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Strongly leveraged / plagiarized from premerger United Airlines Forum Glossary

While FT has a general glossary, there are terms commonly used in this forum that are unique to United or very frequently used in this forum. I would ask we keep the dialogue here informative and neutral in tone.

Links to more in-depth discussion of common topics can be found in United MileagePlus Master Wiki
Airport city codes can be checked by Googling or FT airport code lookup

Frequent Flier Terms:
  • BIS: Butt in seat miles (miles actually flown).
  • Base miles: This is normally the actual flight miles. Credited miles will be based on base miles (as a percentage). UA elites will have 500 mile minimum on UA/UX/COPA flights and selected partner flights.
  • CPM: Cost/Cents per mile -- cost in USD$ * 100 / miles. It is used as a mileage normalized measure of value / cost.
  • PQM: Premier Qualifying Miles - Miles that count toward qualifying for status in the MP program. PQMs are not redeemable for award travel. Previously called EQMs. PQM are earned based on flight miles.
  • PQS: Premier Qualifying Segments - Segments that count toward qualifying for status in the MP program. PQS are not redeemable for award travel. Previously called EQS.
  • PQD: Premier Qualifying Dollars - Dollars spent on travel that count toward qualifying for status in the MP program. In simple terms, this metric includes base airfare, E+ access purchases and carrier surcharges - does not include taxes and most "extra fees." PQDs are on calculated for members with a U.S. mailing and are not redeemable for award travel. PQDs started in 2014.
  • FPQM: Flexible Premier Qualifying Miles - These are Premier qualifying miles that can be stored and used years afterward. FPQMs are earned by use of the Chase/United Presidential Plus credit card. 1000 FPQMs are earned for every USD$5000 in credit card spend. (The Presidential Plus credit card is no longer available to new applicants.)
  • XFPQM: Expiring Flexible Premier Qualifying Miles - Originally, FPQMs had no expiration date. Now FPQMs can expire. That expiration happens up to 39 months after being earned.
  • NXFPQM: Non-expiring Flexible Premier Qualifying miles - They never expire.
  • MP: MileagePlus - United's name for their frequent flyer program. The space between Mileage & Plus was removed in 2012 in the merger of United and Continental.
  • MR: Mileage Run - A trip taken for no other purpose than to accrue miles (or segments) to attain or retain status. An avocation seemingly peculiar to many FTers.
  • RDM: ReDeemable Miles - Miles that count toward award tickets and upgrades. The number of RDMs has no impact on status qualification. RDMs, for UA flights, are based on PQDs.

Mileage Plus Status levels and terms in generally ascending order: see Premier benefits and more or Guide to United's Premier Status Levels
  • GM: General Member: No elite status. Just collects small amounts of miles (by FT standards, of course)
  • Premier Silver, PS, or just Silver: 25000 PQMs or 30 segments in a calendar year (and unless waived USD $2,500 $3,000 {2015/16} PQDs). Was called 2P, Premier in premerger UA program.
  • Premier Gold, PG, or just Gold: 50,000 PQMs or 60 segments in a calendar year (and unless waived USD $5,000 $6,000 {2015/16} PQDs). Was called 1P, Premier Executive in premerger UA program.
  • Premier Platinum, PP, Plat, or just Platinum: 75,000 PQMs or 90 segments in a calendar year (and unless waived USD $7,500 $9,000 {2015/16} PQDs). This level was unique to premerger Continental and was their highest earned level. Some refer to this level as 0P, in the spirit of the pmUA labels.
  • Premier 1K or just 1K: 100,000 PQMs or 120 segments in a calendar year and USD $10,000 $12,000 {2015/16} PQDs (no waiver for this level). 1K is the highest level that can be "earned." This level was unique to premerger United.
  • GS: Global Services or sometimes UGS -- A special program run by UA to bestow higher benefits and prioritization to travelers with significant annual spend. The exact terms of this program are not disclosed by UA but terms like top 1% of elites or USD$40K annual spend with >40 cpm have been rumored. A GS can alternatively receive status based on their position to impact travel or based on contracts with UA. GS have all 1K benefits plus more and are prioritized above 1Ks. This program came from pmUA, however just prior to the merger pmCO had introduced a similar Presidential Plus designation.
  • 2K, 3K, etc. : Informal FT terms to indicate those that have received 200,000 or 300,000 PQM in a year. Not formally used by UA and carries no extra benefits (although will earn additional RPUs / GPUs).
  • MM: Million Mile Fliers- Not a status level. Folks who fly multiple million lifetime miles received life time status (1MM= Gold, 2MM=Plat, 3MM=1K and 4MM=GS) and the ability to match another person to their annual status level. Lifetime miles are the lifetime accumulation of BIS. In 2012 as a part of merging the Continental and United programs, UA flyers received prior years' credits to match the Continental policy of using PQMs. However, going forward, new earnings are based on BIS miles.
  • -lite: An MP member that obtains a status level through promotions or other non-flight related activities.
  • Status Match: UA may temporarily grant status based on status in a competitor's frequent flier program. Usually this will be accompanied by a challenge - fly xx miles in the next yy days and if successful maintain status for a longer period. The point is to recruit new customers. Generally, UA will not poach members of other Star Alliance frequent flier programs.

