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djmp Mar 5, 12 9:21 pm

ExpertFlyer class confusion
Anyone else having problems with EF converting NF availability alerts to ON alerts post merger? I have 2-class upgrades waitlisted (for NF) which are now set to alert on ON. Seems wrong, per this.

I know there is a merger thread for SHARES handling of NF but now the confusion seems to have spread to EF?

sbm12 Mar 6, 12 6:09 am

If EF converted the 2-cabin upgrade alerts to ON then they did it wrong. You want to be looking for RN. I can understand why they did it the way they did, but that doesn't mean it is correct. Should be easy enough to fix.

ExpertFlyer Voice Mar 6, 12 8:46 am

We converted X (NF), which was the Business->First upgrade class code for the old UA, to ON which according to the linked chart is also the Business->First upgrade for all passengers.

The issue arises in that the old UA had only 1 upgrade class into First, whereas the new UA has 2, depending on how many cabins the flight has, so either way it won't be perfect. If you wish to delete and recreate the alert for a different class, you can do that as well. We will be sending an email to our users that have active UA Flight Alerts later today asking them to confirm the class codes on their alerts.

djmp Mar 7, 12 12:06 am

I think of NF primarily as Y->F on two cabin as the common case. Anyway, not a big issue. My new UA reservations got incorrectly changed that way too.

Liking my EF service though. It saved my bacon recently when I got email notification of upgrade seat availability on the morning of travel of a flight I'd given up hope on. A quick call to CO reservations snagged those seats on the way to the airport.

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