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Update your MP Account and "New" Terms and Conditions?

Update your MP Account and "New" Terms and Conditions?

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Update your MP Account and "New" Terms and Conditions?

Hi there,

Just logged into my UA Account and I was requested to update my information. Just above the accept button was a small box with a long scroll of the following Updated Terms and Conditions. Are these new terms.. Not sure so I thought I would ask..

Rules for the MileagePlus Program
Important: The following provisions form the basis of the MileagePlusģ Program. These provisions are intended to protect you, the members of the MileagePlus Program (the "Program"), and United Airlines and its affiliates (collectively, "United"). Your participation in the Program will be governed by these provisions, and it is your responsibility to read and understand all of them. For more information, contact the MileagePlus Service Center or visit the MileagePlus website at mileageplus.com. These Program Rules cannot be superseded or changed, except in writing from United Airlines. Any reference herein to United shall be deemed to also refer to MileagePlus Holdings, LLC.

General conditions
1. MileagePlus membership and benefits, including the Premier Program, are offered at the discretion of United Airlines and its affiliates, and United has the right to terminate the Program and/or the Premier Program or to change the Program Rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation or mileage levels, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the mileage or certificates already accumulated.

1a. United may, among other things, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any award; increase the mileage, cash required, applicable co-pays or number of certificates required for any award; modify or regulate the transferability of awards or benefits; add an unlimited number of blackout dates; or limit the number of award seats available to any or all destinations. Members, in accumulating mileage or certificates, may not rely upon the continued availability of an award or award level, and members may not be able to obtain all offered awards or use awards to all destinations or on all flights.

2. Participation in the MileagePlus Program (the "Program") is subject to any terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures ("Program Rules") that United may, at its discretion, adopt from time to time. United has the sole right to interpret and apply the Program Rules. Any failure to follow Program Rules, Unitedís contract of carriage, Unitedís fare rules, any abuse of Program privileges, any violation of law, rule or regulation, any conduct detrimental to the interests of United, any fraudulent activity or attempted fraudulent activity, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to United or its affiliates by any member, or anyone else acting on the member's behalf, may result in the termination by United of such memberís membership, the loss or cancellation of accrued mileage, certificates, awards or benefits, or both, or the loss of other Program benefits. Terminated members shall not be eligible to participate in any aspect of the Program, and members whose accounts have been terminated shall not be eligible to enroll with new accounts.

3. United reserves the right to audit any and all MileagePlus accounts at any time to ensure compliance with the Program Rules, without notice to the Program member. During the course of an audit or investigation a memberís account information may be shared with any third party with whom United has contracted to assist in performing such audit or investigation. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or possible violations, United may delay the processing of award redemption requests, cancel any outstanding award redemptions, withhold statements or suspend the MileagePlus account of a member pending completion of the audit. While the account is suspended, the member may continue to accrue miles in the account, but no mileage redemptions or other transactions will be permitted and any outstanding award redemptions will be cancelled. Cancelled award redemptions must be surrendered to United upon Unitedís request. Upon completion of the audit, if a discrepancy or violation has been determined by United, in addition to any other remedies described herein, mileage may be removed from the account of the member to remedy such discrepancy or violation with or without notice to the member.

4. Each member shall be responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the Program Rules and the amount of mileage in such memberís account. United shall attempt to advise active members of various matters of interest through such means as may be appropriate, such as account summaries, emails, newsletters and its website, but United shall have no liability for any failure to do so. United will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail. Each member shall be responsible for advising United of any change of address, and United shall have no liability for misdirected mail or any consequences thereof. The most current Program Rules may be found on mileageplus.com and this is the final authority on the Program Rules.

5. The accumulation of mileage or certificates and the redemption of awards are subject to specific Program Rules enacted by United. Each member is responsible for reading those materials in order to understand such memberís rights and responsibilities under the Program. No mileage, benefits, certificates or awards earned or granted under the Program may be transferred or assigned except as expressly permitted by United in writing or under programs fully authorized and/or sponsored by United.