Merger-Related Terms:
  • PMCO / PMUA: Pre-merger Continental or pre-merger United - tends to be used in reference to practices / policies used by the previous airlines.
  • sCO / sUA: Subsidiary Continental or subsidiary United -- until the merger is finalized, certain things (aircraft, flight crews, ...) are not yet fully integrated Tends to be used in reference to practices / policies / employees / aircraft by the group they are still segregated in. sCo uses UA flight numbers 1 - 199 & 1000 - 1299, and sUA uses 200-999. (exception is sUA 739s which use flight numbers in the sCO range ) flight number deviations started occurring in late 2015

Other pre-merger terms:
  • Battlefield Upgrade: A pmCO term for an upgrade at the gate and/or at the last minute
  • Ted: A pmUA aircraft config used on "leisure" routes to compete with the low-cost carriers - Ted flew single class A320s and was discontinued long before the merger. RAR!
  • Infinite Elite: A pmCO term for a relatively few CO OnePass FF program Elite level members. Those earning this status were required to earn top tier level for 5 consecutive years in the early-mid 1990s. Members were only allowed to enter for qualification consideration for just a couple of years. This earned them Infinite Elite status with the guarantee of Lifetime top Elite level status without ever needing to requalify. At first, Gold was the top tier, requiring 50,000 miles. This was then changed to 60,000 miles. Then, CO added a Platinum level, which required 75,000 miles. When CO and UA merged, Infinite Elite members became Lifetime 1K members of MP. There are still relatively few remaining, as many have advanced in their careers and no longer fly as much, or have retired or are limited in flying for health or aging reasons. Many are proud of the title as they stuck with CO during the dark days of bankruptcy.

Ticketing & Fare Classes:UA paid fare hierarchy: F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, Y, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V, W, S, T, L, K, G, N
more in Decoding the alphabet soup - New fare buckets for UA

United Cabin names:
  • Polaris First GlobalFirst / GF: The front cabin of a 3-class cabin aircraft - only offered on sUA aircraft. Being phased out.
  • Polaris BusinessFirst / BF: The front cabin of international 2-class cabin or the middle (business class) cabin of international 3-class cabin aircraft (typically with lie flat seats). BF was coined by pmCO since Continental did not have 3-class cabin aircraft prior to the merger.
  • International Business: The front cabin of international 2-cabin (typically with domestic style F seats).
  • First: The front cabin of domestic 2-class cabin (wide seat with more pitch then economy).
  • Premium Plus (PP / P+) -- United's version of Premium Economy. Considered a separate cabin, separate fare class, better seat and service than economy
  • Economy (Y / E-): Standard economy seats. Sometimes referred to as "Economy Minus."
  • Economy Plus (E+): trademark name of UA economy seats with 3 to 5 inches or more of additional leg space but otherwise the same seat and services as regular economy. Access is reserved for elites and companions (at booking for Gold or higher and at T-24 for Silver) or for those paying an access fee, or for overflow from regular economy.
  • Basic Economy : A high restrictive purchase option for economy introduced in 2017. This purchase option has no advance seat selection or adjacent family seating, only one personal size carry-on, no check bag allowance, no refund or changes allowed, no upgrades, no E+ (purchased or based on status), no mileage earning except RDMs. Elites / credit card holders will still have a bag allowance and earlier Boarding group.

