Why we fly United

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Old Jan 30, 14, 5:40 pm
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Why we fly United

Yes, they're late too often. Yes the FAs are not SQ/TG FAs. And I'm not really a UA booster. The food is not 4 star Michelin. Or maybe even 1 star. They now have Kirin brandy (too sweet) rather than Courvoisier VSOP cognac at Narita. Ughhhh. They're eliminating NRT-BKK. Sad. Blah blah blah.

But ... no other airline lets me and my wife lie flat and sleep on TPACs and TATLs than United for as little money. Consistently. And all because of the M+ program.

So I'll happily spend $10k a year PQD and fly 100k PQM. And every year fly to Asia two or three times and Europe two or three times in business class for about that price or a little more. Using miles and GPUs. And arrive in Asia or Europe after having slept. For that I would pay $20k each per year. At $30k, I would probably just buy C tickets using ITA matrix.

We will usually score CPUs for our 4 or 5 domestic flights (if we're not flying single cabin RJs).

Relative to what else is on offer, for us ... it's a good deal. We're in a particular category where UA works for us. We can get to our launch points for TATL or TPAC flights with not much trouble. But I can understand why others who don't have the same flight patterns that we have might be ready to jump ship.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 5:50 pm
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Why fly United? I guess Thomas Jefferson said it best in the Declaration of Independence:

[A]ll Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 6:10 pm
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To each their own.

Swiss has some of the best lie-flat seats and their service is leagues ahead of UA.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 6:13 pm
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Xox, your pattern makes sense. Unfortunately for me as Gold who flies 4-5yr TPAC, I don't quit get to your level. I'm on my own do.me so upgrades are money/miles and that is getting more and more difficult. As for domestic upgrades - from SEA to hubs on small planes, barely happens any more.

But I'm still with UA for the E+ and international club access. So...
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Purely because of schedule.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 7:10 pm
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Even after the award devaluation, they still have a very good mileage plus program. The ease of earning miles with United (flights, credit cards, promotions) and the ease of redemption (as a 1K) makes it worth it for me. They offer a good business product internationally and have one of the best route network.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 7:32 pm
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Originally Posted by xox View Post
The food is not 4 star Michelin.
Wasn't aware of a 4-star rating
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Why I fly United? Because there is no other choice besides AC...

On a positive note, their program is beneficial to me, general fare class bonuses and all fares earning 100%(for now)
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Old Jan 30, 14, 7:41 pm
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Originally Posted by dimramon View Post
Wasn't aware of a 4-star rating
Yes those would be the über-restaurants. Beyond what they rate ... Kind of like Nietzsche's übermensch.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 8:26 pm
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For me, a leisure flyer, I fly UA because, even after all the changes, it still gives me the best balance of value and flying experience; and because of its "network" it made me easier to consolidate all my flying into a single airlines, in this era of dollar-based elite status.
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Old Jan 30, 14, 8:48 pm
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Because if you live in a Denver that's the easy way and of cause to connect to other *A flights.
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Originally Posted by AAExPlat View Post
Purely because of schedule.
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It's definitely not for the Rondele cheese spread in F on a 4+ hour RJ flight.
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Hard to admit that I must be a lemming!
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The first program I got into as a traveling adult (also via the credit card) was CO...then about 2 years later well you know what happened. So I decided to stick with where I had invested time/$/miles.

On top of that I can get a decent product via miles/copay, straight out BF purchase for my TATL flights with a lie-flat.

Most of my domestic travel is from NYC back home to California so I have plenty of options.

I haven't had anything horribly go wrong or happen to me (knock on wood) that was under their control. Sure I got stuck in SFO for 14 hours during the blizzard in NY a few years ago and once we had to turn around over Nova Scotia on a TATL after flying through some pretty severe weather to which they said they were worried about electrical systems so I can't fault them for safety as much as I wanted to get to Berlin. And I just finished typing that I realized the turn around was actually a CO flight.

I've been able to book pretty much wherever I have needed/wanted to go without a problem (except for Iceland) via UA or within *A.
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