6. The MileagePlus Program is maintained for the benefit and participation of individual or small business members only. Only individuals and small businesses are eligible for MileagePlus membership, and each individual or small business member may maintain only one account in the Program. Duplicate accounts in the Program will be subject to cancellation and only the applicable credited mileage, excluding any enrollment or other bonus, will be transferred to any remaining account. Only one member may be enrolled per Program account. Program membership account numbers are nontransferable. Only the member named on the account will be entitled access to account information. Account information is United's proprietary information and members may access information only for the purpose of obtaining information about their account. No member may delegate or grant access (via power of attorney, contract, or otherwise) to a third party. Account information may be reproduced for use by the applicable member but must contain copyright and proprietary notices and redistribution in any way requires United's written permission.

7. Accrued mileage and certificates do not constitute property of the member and are not transferable other than as authorized and/or sponsored by United.

Prohibition of sale or barter

8. The sale or barter or attempted sale or barter of any such mileage, certificates, awards or benefits other than as authorized and/or sponsored by United is expressly prohibited. Any mileage, certificates, awards or benefits transferred, assigned or sold in violation of the Program Rules, in addition to exposing the member to the penalties otherwise associated with violations, may be confiscated or canceled. The use of award tickets that have been acquired by purchase, barter or other conduct in violation of Program Rules may result in termination of membership, cancellation of accrued mileage, certificates, awards or benefits, confiscation of the tickets, denial of boarding with respect to the ticket holder, and, at United's discretion, completion of the travel only upon payment of an applicable fare.

Account activity

9. Any member who has failed to earn mileage for a calendar month may, at United's option, be excluded from receiving newsletters, statements, correspondence or other materials, including notifications of Program changes or special promotions, until the next quarter in which such member earns mileage.

10. Any member who fails at any time to engage in account activity for a period of eighteen (18) consecutive months is subject to termination of such memberís membership and/or forfeiture of all accrued mileage as of the last day of the 18th month. Activity includes (without limitation) earning flight miles on United or earning or redeeming miles with a MileagePlus partner (as defined in Rule 12), redeeming miles for award travel, buying miles or transferring miles.

11. "Account Activity", for purposes of these rules, shall be deemed to occur when a member accrues mileage in such memberís account in any manner as outlined and set forth in these Rules, or as otherwise approved by United, or when the member redeems any MileagePlus or partner award by the use of mileage in the memberís account. In cases where mileage is for any reason removed from an account, as for example the redemption of an award, and there is a subsequent cancellation of the award or removal of miles and a return of the miles to the memberís account, the cancellation of the award or removal and return of the mileage to the account shall not qualify as "Account Activity."


12. The MileagePlus Program "partners" include airlines, rental car companies, hotels or other entities who offer products or services as awards in the Program and who permit the accrual of mileage to members who utilize their products or services. The partners are independent entities, and United is not responsible for the nature or quality of products or services provided by those partners, nor for any solicitation efforts by those partners. Mileage accrual offered to Program members for utilizing a partnerís product or service can vary based upon the type of membership and details on specific partner offers are as published.

13. United shall have no liability for partner withdrawals from the Program or for award changes or cancellations caused by partner withdrawals, discontinued United or partner service, or award or mileage accrual cancellations for any other reason. United may change the amount of mileage required for partner offers or awards or impose other restrictions upon the use of partner offers or awards, with or without notice.

14. Routing and destinations for award travel on airline partners are determined by our individual travel partners.

15. By participating in the MileagePlus Program, members understand and acknowledge that their names, addresses and other account information may be shared with some or all MileagePlus partners and that they may receive promotional materials, mailings and emails from United and its partners. A member may, however, opt-out of receiving any such materials by advising United (via the MileagePlus Service Center in writing or by accessing such memberís account profile information at mileageplus.com and changing the profile to indicate their desire to be excluded from any such partner mailings or communications.