    Polaris was a new branding term introduced in late 2016 -- the entire premium travel experience was branded "Polaris" -- including all the lie-flat international cabins, new high-end Polaris lounge (and eventual removal of the GFL), new amenities (gel pillows, blankets, PJs, ...), enhanced food service plus new premium cabin all aisle access seat to be slowly rolled out. The use of the same nems for cabin / service level and seat created some confusion as the seats good be the BF style lie flat or the newer all-aisle access seat.

Flight operator terms:
  • UA Metal: a plane that UA(/UX) operates. The flight number could still be that of another (Star Alliance) carrier - this is called a codeshare. This has a bearing on earned mileage and other MP benefits.
  • Mainline: A reference to aircraft run by United proper rather than the commuter lines. The smallest mainline aircraft is larger than the largest UX aircraft.
  • Premium Service (p.s.) Transcontinental Service: A set of planes which operate exclusively between EWR JFK and SFO or LAX and in 2017 SFO-BOS. It is 2-class plane with lie-flat seats front cabin (occasional substitution 3-class). The premium cabin meal service is enhanced. These were the first UA planes with WiFi.
  • UA: United Airlines
  • UX, UAX: United Express - Commuter flights using smaller RJ, EX or CRJ planes, operated by contracted third-party operators. Mostly standard UA benefits and policies but some minor deviations.
  • *A: Star Alliance - a group of airlines which jointly participate in the MP program to some degree. Some elite benefits (mostly Gold and higher) - bag allowance, elite check-in & security and early and lounge access
  • *S: Star Alliance Silver - Star Alliance status extended to UA MP Silver or the designation of partner Silver level on UA.
  • *G: Star Alliance Gold - Star Alliance status extended to UA MP Gold or higher (Plats, 1Ks, GS) or the designation of partner Gold or higher level on UA.

Upgrade Terms: see Upgrades overview
  • CPU: Complimentary Premier Upgrades -- Potentially unlimited upgrades on most domestic routines and some international (typically those without BF/GF) UA/UX operated flights. Will not clear until close to departure - with clearance windows in advance of travel based on elite status. GS-5 days, 1Ks-4 days, Plats-3 days, Gold-2 days and Silver-1 day. Previously called UDU (Unlimited Domestic Upgrades (pmUA)) [prior to UDU, pmUA used e500s -- 500 mile upgrade certs] or EUA (pmCO). ["Elite Upgrade Automation" remains the backend process by which upgrades process at regular batched intervals. Thus, one may still refer to an EUA sweep.]
  • GPU: Global Premier Upgrade - an instrument that allows the upgrade of a single cabin level of an entire day's itinerary as long as it doesn't backtrack or have a long connection. Most useful for international travel and can be requested / cleared any time after booking if upgrade space exists. On non-CPU eligible routes restricted to certain fares (such as W or higher economy fares). Only usable on UA operated flights plus COPA and LH. Previously called SWUs.
  • RPU: Regional Premier Upgrades - like GPUs but limited to CPU eligible routes plus p.s. & EWR/IAD/IAH-Hawaii routes. Inherited from pmUA where they were called Regionals / CR-1 / HK50 / HK49.
  • MUA: Mileage Upgrade Award (an upgrade award using miles and copay). Copay is waived for full fare tickets and elites on most domestic routes.
  • Instant Upgrades / YB{M} upgrades: On CPU-eligible routes elites on Y or B fares and 1K/GS on M may (space available) request one cabin upgrade. Does not apply to non-elite companions.
  • YCA: Negotiated government fares which book into the Y level and which some FTers speculate contribute to poor upgrade rates out of some airports (especially the IAD hub).
  • -UP upgrades: -UP fares have economy fare basis but will book into domestic F when available. There may be issues in IRROPS if space is not available and these may be treated as economy tickets.
  • UFC: Upgrade For Cash - cash offers to upgrade 1 or 2 cabins on united.com or during check-in.
  • PCU:- Premium Cabin Upsell (time of purchase upgrade) was pmUA term
  • TOD: Tens-of-Dollars - cash offers for upgrades that seem unusually low.
  • Gate List: UA makes available starting at check-in the gate upgrade prioritization list. This is the only public information on the waitlist and only shows those that have checked-in, so ordering can change as others check-in. The pre-gate waitlist is "slightly" different and is not publicly available and agents are told not to release that information.
  • Expert Mode: a feature on united.com that allows one to see the available inventory classes including upgrade and award inventory.
  • REV/PR1: Applies to day of flight and when traveling on a First Class/Business ticket (revenue or award), but holding a Business/Economy Class seat (due to no F seats in your booking class being available), folks on this list have priority to be assigned any available seats. On pmUA this was called FFCC.
  • op-up: Operational Upgrade, an upgrade provided to a traveler by a United Gate Agent (or other airport personnel) without the need for an upgrade instrument. This is typically done when seats are needed in the class of services that you are booked in, and seats are available in a higher class. For example, if you are booked in Y and it is oversold, you can be moved to C if on a 3-cabin flight or F if on a 2-cabin flight. This is typically offered based on status, so the higher the status the better the chance, but you never know...
  • Double upgrade: The rare occurrence where you are booked in Y, and find a way to upgrade to C and then again to 3-class F. A rare but happy occurrence! You cannot use upgrade instrument to do a double upgrade but a cash / UFC can be offered on an instrument supported upgrade. Another situation is an op-up on a regular upgrade.
  • IDB: Involuntarily Denied Boarding. This is when a flight is oversold and a passenger is told that they no longer have a seat on the flight. The passenger is due compensation and rebooking per DoT regs.
  • VDB: Voluntarily Denied Boarding. In this case, a passenger willingly gives up their seat on the plane in exchange for compensation and rebooking on another flight (or sometimes not, if on a mileage run and the compensation is more valuable than the miles). Compensation / terms are negotiated with GA.
  • Downgrade: When a passenger who was upgraded is told that they are no longer upgraded (or they find out at the gate about it) because of either a plane switch (so less upgradeable seats) or other factors. Affected passengers are due compensation (refer to GG OVS DOWNGRADE).

