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iluv2fly 2014-07-27 14:19:38

(Wikipost) MileagePlus Premier Qualifying Dollar (PQD) Requirement Discussion [ARCHIVE]
Please read these sources before posting in this thread:
If you have calculated the PQDs for a trip at less than 80% of the total cost, you are very likely doing something wrong. Have you made sure to include the International Surcharge (YQ)? Have you read all of the materials linked above, and the frequently made points listed below?

Specific Unanswered Questions
Please limit these to specific, technical questions about the implementation of the PQD program.
  • Will there be a calculator that shows PQD, and will that calculator be accurate?
  • What exactly will count toward PQD?
    United states:
    Base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges
    Flights flown by United, United Express, or Copa Airlines
    Flights operated by a Star Alliance® or a MileagePlus partner airline and issued on a United ticket (ticket number starting with 016)
    Economy Plus purchases

    will count towards PQD.

    • The amount of co-pay when using miles to upgrade..
    • The cost of PQMs/RDMs purchased when using the premier / award accelerator..
    • The value of ETCs (or is it considered a discount from the fare?). (still uncertainty on this since prelim PQDs appeared to include) -Note: the Mileage plus site indicates ETC's count towards PQD (12/16/13 imgonnafly)
    • The face value e-certs and travel vouchers.. (still uncertainty on this since prelim PQDs appeared to include)
    • The cost of a paid upgrade..
    • An extra seat purchase (such as for a customer of size or a musical instrument); it does not presently count toward PQM.
    • Change fees.
    will not count toward PQD.
  • How will PQD be determined for UA metal segments without 016 stock ticket?
  • What happens if I depart in December and return in January?
    Just like PQM, PQD for the applicable part of fare for the segment is credited based on the departure date (year) of the segment flown. Segment fares are calculated using standard rules of the past. For the case cited there would be PQD credited in DEC 2013 (no value) and PQD applied to 2014 applicable to 2014 and 2015 status renewal.
  • How will UA evaluate the address issue for the PQD exemption?
  • It is not clear how the timing of achieving the minimum PQD requirement will impact earning RPUs and GPUs. Examples:
    • If someone crosses 75K PQM in say April, but doesn't hit $7500 PQD until December by which time has accrued 200K PQM, will he/she get 10 RPUs all at once? (and 10 GPUs assuming $10k PQD in December)
    • Do only 1Ks/GSs earn additional RPUs by flying beyond the 100k mark?
    • If a 1K crosses the 100,000 PQM mark in January 201x, the $10,000 PQD mark on December 31 201x, and ends up flying a total of 200,000 PQMs for the year 201x, how many RPUs / GPUs will be earned?
    • Will Platinums earn 2 RPUs when crossing the 75k mark but none at incremental levels thereafter (e.g. a Plat who flies 100k EQMs, but does not meet the 1K spend, would *not* earn two more RPUs)?
  • How does IRROPs affect earning of PQDs?
FMP (Frequently Made Points)
The following points have been made repeatedly in this thread (please feel free to add more concise points):
  • You might not be hitting the PQD minimums as easily as you think you are, given exceptions, taxes, and the existence of cheap fares.
  • It is possible for leisure travelers and even some business travelers to average well under 10cpm. This doesn't just affect "leisure 1Ks" and people on the edge of categories.
  • Presidential Plus card members (exempted from Silver/Gold/Plat PQD requirements) are most likely exempted because the FlexPQM program would complicate matters.
  • Manufacturing $25,000 spend might not actually be so hard. There's a whole forum on it.
  • The exceptions don't really make sense where there is a revenue-sharing joint venture in place, such as with LH on TATL routes.
  • Leaving UA for AA over objections to dollar-based status may be futile because all the majors will likely go to this model with the possible exception of the AS program which allows you to bank your DL and AA miles into one account (DL has already).
  • UA is tracking spend on UA metal now.
  • YQ, also known as the "international surcharge," is a carrier-imposed surcharge and is included in PQD.
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