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Thanks United - Positive Experiences in the air and on the ground 2013

Thanks United - Positive Experiences in the air and on the ground 2013

Old Dec 31, 12, 6:54 pm
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Thanks United - Positive Experiences in the air and on the ground 2013

There are many more + than - so let's recognize the +.

For reference here is the 2012 thread: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/unite...nd-2012-a.html
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Old Jan 2, 13, 7:09 pm
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A tale of 3 calls (with a happy ending)

I have a ticket AAA-BBB. I meant to book a refundable fare, but realized today that it is restricted. It's most likely my fault (though it could just as well be a mistake on my ticket). The difference in fare between changeable and non-changeable is $20. Fare basis for both is "U."

Call 1:
"Yep, you must pay the $150 fee. The add collect is $260 for your entire change."

Call 2:
"Lowest refundable fare is only ever "Y." New fare is $1200, plus the change fee of $150."

Call 3:
"Wow, that's a confusing fare rule. I can see that being an easy mistake. Therefore, let's make it an easy fix." Agent charged me the $20 to upfare to the one I originally wanted.
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Old Jan 2, 13, 7:30 pm
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You see to me this is very confusing. Supposedly, these agents are using the same computer system we interact with to provide a cost to meet a request -- you want a certain fare class, and a certain type of fare, and you get three different answers from three different people...all of whom should be keying in the exact same thing on the same computer program, and presumably should thus reach the same answer/$ figure. It would be very enlightening to understand how much $$ UA brings in based on off-the-cuff misinformation from their agents to unsuspecting flyers.
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Old Jan 2, 13, 7:32 pm
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Despite all the complaints, I have encountered some really amazing and helpful CSRs post 3/3 who have trouble shot and fixed a lot of complex problems for me. I think sometimes we forget to give all the good folks at UA the praise that they deserve.
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Old Jan 2, 13, 7:52 pm
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I agree. I've been lucky with CSRs post 3/3 as well. It might take them 30-40 minutes to fix something tricky, but they always seem to get it done IME! Glad to hear it worked out, OP.
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Old Jan 2, 13, 7:53 pm
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When did you book vs trying to call in and make the change?
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Old Jan 2, 13, 8:39 pm
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Originally Posted by schley View Post
There are many more + than - so let's recognize the +....]
I've had a couple recent ones. But the one that stands out was actually on a SkyWest flight (in a smaller city only served by them). I left my clear, plastic baggie with liquids in the seatback in front of me. An hour later, I got a call from a ground agent letting me know she had it. I told her I was in the middle of dinner with clients, and asked if I could come back in a couple hours (I was right across the street). She gave me her cell phone and told me to call when I was on the way. When I did, she came out to the curb to meet me.

I also had a UC Boston employee go over and above trying to apply an RPU to a last minute BOS-SFO flight (replacing one that had cancelled), after I was told I couldn't. The best part is there was one open seat in F, and I was first on the UG list...until about an hour before the flight, when I noticed I had dropped to second. That's when I approached the counter, and walked away 20 minutes later very happy.

Forgot to add: both received compliments to via the website.
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Old Jan 4, 13, 4:46 am
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Good start to the New Year.

So decided to start early on accumulating a small number of miles within time constraints as I was in the States anyway for New Year. New Year's day, took advantage of the very cheap P fares that were offered by in the summer to MCO-IAD-ORD-MCO. I'll hang my head in shame that I changed the return to a direct, but I didn't fancy getting back at gone midnight on A319's with no IFE or food.

Having got back early, I called in and asked if I could change my direct flight MCO-ORD the next day to see if I could make up the miles lost by wimping out and doing the direct flight. No problem they say, so instead of an A320, I got a 757-200 Int flat bed to IAD, for a 3 class 767-300 and an upgrade to F. The GA at IAD didn't want to give it too me, because he thought I had already been upgraded from Y to BF and removed me from #1 on the UG list until I showed him the receipt with the P fare class I originally paid. Then he relented and issued a BP for 2K.

Overnght in the Hilton, and a nice early start back to IAD for 922 to LHR. Already upgraded on the ORD-IAD flight, but declined a $604 TOD to BF. Glad I did, because as we were stood on the taxiway at IAD, the FA came back and moved the occupants of 19AB and 20AB into BF, then asked if anyone was travelling alone. Most weren't paying attention so I got the nod on a free upgrade into BF due to W&B issues after some last minute cargo/luggage loading.

Not one flight over 10 late arriving, CS staff extremely friendly and helpful. All in all a great way to start 2013 and a concerted effort to get to 1K this year. Next week, it's LHR to Key West via IAH for three days. They think I'm mad in work.
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Old Jan 4, 13, 6:10 am
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Thumbs up Very Nice

Glad to hear that sometimes events like this work to the benefit of the pax.
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Old Jan 7, 13, 9:45 am
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Morning all!
Flew ORD-IAH-AUS in Y yesterday. I will put some pics up in a mini report.

This was really as good as it gets in economy. The 737-900 was a new Boeing Sky interior. It was just such a nice thing to be in a fresh plane.. Loved the different ambient light settings in the cabin.

Crew were professional, attentive and most importantly smiled and genuinely seemed to love their jobs! And name tags displayed proudly so when I left feedback with United I could positively identify staff for praise.

Flight left on time, arrived early. Redeemed a one-time pass for the club in Terminal B in Austin. Very nice server at the Bar there who, again, just seemed to like her job.

Crazy short IAH-AUS flight on a RJ was also fine, 15 minutes was about all the time we had sans take off and landing, but even in that time the attendants managed to serve water.

Nice work United!
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Old Jan 7, 13, 4:31 pm
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Got a reasonable last-minute fare (2 days' notice) for a weekend trip to MSY to see an old friend. All upgrades cleared. Terminal 2 United Club was a nice surprise, and had a pleasant chat with the bartender.

Both United and Shuttle America F/As had smiles on their faces, served PDBs, and kept me happy throughout my flights.

I'm dreading spending every other weekend or so flying a little less right now. Thanks, United!
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Old Jan 7, 13, 6:06 pm
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Great flight IAH-ORD today. Friendly crew, called me by name when taking lunch orders, flight arrived 15 minutes early.
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Old Jan 7, 13, 7:52 pm
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UA Global Services: Doesn't Get Better Than This

How about this.... I just landed in ORD on a flight from LHR with jdivenere. We landed at 6:20, and I'm amazed at how quickly they got me to the lounge to watch the Notre Dame game. A UA Global Services rep met us at the door of the plane, escorted us through customs, up to the train to connect us from the international terminal to the domestic terminal (with a bunch of stops in between), through security, down that long underground walkway, and into the international first class lounge with a glass of chilled Veuve in hand...all by 6:43! 23 minutes! Insanely good service. They've impressed me again, and believe me, that's not easy. It doesn't get better than this. And that's why United is my airline. The only way you can fly over a million actual miles in a year is with service like this.
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Old Jan 7, 13, 7:54 pm
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Tom, you deserve it! But yes, GS folks are just down right great.

Now for how the game is shaping up, well, I am a Notre Dame fan (lots of alums in my family) and am not very happy right now.....
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Old Jan 7, 13, 7:54 pm
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Does never happen to this GS in any airport. Must be the 14M miles and not GS.
But it happens to me on LH with no status at all when flying FC.
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