  • GFL: Global First Lounge / International First Class Lounge (IFL)
  • Mr. Easy Chicken, Easy Chicken, Mr. Chicken, Mr. Easy: Various terms for the Easy Check-in kiosks in airports.
  • UC: United Club - previously called Red Carpet Club (RCC) for pmUA and Presidents Club (PC) for pmCO.
  • WHQ: (United) World Headquarters, Chicago
  • United.Bomb / .bomb: A reference to United Airline's website - generally meant to be uncomplimentary. Was used concerning pmUA website and some continue to use post-merger even though post-merger site came from pmCO

Personnel Terms:
  • $MI/J or SMI/J: Jeff Smisek, past United Chairman and CEO, left mid-2015. The style comes from how names are reflected on the upgrade and standby lists, which carried over from PMUA. Replacing the "S" with a dollar sign generally is regarded as a pejorative, reflecting post-merger degradation of service on both sUA and sCO sides.
  • ASA: Airport Sales Agent, former CO term for most passenger-facing airport agents
  • CSA / CSR: Customer Service Agent / Customer Service Representative
  • FA: Flight Attendant
  • GA: Gate Agent
  • ISL: Integrated Seniority List
  • ISM, International Service Manager : Lead F/A position on sCO international flights equipped with a BusinessFirst cabin.
  • FSC, Flight Service Coordinator : Lead F/A position on sCO domestic flights & Caribbean/Mexico/some South American flights & Hawaii.
  • Lounge Dragon(s) / Matron(s): Term for the agents that validate admission into UCs or other lounges. Sometimes used as a neutral nickname but often meant as a derogatory term.
  • Purser: Lead F/A position on all sUA flights