Mileage accrual

16. Miles will be accrued in such memberís MileagePlus account only when the member avails themselves of the means of accrual recognized under the Program. Members may not accrue mileage for the utilization of services by anyone other than themselves, whether air transportation or otherwise, except to the extent that mileage may be earned for purchases made through authorized debit or credit cards or as expressly allowed under the applicable MileagePlus partnerís offer.

16a. United, in its sole discretion, may permit MileagePlus individual members to credit mileage earned for flights on other airlines to their individual MileagePlus accounts, and other airlines or entities may, by agreement with United, permit their program members to credit to their accounts mileage earned for flights on United. In such cases, unless otherwise expressly provided, such mileage may be credited in only one frequent flyer or loyalty program.

17. Members must supply a PIN and/or password when conducting certain transactions in writing, by phone or on the Internet for security or other purposes. A PIN and/or password may be required to make reservations, redeem miles, change address and other services. Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their PIN and password, as applicable. United is not responsible for stolen PINs or passwords and will not re-credit miles for redemptions using the member's PIN or password.

18. Mileage can be accrued only after the member's official enrollment date, and can be applied only to the member's account.

18a. In the case of air travel, mileage will be credited only for flights actually flown by the member. Such mileage will be credited in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Program in effect at the time of travel, not at the time that air travel is purchased, booked or reserved. Mileage credit will not be awarded for flight cancellations. United expressly reserves the right to establish additional means of accruing mileage, to delete or modify any or all of the means currently recognized or to exclude specific types of transactions or tickets from the accumulation of mileage, in each case, with or without notice.

19. Mileage for air travel may be accrued only for paid travel on regularly scheduled flights.

20. If United or any MileagePlus partner improperly denies a member an accrual or benefit, liability will be limited to the equivalent of that accrual or benefit.

21. Class-of-service bonus miles, if any, will be credited according to the fare paid, not the cabin flown, and will not be credited on any upgrade.

22. Air mileage will not be credited for award travel, including tickets issued as MileagePlus awards and tickets purchased using a combination of miles and money; on travel industry or reduced tickets; consolidation tickets; or on tickets which are issued subject to any accumulation of MileagePlus credit. In addition, some fares or tickets, including those sold over the Internet, at Unitedís discretion, may be excluded from eligibility for mileage accrual.

23. Car and hotel mileage will be credited only for qualifying published rates, and not for special promotional accommodations, rentals or tickets, industry discounts, group rates or special promotional rates. For hotel and car rental mileage accrual, consecutive night stays or consecutive car rentals at the same hotel/car rental agency will be considered as one stay/rental, regardless of the number of check-ins or rentals.

24. Only the member associated with the MileagePlus account number which is used with partner transactions may receive mileage credit for partner services.

25. United reserves the right to make bonus miles and promotional offers by United or MileagePlus partners selectively available to certain members at any time, based on flight activity, geographic locations, Program participation, or other factors determined at United's sole discretion.

26. United will, in most cases, credit its members' accounts with accrued mileage. However, each member shall have the responsibility to ensure that such memberís mileage is properly credited. Where a member contends that mileage has been earned but not credited, or in cases where United deems verification is required, United reserves the right to require proof of accrual from the member, including but not limited to copies of ticket coupons for flights claimed to have been flown or copies of receipts or similar documentation verifying any transactions claimed to have been performed. Any claims for mileage by the member and proof of accrual must be received by United within twelve months after the date such mileage was claimed to be earned. Certain partners may have valid retro-credit claim periods that differ. Please check mileageplus.com for details.
26a. Each member shall have the responsibility to notify United of any erroneous or fraudulent mileage deduction from such memberís account within twelve (12) months of the date of the deduction. United will review such memberís claim and reserves the right to require proof, documentation or certification from such member during the review. Crediting back to such memberís account the miles claimed to be erroneously deducted will be determined by United in its sole discretion after review and Unitedís decision will be considered final.

Mileage expiration

27. Mileage accrued in a member's account shall be maintained in the account until it is redeemed for an award or until it expires, whichever occurs first.

