GPU upgrade SUCCESS 2014

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1. Route
2. Date
3. Fare class
4. Y-C or C-F
5. How many days/weeks in advance
6. How many days before departure did it clear
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Edit: Sorry saw this was the GPU thread, thought it was RPU/GPU combo.

JFK-LAX p.s.
Booked with R4, ticketed 10 min after payment, applied RPU for immediate upgrade

JFK-LAX p.s.
Booked with R3, ticketed 10 min after payment, applied RPU for immediate upgrade

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UpgradeX2 cleared 2 days after booking. Managed to snag 2 upstairs seats on the 747.

Return is HKG-SFO in L so no GPU will be used there
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LHR-LAX midweek early Jan
W fare, Y to C
Cleared 4 days out.
Y oversold, C showing availability at T-2hrs
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EWR-MXP 1/25/14
W Class
Y > C
Cleared after booking (Expert mode search to verify R availability)
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Mid-March 2014
W fare
Y to C
Booked two months+ ahead
Cleared at booking (2 Pax)
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03 January 2014
M Fare
Y > C Upgrade
Confirmed two days out (applied four days out)
Fairly sure that there were 5-10 op-ups at the gate right before they closed the door due to an oversold coach cabin and a wide open business cabin. My seat-mate came up last second and had clearly brought his things up from coach.
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Mid February HKG/SFO , Y>C, Purchased ticket late November ��

Outbound cleared today! Now CONFIRMED roundtrip!

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ticketed Oct. 4, 2013 W class.

Booked after finding R space SEA-NRT-SEA, u/g cleared at booking

Fast Forward, SEA-NRT Cancelled, rebooked via IAH, R space forced by supervisor.

NRT-BKK cleared about two weeks ago BKK-NRT at 4 a.m. today.
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For a friend I booked:

Route: SFO-SYD and return
Date: 2/2 and 2/10
Fare class: economy saver to PN
How many days/weeks in advance: At booking a month in advance

For me and my family (4 in total):

Route: SFO-FRA and LHR-SFO
Date: 6/25 and 7/7
Fare class: Economy (I think V - can't tell in the reservation) to PN
How many days/weeks in advance: At booking 6 months in advance
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13 Jan 14
Booked in Nov
GPU Cleared 5 Jan

23 Jan 14
Booked in Nov
GPU Cleared 11 Jan

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2. Jan 11, 2014
3. W
4. Y-C
5. Booked a month prior
6. Cleared at gate
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1. LHR-SFO; SFO-LHR for 2 people
2. end of July for short weekend
3. W
4. Y
5. I can't count that high. Made the booking last weekend (Jan. 11)
6. At booking
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Booked Dec 12.

BOS-EWR-TLV 10 Jan, V fare. Did not clear UA90 EWR-TLV, #6 on the list, upgraded BOS-EWR. GPU re-deposited (whee; it expires in two weeks anyway, PM me if you want some stale GPUs).

TLV-EWR-BOS 17 Jan, V fare, cleared UA85 to BF three days prior, still no upgrade EWR-BOS but it's a 50-minute flight and I'll survive.

Now that I think about it, GPUs always clear UA85, and I always take UA85 back home because UA91 leaves at such a heinous hour, but I've only been upgraded EWR-TLV when it was a CO flight and system-wides were good on any fare. Not at all since CO->UA. Snarl...

I prefer UA90 because it lands at a civilized hour and it's dinner then bedtime; UA84 lands too early and I'm left wandering TLV in a stupor most of the day.
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My upgrade on DEL-EWR cleared at T-6 days. Travel date 01/22/2014
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2. April 16th
3. W
4. Y-C
5. Booked Jan 14th
6. Cleared at booking
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