Other Terms:
  • Above-the-wing: Generally refers to passenger-facing customer service operations at airports
  • ARUNK/ARNK: Arrive Unknown -- a statement/segment in the itinerary to designate uncertainty of how traveler will arrive at the next departure point. Could be open-jaw, could be irrops or protected alternative. Needed to prevent auto-cancellation of remaining flights in some irrops situations.
  • AV: Audio Visual entertainment
  • AVOD: Audio Visual entertainment On Demand
  • BoB: Buy on Board snack boxes or meals
  • Below-the-wing: Generally refers to aircraft servicing operations at airports, such as baggage loading, fueling, lavatory service, etc.
  • Dark: aircraft without AV or WiFi
  • DBoC: An affectionate term for one of United's snack boxes, especially one served in "First Class".
  • Drink Chits: coupons redeemable for a free drink for onboard use (lounge drink chits have been discontinued).
  • EAS: Essential Air Service. A US government subsidy program to help ensure air service to smaller communities.
  • ex-: A prefix (e.g. ex-ORD) indicating the airport or city a passenger originally departed from.
  • ETC: Electronic travel certificate / voucher
  • FNM: A term for United's IT department, standing for "Finite Number of Monkeys" as a parody of the infinite monkey theorem.
  • GG: "Go Get" a system accessible to agents only to look up details / policies -- not non-employee accessible. Example "GG OVS" provides information on compensation for those involuntary downgraded to a lower cabin due to an oversold cabin.
  • GTEM: Going The Extra Mile - pmUA card {discontinued} issued to elites to present to UA employees for exemplary service. Although gone some still use the term when referring to outstanding employee service.
  • IFE: In-Flight Entertainment
  • IM: Inventory Management - the process for managing the availability of fare class (including awards and upgrades) and therefore pricing of tickets.
  • INVOL: A PNR designation noting involuntary itinerary change while traveling. Key to getting original routing credit (ORC).
  • IPTE: "International Premium Travel Experience" - Project name for pmUA's international widebody fleet as they were reconfigured starting in 2008 to include fully-flat premium cabin seats and other updates.
  • IrrOps / IRROPS: Irregular Operations, when flight schedule and/or operations have been disrupted due to weather, aircraft issues, crew issues, ATC (Air Traffic Control) issues, .....
  • Married Segments: Fare availability based on connecting flights. The airline reserving capacity on a segment for use only with certain connecting flights.
  • MCT: Minimum Connect Time
  • MOLA: a term coined by a FlyerTalk Posting Legend (who shall remain nameless) for a Mistaken or Lying Agent. United agents are well-known for either being poorly trained (mistaken) or making up their own rules and explanations (lying).
  • MX: Mechanical -- signifying a mechanical issue with an aircraft leading to a delay
  • Must Ride is a subset of NRPS that cannot be IDB'ed.
  • NRPS: Non-Revenue Positive Space - Generally for UA employees on company business, such as crews dead-heading to meet a flight that they're working or traveling for training or senior executives. This is guaranteed seat but not necessarily with a pre-existing seat assignment.
  • NRSA: Non-Revenue Space Available - Generally for UA employees or family flying on a free ticket. This is rather like standby seating but lower in priority from paid customer standby or waitlists. Seat is not confirmed until all other revenue and NRPS customers are accommodated, the seat doesn't come out of available inventory until the flight is turned over to gate control. Also referred to as "SA" by UA employees.
  • OAL: Other airline
  • O/D: origin / destination. Often used in reference to the proportion of passengers who originate or terminate travel at an airport, versus those who connect there. Example: CAK has 60% O/D.
  • OLCI: On-Line Check-In - sometimes called Online Chicken.
  • ORC: Original Routing Credit -- Receiving RDMs, PQMs, PQDs, and MM credit after an involuntary itinerary change that resulted in lower mileage credit than the original itinerary.
  • PDE - Personal Device Entertainment -- UA offers (presently free) Entertainment options via wifi. You need your own personal device (computer, tablet, smart phone, ...) to view and in some cases a pre-loaded UA app.
  • PS: Positive Space - Generally paying passengers with guaranteed seating but who have no seat assignments. These folks should get seat assignments before those on the standby list.
  • PNR: Passenger Name Record - a term used for a reservation on United. When asked for a PNR, the correct response is to provide your confirmation number.
  • RBD Reservation Booking Designator - the term used in reservation transactions to identify the booking class which may be different from the fare class / fare basis code
  • RON: Remain Over Night
  • SDC: Same Day Change {free for Gold or higher UA elites}
  • SHARES: The reservation management system for UA. Inherited from pmCO. Airlines use many different reservation systems, Apollo was used by pmUA. While the reservation system is just a part of the total IT suite and passenger service systems (PSS) some FTers use the term SHARES to refer to UA's entire IT suite.
  • Shenanigans: A term referring to procedure / policy not be followed usually for the benefit of an employee -- such as placing a traveling employee into a premium cabin seat ahead of waitlisted traveler.
  • SLF: Self Loading Freight - a reference to passengers. Sometimes also called Self Loading Cargo
  • Skykit: Form for reporting flight issues and potential receiving compensation.
  • SSSS: When on a boarding pass, passengers will be subject to special airport security process by TSA. Probably means Secondary Security Screening Selectee but some call it the Super Secret Special Screening by TSA. Other FT definitions include Selected for Secondary Security Screening or Selected for being a Super Special Somebody.
  • TATL: Trans-Atlantic (flight)
  • TPAC: Trans-Pacific (flight)
  • Trip in Vain: Airline jargon referring to a trip that is so interrupted that you miss out on the reason why you took the trip in the first place. Compensation can be a payment refund, future flight certificate, or re-booking at a later date.
  • Warm Nuts: On many flights, First Class is served warm nuts. UA FTers have a great affinity for their warm nuts.
  • WX: Weather-- signifying a weather issue leading to a delay
  • YQ: Fuel surcharge / carrier-imposed surcharge