28. Mileage accrued shall only be subject to expiration on the last day of the eighteen (18) months after the last account activity in the memberís account. Activity includes flying, using your MileagePlus credit card and more (see rule 10). In cases where mileage is for any reason removed from an account, such as for the redemption of awards, and later returned, the return of the mileage to the account shall not count as account activity.

Award redemption

29. The awards available to be redeemed and the amount of mileage necessary to redeem each award will be set by United and published to the members. United shall establish the process for award redemption, but redemption shall basically mean the exchange of mileage in a member's account for a specified award.

30. Awards may, at the request of the member, be issued by MileagePlus in the name of the member or in the name and for the use of any other person. Such awards will be issued only after a member validates their account via use of PIN, password or other security measures that United has in place at the time of the award request.

31. Mileage earned in two or more different accounts may not be combined to redeem any award.

32. Travel on MileagePlus award tickets will be subject to the tariff, contract of carriage, ticket terms, and re-accommodation policies of the carrier on which travel is scheduled.

32a. Redemptions of any non-air awards will be subject to the additional terms and conditions associated with redemption of the applicable award, including any terms or conditions established by the partner that is providing any such non-air award.

33. After an award ticket is issued, a service charge may be imposed for each change requested by the member that necessitates the reissuance of the ticket. See award ticket fee chart for applicable fees.

33a. After any award, other than an air award, is issued, a service charge may be imposed for each change requested by the member, which necessitates the reissuance, adjustment or cancellation of the award.

34. Award tickets, awards and certificates may be subject to applicable departure taxes, federal inspection fees, passenger facility charges and other fees, charges or taxes, and the person utilizing the award is responsible for the payment of any such items that may apply.

35. Any valid unused award ticket or certificate may be returned to MileagePlus for a service charge. The mileage used to redeem the award will be credited to the member's account and be subject to expiration (see rules 10 and 28). When a reservation is made or non-air award is redeemed but then is subsequently cancelled or returned in accordance with the Programís applicable rules at that time, recrediting of the memberís award miles taken in connection therewith will be subject to a service charge. Any return of mileage to the account shall not constitute account activity. For purposes of clarification, some award tickets may not be eligible for recredit of miles and will so state.

36. The award structure is subject to modification, cancellation or limitation at United's discretion, with or without notice. The amount of mileage required to redeem any award may be substantially increased, any award may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any award or its redemption may be imposed at any time.

36a. The accumulation of mileage does not entitle Program members to any vested rights with respect to any awards or the Program. Awards for air travel shall be valid only to destinations served both at the time of the issuance of the award ticket and at the time of departure, and neither United nor its partners shall be liable for schedule changes that result in the cancellation of service to any destination. If a member fails to comply with any published award rules for air travel, at United's sole discretion, such member may be accommodated on a different flight than originally selected, seated in a lower class of service, denied ticketing or boarding, or be subject to other action as provided herein, and such member will not be entitled to compensation in connection with any such action.

37. Upgrades will not be allowed on special promotional accommodations, rentals or tickets; industry discounts; consolidation tickets; group rates or special promotional rates.

International membership

38. Participation in the MileagePlus Program may be prohibited or restricted in some countries. Nothing in these Rules should be read to override or circumvent any such foreign laws.

Small Business Network Members

39. Each member of the Program that is not an individual shall be subject to each of the rules set forth above. In addition:

39a. Each such member shall be a business that (i) is duly organized and validly existing in the United States under the laws of the jurisdiction of its organization and has 1,000 employees or less, and (ii) is enrolled in the MileagePlus small business network ("Small Business Network").

39b. Each Small Business Network member is responsible for ensuring that participation in the Program complies with the applicable policies and practices of such small business. Any act of a Small Business Network memberís owners, directors, officers, employees, agents or contractors shall be deemed to be an act of such member.

