Newbie Question about UA PQM and MR

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Newbie Question about UA PQM and MR

I was wondering if anyone knew how UA posts PQM to your account when traveling over the New Year?

Basically, we have a trip from DC to India on UA and Lufthansa planned leaving Dec. 26 returning Jan 5. Since we paid for it, we are getting about 16,500 PQMs for it. I would like to get gold status on UA and was thinking about attempting our first MR, but I'm not sure if the miles will count in 2012 or 2013. So should we try to get in our MR before the India trip to get all our PQMs before Dec 31 2012, or should we wait and do it after the new year?

Also, if we don't qualify this year, what happens to the PQMs early next year, can we still keep them? Do we get to apply it toward status for 2013/2014? If we qualify by Dec, will it only be good from Dec 2012-2013?

Any advice is appreciated!

PS Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
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departures scheduled to depart during the calendar year are posted in that year...if a 12/31 flight is delayed til 1/1, it still is posted as 12/31....i can't say that all programs do this but i believe the us carriers do....

the outbound will post in 2012, return in 2013....
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Originally Posted by clacko View Post
the outbound will post in 2012, return in 2013....
This is correct. You cannot 'bank' the Dec 2012 miles to help you qualify in 2013, nor get early credit for your Jan 2013 flights to help you qualify for 1P in 2012.

So whether you want to do a MR in 2012 or 2013 will depend on how many PQM's you already have for 2012 and/or how much other travel you anticipate doing in 2012 and 2013.
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