Change routing on award ticket?

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Originally Posted by Kpoxa View Post
CO had the best (most flexible) award changing rules for non-elites in the whole industry. I am really going to miss those days.
If Plat or above, United is AWESOME! No close-in fees, no change fees, no redeposit fees, no reservation fees, nothing. If you've got a lot of award miles, and you can hit 75k eqm, United is the place to have them.

For what it's worth, that was the entire reason for me doing a pair of SFO-CDG red-eye mileage runs in December. Hopefully I'll make it pay off. Can't see that I'll re-qualify for Plat in 2013 though, and *G on United isn't feeling the love these days.
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Continental rules still apply. Non-elites can change connections FREE outside 21 days. Within 21 days there are fees. UA used to charge for ANY change in connections or routing even outside the 21 day window.
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Called the Premier line yesterday and was on hold for 30 min. Finally hung up trying to change my award ticket.

Figured it was better to just cancel the ticket and then rebook online. Gets a little messy with the mileage redeposit, but atleast don't have to wait on hold for half the day!
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Originally Posted by aero0729 View Post
Continental rules still apply. Non-elites can change connections FREE outside 21 days. Within 21 days there are fees. UA used to charge for ANY change in connections or routing even outside the 21 day window.
Are you referring to the award bookings made on CO prior to March 3?
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Does anyone know if a change to destination between coterminals is allowed? As in, if I have a routing BOI - ORD - BWI but see better connections BOI - ORD - DCA, can I do that for free? I think it does not qualify as a destination change because UA treats DCA, BWI, & IAD as the same city, but I'm not certain.
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the award fee page differs from what the system is doing, according to the agent i just got off the phone with.

i was booked on SFO-LHR-ATH but changed it earlier this week to SFO-LAX-LHR-ATH (to get more time in london), 22 days out, and the system charged me $25. i called this morning because i was looking at award fee rules, and the page does say no fee to change routing (keeping origin and destination the same) 21 or more days in advance.

i was hoping to get a refund but she stuck to her guns that any change in routing is $25 for gold and below (or well, to the system's guns, since they have no say, it just tells them what to charge, apparently). maybe i'm missing something?
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Avoiding Egypt

Hi all. I currently have a problem (aka an opportunity?). My wife and I are currently in Thailand, in the middle of a United roundtrip award (economy). Our outbound leg was USA to Nepal, with no stopovers. Our booked return leg is Bangkok to Cairo, with a stopover in Cairo, then Cairo-->Toronto-->Denver. We're supposed to fly to Cairo in about a week ... though with the U.S. evacuating personnel from Egypt, that no longer seems reasonable. So I looked into alternate ways home (Bangkok to Denver), with a fun stopover, and found a stopover in Tokyo. I called United to book it (they agreed to waive the change fee, even though they don't currently have a travel advisory to Egypt ... huh?), but was told that changing the routing to go through Tokyo would make it a round-the-world itinerary and cost much more in miles (and she couldn't even figure out how much more). Does this sound correct? She said that we'd have to fly back through "Europe", and could take a stopover there. (Cairo, then, counts as "Europe"? She couldn't elucidate.) Does this sound correct? I suppose my overall question is, should I try again to go through everything with a different agent (she *did* sound fairly knowledgable), or is this correct and I should hunt for a fun stopover in Europe (continental Europe?)? Thanks very much, if anyone reading here knows the United subtleties so well.
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I suggest that you should have considerable flexibility once the word filters out to the reservationists re the United States' very recently issued warning regarding Egypt. Sounds like yours didn't totally believe you. Do you have a couple of days for this to work through? Otherwise, you might provide them with the US State Department's warning to see if that will expedite what should be the ultimate resolution of your situation. You will be among many, soon. Which is also good reason to keep pressing to stay ahead of the pack -- for a no-cost change.
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Thanks. In the end, I think you were correct. They eventually allowed the change (to the Tokyo routing, plus stopover there), and waived the change fees. They didn't actually explain *why* they eventually allowed it -- so I assume it was my Egypt argument. I'm surprised they aren't much quicker to have a travel advisory or whatever (the State Department's travel warning was on June 28), but I don't really know how airlines handle these things.
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