately not (anymore) a big traveler. Just wanted to alert the folks that travel.

I will keep you updated.
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It could be flea bites -- maybe somebody's emotional support dog sat in that seat.
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Originally Posted by sogboulder
I'm sorry you didn't like United's latest innovation in on-board dining. Insects are very nutritious, you know.
Actually it's the people who are nutritious for the bedbugs. The bugs pay full fare, so UA does everything it can to accommodate them... including, apparently, providing them with special meals consisting of "freshly prepared overentitled elite on a first class chair."
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Originally Posted by agjil
What the...if there actually were bedbugs in UA's aircraft, isn't this a big problem? Now that I think about do airlines clean/sanitize their cabins?
Do they actually do anything other than just removing garbage?
Originally Posted by zambonisk
Never seen that before on any flight but it doesn't surprise me, especially on UA.
Not sure why we blame UA. Surely it is UAs problem to solve but one cannot suggest it is their fault or creation. Bedbugs can get into BF seats in only one way - in the baggage and clothes of all the entitled GS, 1Ks etc that travel round the world, with cabin baggage only, sleeping in all sorts of beds in different countries. The cause of the problem lies with us pax and the airline. It is no surprise that bed bugs reports seem more prevalent in C than in Y....
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Must be a SHARES issue
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"Bed Bug Friendly"
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If they actually had an infestation how would they treat it? Heat the plane to 200 degrees? Pump it full of toxic gas? Fly to 45,000 feet and depressurize those suckers? Spray the seats with raid?
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Originally Posted by IAH-OIL-TRASH
Those must be the bugs in the upgrade process.
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Just got off of this aircraft from LHR. No sign of bites/marks for me (1A) or others in the first row, as far as I could tell.
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As someone who has spent lots of time in and worked in hotels I would have to assume you caught them somewhere earlier. They are totally painless you dont feel anything on the biting and the redness or itchiness doesnt show right away. It could have been from the flight but more likely you caught them elsewhere or not bed bugs. When i worked in a hotel 95% of the bed bug reports showed absolutely no signs people misidentify all the time. We are trained to think everything on furniture is a bed bug. You cant feel a thing when they bight you. Lets hope united gets an exterminator to check it out, but i have my doubts anyone will ready your email for weeks maybe can a 1k forward this to united so that they are aware of a potential case it is unacceptable if true!
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looks like it happened on another united flight from hawaii to lax - same plane?
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I would think that a hard-sided carryon or suitcase is less susceptible to picking up bugs on planes.
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Originally Posted by imgonnafly
looks like it happened on another united flight from hawaii to lax - same plane?
Scary account - sounds like the real deal and seems no question that the bugs live and reproduce in that seat as opposed to transient visitors from a pax baggage or clothes
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You can find bed bugs in a clean suite at The Peninsula or a cheap room at Motel 6. These creatures don't discriminate between clean and dirty conditions. Just awful. They can live for months between feedings and they scatter/run quickly. It's possible to check into a room, unzip your bag on the carpet and they can jump in for a ride.

After a few incidents, I keep my luggage closed at all times, all pockets zipped. Dirty clothes go in a plastic bag and straight into washing machine. I don't put unworn undergarments back into drawer either. When I get home, I unpack in garage.

I know that even with all these precautions I can still get them (airplane seat), but the key is to isolate and the moment there's a sign, to immediately eradicate.
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I wonder how many cases there are on UA
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