FlyerTalk Terms:
  • Barbie Jet: General reference to smaller aircraft, typically a regional / express aircraft
  • Carousel Lice: Pejorative term for passengers hanging around the disgorgement area of a baggage carousel, creating blockages and difficulty for other passengers to claim their bags.
  • Do: A gathering of FT'ers. Taken from the verb "do". May come from "a big to-do."
  • FAM: Federal Air Marshal
  • FF: Frequent Flyer
  • FT: FlyerTalk
  • FTer: A member of FlyerTalk
  • Gate Lice: Pejorative term for passengers hanging around the boarding door of the gate area before their seating area is called, creating blockages and difficulty for elite status and priority passengers to board.
  • HUCA/HUACA: Hang Up and Call Again
  • Lurker: Someone who reads but doesn't post (much).
  • Kayaker: Someone who has abandoned the FF game in exchange for the lowest cost flight/hotel/car. From the travel website kayak.com.
  • Kettle(s): a term for a non-frequent flyer, generally used as a term of denigration. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_and_Pa_Kettle
  • Newbie or Noob: Neophyte FTer
  • OP: Original Poster / Original Post - referring member or their post that started a specific thread / recent topic of a thread.
  • OT: On Topic or Off Topic - depending on context and the mood of the writer, and sometimes the reader.
  • Teapot: A minor Kettle.

Airline Financial Terms:
  • ASM: Available Seat Miles
  • CASM: Cost per Available Seat Mile
  • PRASM: Passenger Revenue per Available Seat Mile
  • RASM: Revenue per Available Seat Mile
  • RPM: Revenue Passenger Miles
  • Stage-Length Adjustment: Normalizing financial metrics based on average flight length
  • TRASM: Total Revenue per Available Seat Mile
  • Yield: Revenue per Passenger Mile
see Wikipedia Airline cost glossary for more in-depth explanation

Common Internet acronyms:
  • AFAIK: As Far As I Know
  • IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer
  • IIRC: If I Remember/Recall Correctly
  • IM(H)O: In My (Humble) Opinion
  • IME: In My Experience
  • YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary (you may have a different opinion or outcome)

PNR Status Terms (not United specific- Are these still valid post merger?):
  • BK - Holds confirmed teletype. Sent only if canceled.
  • BL - Holds waitlist teletype. Sent only if canceled.
  • DS - Deferred segment, open segment. No message sent.
  • GK - Holds confirmed. No teletype sent.
  • GL - Holds waitlist. No teletype sent.
  • HK - Holds confirmed.
  • HL - Holds waitlist.
  • HN - Have need on request.
  • HS - Sold.
  • HX - Cancelled.
  • IK - Infant confirmed.
  • IN - If not holding, need. Passenger may already be holding space. Check for dupe reservation.
  • IS - If not holding, sold. Passenger may already be holding. Check for dupe reservation.
  • KK - Now confirmed
  • KL - Confirming from waitlist.
  • LL - Add to waitlist.
  • NA - Need the segment specified or alternate segment immediately following confirmed segment.
  • NN - Need.
  • NO - No action taken.
  • OX - Holds confirmed as alternate. Cancel only if requested segment is available.
  • PN - Pending need, request sent.
  • PD - Priority waitlist.
  • RR - Reconfirmed.
  • SS - Sell.
  • TK - Schedule change for confirmed segment.
  • TL - Schedule change for waitlisted segment.
  • TN - Schedule change for requested segment.
  • UC - Unable to accept, waitlist, cancel and request alternate flight. Passenger is not confirmed and is not waitlisted.
  • UN - Unable to confirm or waitlist request. Flight not operating.
  • US - Unable to sell. Have waitlisted.
  • UU - Unable. Have waitlisted.
  • XK - Cancel segment. No teletype sent.
  • XX - Cancel confirmed/requested.