39c. Notwithstanding the prohibition in Rule 6 above regarding delegating or granting access to third parties, Small Business Network members may participate in the Program by means of an authorized representative of the business. The authorized representative of the business shall be the individual designated by the member as its primary contact. By participating in the Program, each member represents that the individual designated as its authorized representative has been duly appointed and authorized as such and that the authorized representative of the business is at least eighteen (18) years of age. Each member shall be responsible for ensuring they record and maintain account information in such manner so as to comply with the policies and practices of their business. Requests for changes to a memberís account, such as a change of the authorized representative, will not be honored without the member satisfying established requirements for account validation.

39d. In addition to the restrictions in Rule 7 above, none of accrued mileage, certificates or awards are transferable as part of a transfer of or assignment by a business.

39e. A Small Business Network member providing mileage awards to its employees for employee recognition or incentive purposes, as opposed to wages or compensation for services, shall not constitute a violation of Rule 8 above.

39f. Small Business Network members are not eligible to accrue mileage for flight activity.

39g. Miles may not be accrued by the Small Business Network memberís account and any individual member account(s) (including any member account of such Small Business Network memberís owners, directors, officers, employees, agents or contractors) for the same qualifying account activity, except as expressly allowed under the applicable MileagePlus partnerís offer.

Terms and conditions for use of website

In addition to all other applicable tariffs, contracts of carriage, rules, regulations, fares, charges, policies, guidelines, disclaimers, terms or conditions (collectively, the "Terms"), as a registered or unregistered, authorized or unauthorized user (including user's invitees and all other persons with access to user's passwords) (collectively, "Users") of United Airlines' web site services (including, but not limited to, Create Itinerary, Award Travel, United Specials and MileagePlus)(collectively, "United" service), you are voluntarily, expressly and knowingly hereby agreeing that these Special Terms and Conditions apply to your access and use of United services, and that you are bound by them. If you do not agree, you must not use or permit others to use United services.

While the Special Terms and Conditions are extremely important to you, they are not intended to, and will not be interpreted to, alter, change, modify, amend or nullify any other applicable Term to the extent such Term is clearly inconsistent with these Special Terms and Conditions. Although Users who are not either (1) registered with United as Users of United services ("Registered Users") or, (2) trusted invitees of such Registered Users authorized to act on behalf of such Registered Users, are hereby prohibited from accessing or using united.com services, each such Registered User agrees to be and shall be liable to United for and hold United harmless against any acts or omissions of such unregistered or unauthorized Users as a result of their access to or use of United's services.

Unless and to the extent otherwise expressly permitted in writing by United Airlines ("United"), and regardless of the nature of your private activity, you will not access or use, or permit others to access or use, United services for (1) speculative bookings of seats, (2) speculative reservations of seats, (3) travel agency services, (4) conducting or participating in networking operations with third-party systems or, (5) performing bookings or reservations for others in return for compensation or any other benefit or thing of value (collectively, "Improper Conduct"). In its sole discretion and in addition to any other rights or remedies available to it, United reserves the right to determine whether the User(s) is(are) engaging in Improper Conduct, charge the Registered User (whose facilities or access rights have been used for Improper Conduct) an Improper Conduct service fee and a cancellation fee for any unused seat, and inhibit, limit or terminate (at any time and from time to time) the Registered User's access (in whole or in part) to United services.

The Registered User shall create and at all times maintain a data and system security program with comprehensive measures, policies, controls and practices ("Security Measures") that are necessary to prevent unauthorized or improper access to or use of data and information (or other content) in the United's database (including, but not limited to, Registered User identification codes and passwords). Registered User identification codes and passwords are related to specific individuals, therefore the Registered User must be diligent in his or her application and enforcement of the Security Measures. The Registered User may not use or permit any other party to use any hardware or software for access to United services which causes damage to or loss of United services, systems, networks, communications or software.

