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PV_Premier Jun 24, 13 5:14 pm

flight change - canceled PNR -> 1 pax to 2
I have a situation with a canceled flight reservation that I would like some help on.

Originally I booked a PNR for only myself (one passenger) and then needed to cancel it. The ticket was non-refundable.

So, I now have over $800 credit remaining against that PNR and I would like to use that credit to rebook a new reservation for two passengers (myself and mrs. ddrost1).

Is there a way to do this either by calling or online? If so, how might I go about it?

I would prefer an option short of booking a super-cheap one-way, throw away ticket against the same record locator of the canceled PNR, and then getting the e-cert "refund" back out to book the two pax PNR -- which is the best solution I have come about so far.

Also, if the original PNR was booked on, say 7/15/12, do we have to ONLY rebook by 7/15/13 OR rebook AND complete travel by that date?

PV_Premier Jun 25, 13 4:02 pm

i wanted to clarify the above post as i received some feedback from a couple of members and a moderator that my original request for help was unclear. hopefully someone can be of assistance as i need to use this credit soon!

USFdonWill Jun 25, 13 4:22 pm

You should be able to just call and have an agent help you with your new reservation for 2 people. You only need to rebook by 7/15/13.

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