PNR Status Terms (United Specific):
  • WL - Waitlist

United Airlines Equipment (Aircraft) Codes (from United Airlines Fleet Updates [2017 Edition]sCO
73A - B737-700 (12/40/66 config)
73Z - B737-700 Guam Configuration
73G - B737-700 Slimline (12/36/78 config)
73Y - B737-800 Slimline Config
73U - B737-800 Guam Configuration
73F - B737-800 (16/48/90 config with SFP)
73Q - B737-800 Slimline with SFP
73C - B737-900 Slimline (20/42/117 config)
73V - B737-900ER (20/51/96 config)
73L - B737-900ER Slimline Config
75B - B757-200 Int'l Config
75A - B757-300 (24/57/132 config)
75E - B757-300 Slimline
76P - B767-400ER
78V - B787-8
78Z - B787-9
77Y - B777-200ER ("Version 2")

19S - A319 version 1
19C - A319 version 2 (ex-CZ frames)
20S - A320
37K - B737-900ER (tail # 3801-3894)
47C - B747-400
75K - B757-200 ("ps")
76N - B767-300ER 3-cabin
76C - B767-300ER 2-cabin non-Polaris
76A - B767-300ER Polaris
77G - B777-200 Domestic (Versions 3 & 4)
77J - B777-200ER 3-cabin (27xx Tail#'s) ("Version 1")
77Q - B777-200ER 3-cabin (20xx & 28xx Tail #s) ("Version 1")
77T - B777-300ER Polaris
78U - B787-9 (Tail #'s 3968-3970 only)

319 - any Airbus 319
320 - any Airbus 320
3xx - any Airbus 319/320
737 - any B737-700 or the entire family of 737-700/-800/-900
738 - any B737-800
739 - any B737-900
744 - any B747-400
752 - any B757-200
753 - any B757-300
763 - any B767-300
772 - any B777-200
773 - any B777-300
788 - any B787-800
789 - any B787-900

Regional (UX) aircraft
E75 - Embraer EMB 175 (12F, 64Y seats)
DH4 - Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (7F, 64Y / 71Y seats)
E70 - Embraer EMB 170 (6F, 64Y seats)
CR7 - Bombardier CRJ 700 (6F, 60Y seats)
CR2 - Bombardier CRJ 200 (50Y seats)
DH3 - Bombardier Dash 8 Q300 (50Y seats)
ER4 - Embraer ERJ 145 (50Y seats)
DH2 - Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 (37Y seats)
SF3 - Saab 340 (34Y seats)
EM2 - Embraer EMB 120 (30Y seats)
BE1 - Beechcraft B1900 (19Y seats)

Flight Attendant Base Codes -sCO
NTA - Newark Transatlantic (TATL/TPAC and Deep South America)
EWR - Newark Domestic (Lower 48, Hawaii/Alaska/Caribbean/Central/South America & Mexico)
NLS - Newark Language Speaker (All flights requiring a foreign language speaker FA)
HTA - Houston Transatlantic (TATL/TPAC, Deep South America and some domestic flights)
IAH - Houston Domestic (Lower 48, Hawaii/Alaska/Caribbean/Central/South America & Mexico)
HOS - Houston Other Speaker (All flights requiring a foreign language speaker FA)
CLE - Cleveland Domestic (Domestic flights only)
LAI - Los Angeles International (TPAC flights only)
LAX - Los Angeles Domestic (Domestic Flights only)
LLS - Los Angeles Language Speaker (All flights requiring a foreign language speaker FA)
WTA - Washington Dulles Transatlantic (TATL flights only)
IAD - Washington Dulles Domestic (Domestic flights only)
SFO - San Francisco Domestic (Domestic flights only)
SFI/SFL - San Francisco International/San Francisco Language Speaker (TPAC)
DEN - Denver Domestic (Domestic flights only)
ORD - Chicago Domestic (Domestic flights only)
GUM - Guam (Flights west of HNL; and all flights within Asia using GUM based aircraft)

