Surreal flight change back in time ...

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Surreal flight change back in time ...

I'm in TPE departure area as I write this. I had flights for 12 MAR TPE-NRT and then NRT->HNL all confirmed and good to go, and yesterday I get an email update telling me that I was moved from my 10AM UA flight TPE-NRT to a 0900 ANA flight also TPE-NRT.

Well, OK. Not prefereable, but at least I get there.

Whelp, turns out that the change was to a TPE-NRT ANA flight departing 13MAR ... and I still have the UA flight NRT-HNL for 12 March all locked in; with an upgrade even!

I'm on the line with the 1K desk as I write this. They acknowledge the crazy mistake, but they tell me they can't get me on a flight to NRT and they won't pay for a hotel room for the overnight in Taipei.

This seems to be a new low for the new UA ....
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I guess the real question is why were you moved? Also, are the two flights on the same PNR?
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No, I would respectfully say that the real question is "WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot, United?"

So originally I had a UA flight TPE->NRT and a UA flight NRT->HNL, both on 12 March. I get notice yesterday that the TPE-NRT flight was CXL, and I was rebooked on an ANA flight departing 12 March at 0900 as opposed to the original 1030. I got to TPE this morning (12March) and the nice people at the ANA checkin desk informed me that my ANA flight is actually on 13March, but I still have the 12March UA flight NRT->HNL.

So I call the 1K desk. Wait on hold for 18 minutes and get an Indian CSR. She notices that I am talking international flights and puts me on hold for a further 5 minutes, at which point I get an eastern European CSR. After a little explanation (she asks at one point "so, you want to fly from Hawaii to Tokyo?"), she says "Oh ... uh oh ... hold on ..." and I wait for a further 4 minutes.

Then she comes back and says there's nothing she can do, she cant get me out of TPE today because it will take 24 hours to confirm a flight on another carrier and United will not pay for a hotel after dorking up my reservations and making me stay in TPE another day.

NOTE: I was carefully slow, courteous and clear the entire time. I was *not* a d1ck, altho I think I would have had justification for being one....

So I ask to speak to a supe, and - wouldn't you know it - I get cut off. Go figure.

So I call back, and after an additional 8 minutes on hold, I speak to an American CSR who, after examining the problem, books me on the 12Mar ANA flight (today's flight: the one I thought I was on to begin with) and sends me on my way. So much for that "24 hours to confirm on another carrier" stuff. I check in and board at the last possible second and I am now writing this from the ANA lounge in NRT.

So all's well that ends well, I guess, except lucky for me that I'm a 1K and eventually got connected to a CSR with a clue. Otherwise I'd be footing the bill for a hotel in Taipei and cursing the new United even more than I am.

Flight changes backward in time - another change we're gonna like.
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Oy! I would imagine the date mix up has to do with international date/time stuff. But you shouldn't need to go through hoops to get this cleared up.
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Glad it all worked out, but boy that does sound like some frustrating experience.

In effect you illustrated the old adage of trying again (and again) with a different CSR if the one you have is clueless. Not that you should have had to to do so.
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