Users may exhibit the United screen displays only to Registered User authorized invitees, and use United's data and information relating only to or generated by the Registered User for the purpose of performing the specific passenger seat booking, Mileage Plus profile corrections, reservation and related activity authorized by United services (e.g., reviewing seat availability, booking and reserving seats, modifying or canceling reservations, and reviewing existing reservations and your Mileage Plus account summary), but for no other purpose or function. Any undesignated non-business use and all business uses are strictly prohibited. The Registered User will promptly notify United of any actual, threatened or suspected unauthorized access, unauthorized use, misuse or infringement of or involving United services, data, information or content (including, but not limited to, Registered User identification codes and passwords), and will provide reasonable assistance to United in connection with protecting the rights of United in such services, data, information and content.

By using, allowing others to use, or failing to prevent unauthorized use of its United services access rights, the Registered User hereby agrees to be responsible for, and shall hold United and its suppliers and licensors harmless from, (1) all charges, fees, duties, taxes and assessments applicable (from time to time) to the User's access to or use of United services and (2) any damages to any communications networks or services (whether common carrier or private networks or services) caused by the User's access to or use of united.com services, in each case where access or use by a User occurs through use of the Registered User's identification codes, passwords, authorizations, permits, facilities, software, hardware, media, arrangements, or agreements.

The "United" name, logo, services, associated software, databases, transportation information, data created using United's services, trademarks, copyrights, service marks, patents, mask marks, moral rights and trade secrets are proprietary to and are the property (the "Protected Property") of United and its suppliers and licensors. Except as otherwise set forth in the Terms or as expressly permitted by United, the Protected Property may not be used (as a basis for any software development or otherwise), commercially exploited, copied, redistributed, retransmitted, published, sold, rented, leased, marketed, sublicensed, pledged, assigned, disposed of, encumbered, transferred, reverse-engineered, assembled, decompiled, disassembled, or otherwise altered, modified or enhanced, whether in whole or part. United or its suppliers and licensors reserve all rights not expressly granted herein.

United retains the right, among others, to enhance or modify United services or software at its discretion at any time and from time to time. The User (including the Registered User) hereby agrees that its use of such enhancement or modification will constitute his or her affirmative agreement to pay United any prevailing charges then associated with such enhancement or modification, and to follow any additional procedures and instructions associated with the proper use of such enhancements and modifications.

The User (including the Registered User) agrees that your access to or use of any part of United services, Protected Property, associated databases, and other data and information accessible therewith or therefrom are provided on an "AS IS" BASIS, AND UNITED EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE, DESIGN, ACCURACY, CAPABILITY, SUFFICIENCY, SUITABILITY, CAPACITY, COMPLETENESS OR AVAILABILITY. You also agree that United, its suppliers, licensors, employees, agents and other information content providers do not represent that United services will be uninterrupted, without omissions or error free. Neither United or anyone else involved in creating, producing or delivering United services (including, but not limited to, scheduling, help desk, reservations, manifesting, refunding, or transporting) shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use united.com services.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on the duration of an implied warranty, therefore such exclusions or limitations may not apply to you. In the event United accepts responsibility, or is determined liable in a court of competent jurisdiction (whether in contract or tort) for any of your damages pursuant to any of your claims associated with United services or its associated software, data, information or other content, your sole and exclusive remedy (but subject to the Terms) will be limited to the reimbursement of any registration fees and service charges paid by you to United for services reserved but not provided by United. You hereby waive any and all rights to bring any claim or action related to matters which are the subject of these Special Terms and Conditions in any forum beyond two (2) years after the first occurrence of the kind of act, event, condition or omission upon which the claim or action is based.

You understand and agree that United may, in its sole judgment, at any time and from time to time, modify, restrict or terminate United services or your access to United services, without any liability or notice, which modification, restriction or termination may be exercised without refund of any paid-up registration or license fees. The use of United services under the Registered User's identification codes and passwords will constitute your agreement not to infringe upon, or permit any of your authorized Users to infringe upon any Protected Property or Protected Property rights.
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should happen annually.
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Happens Annually (usually around March 3rd for most people but later if you don't log in frequently):

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Thanks. Let's follow the discussion in the thread linked in post 3, above. Ocn Vw 1K, Moderator.
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