DCASW - Washington, DC
LAXSW - Los Angeles
SEASW - Seattle
SFOSW - San Francisco
HNLSW - Honolulu
LHRSW - London-Heathrow
FRASW - Frankfurt
HKGSW - Hong Kong
NRTSW - Tokyo-Narita
BOSSW - Boston
DENSW - Denver
LASSW - Las Vegas
ORDSW - Chicago

Other airline & travel glossaries:
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"New" United Airlines Forum Glossary

Old Apr 15, 2014, 11:06 am
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This is great!
But now I really want to know what SSSS officially stands for.
chavala is online now  
Old Apr 15, 2014, 11:30 am
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Originally Posted by chavala
This is great!
But now I really want to know what SSSS officially stands for.
I copyed the parts of the glossary from the older version but need to update SSSS with this wikipedia explanation, Secondary Security Screening Selection
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Old Apr 15, 2014, 11:42 am
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Originally Posted by WineCountryUA
Thanks -- my writing tends to need lots of "light editing"
Very light, I assure you.
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Old Apr 15, 2014, 4:40 pm
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Originally Posted by DenverBrian
Very light, I assure you.
thanks for the improvements.

Have done the formatting change suggested by goalie.

Corrected the missing IAD from list of Hawaii flights requiring RPUs caught by love_to_travel

Added a few more thoughts, including "Lounge Dragon" suggested by DBCme

Still a work in progress.
WineCountryUA is offline  
Old Apr 15, 2014, 5:14 pm
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Love this! I am all for making it a sticky!

Also, XM-cancelled misconnect
and UC is also kept in there when rebooked in irrops.

Last edited by lalalandMCI; Apr 15, 2014 at 5:15 pm Reason: Add
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Old Apr 15, 2014, 5:20 pm
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Added to the top of the Master Wiki. Excellent job, WineCountryUA. ^
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Old Apr 15, 2014, 6:27 pm
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I know almost all of these, but this will be very handy when one of those senior moments comes around!

Many thanks
AndyInSaigon is offline  
Old Apr 15, 2014, 6:42 pm
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Thank you. Cleared up some " mysterious " terms for me.

YES for sticky.
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Old Apr 15, 2014, 10:56 pm
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Thank you for this WineCountry. Excellent reference.

Could I ask about PNR Terms? Are these things something passengers see or have access to or just behind the scenes on a mysterious screen that United staff see or use?
Bear4Asian is offline  
Old Apr 15, 2014, 10:59 pm
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I thought RON meant REMAIN Overnight
Vulcan is online now  
Old Apr 15, 2014, 11:13 pm
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perhaps further define GPUs and RPUs in terms of how they're earned? here's copypasta from .bomb:

Premier members will earn two Regional Premier Upgrades upon meeting all qualification requirements of Premier Platinum status, plus two more upon meeting all qualification requirements of Premier 1K status. An additional two Regional Premier Upgrades will be awarded for each 25,000 Premier qualifying miles or 30 Premier qualifying segments earned thereafter.
riphamilton is offline  
Old Apr 16, 2014, 12:33 am
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You're missing TSMRSRNE
RNE is offline  
Old Apr 16, 2014, 12:51 am
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Added FPQM, XFPQM and NXFPQM. Although the Presidential Plus card is no longer offeredas I noted in the wikithousands of us still have that card and therefore these terms remain relevant, methinks.

RNE, giving the go-ahead to edit my edits. I'm in the dark on Waikiki and can barely see what I'm typing.
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Old Apr 16, 2014, 1:23 am
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Originally Posted by RNE
Added FPQM, XFPQM and NXFPQM. Although the Presidential Plus card is no longer offeredas I noted in the wikithousands of us still have that card and therefore these terms remain relevant, methinks.

RNE, giving the go-ahead to edit my edits. I'm in the dark on Waikiki and can barely see what I'm typing.
Since you mentioned it, how about adding

PPlus (for the Presidential Plus credit card)
MPE (for the MileagePlus Explorer credit card)
MPC (for the MileagePlus Club credit card)

Any other credit cards worth mentioning?
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Originally Posted by WineCountryUA
thanks for the improvements.

Have done the formatting change suggested by goalie.

Corrected the missing IAD from list of Hawaii flights requiring RPUs caught by love_to_travel

Added a few more thoughts, including "Lounge Dragon" suggested by DBCme

Still a work in progress.
Thank you and it looks much bettah and is easier to read ^
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