Any problems if INF noshows?

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Any problems if INF noshows?

I want to make a booking with an imaginary infant (because therefore the flight gets cheaper, don't ask how and why ) and I wonder, does UA make any problems at the CKI when there is no infant to check-in, just the main traveler?
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OK, I gotta ask, even since u said not too, how's does it get cheaper?
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I just did a quick search and doesn't appear to be universal so maybe just your particular route or more likely an IT glitch. My guess and only a guess would be that you would be ok the first time and then if it became a habit you could get into some trouble or have your mileage plus account suspended/ended.
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I know exactly what happens when an infant noshows (but don't me what and why )
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I have some infants to loan out if you don't want to take the risk of a no-show.
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Originally Posted by fqtv_kraven View Post
Does UA make any problems at the CKI when there is no infant to check-in, just the main traveler?
Nope, no problem at all (domestically). I've had first hand-knowledge doing this 4-5 times in the past year, and never had even the slightest issue. However, I can't speak to the international situation, wherein the baby would have a ticket number (10% ticket plus tax).

In my case, what would typically happen domestically is that my wife and I would book onto the same PNR with the baby as a lap child. SHARES would come along and auto-split the res. My wife would look at her res and not see the baby on the res, so she'd call UA and they'd add the baby to her res. Of course, SHARES had decided to put the baby with me, so the case would be that at the time of check-in, my wife would have her res+lap child, and I'd have my separate res + lap child, even though there was only one lap child (N=3 in total). We never had any problem at all.

If you don't mind sending me a PM explaining how it's cheaper with a lap child, I'd love to know. Does it possibly have something to do with a flight credit tied to one particular person plus a lap child, and the only way to use the credit to keep the passenger + lap child on the new res?
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Said another way: what would happen if you legitimately planned to take the baby and the baby got sick prior to the trip and you elected to leave him home with the other parent?
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