Redeeming Miles for RCC membership?

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Redeeming Miles for RCC membership - Is it worth It?

The short question:
As a GM, is it worth burning miles for a RCC membership? Am I better off buying a Priority Pass membership for ~10 visits this year?

The long question:
I know the "value" of a lounge membership is highly subjective, but I'm on the fence about it. That's why I'm seeking input from the wisdom of FT.

Here's my situation: I'm a GM on track to hit 2P midyear, but not before the trips I'm about to take with sizable layovers (6 hours at EWR, yuck!), but on US and AA (I don't control how these get booked). I have two trips to take later this year to SEA.

The way I see it I've got 8 already booked opportunities to use a lounge ( (1 at the departing airport + 1 during connection) x 2 directions x 2 trips = 8) and 8 more potential opportunities for the rest of the year. Realistically I assume I will use a lounge somewhere around 10 times not counting any opportunities for the first half of next year.

I see three possible options:
1) Priority Pass (the Plus membership) for $224 for 10 visits. They appear to have access to lounges in every airport I will visit. But no free wireless at the US Clubs.

2) Spend 62,500 + 7,000 (for initiation fee) for RCC membership. Compared to the option above, it values my miles at 0.322 cpm (gross). But this way I get much better guesting privileges, plus wireless access at US Clubs(?)

3) Suck it up and find a bar and pay for my booze and snacks. (~$20/visit?).

I've never been to a RCC, but I've been to an AAdmirals club and an AS Board Room. I really enjoyed having a quiet place with wireless internet.

It seems $$-wise, option 1 and 3 are potentially even. With what I've read so far if I buy food I suspect it would be better that the free stuff at the RCC or other lounges. I certainly would use wireless internet, but I'm not sure I would pay extra for it.

Using miles for a RCC seems like a poor investment of miles. But with my flying patterns I rarely redeem them for anything other than domestic mileage upgrades when I don't have status (If there is NF). I usually fly ~25,000 miles a year, so if I redeem for a ticket I'll almost certainly miss out on 2P (I was short by 5k miles last year). So I've been stockpiling miles without many opportunities to spend them.

I also took a look at the Chase card that comes with a PC membership, but with a $359 annual fee, it seems a little steep for me.

Edit: I should add that the booked trips I have are EWR->PHL->DUB on US and LGA->DFW->RNO. Layovers are 2+ hours... plus the Amtrak schedule to/from EWR means I'm likely to have a LOT of time at either end of my trip at EWR, unless I want to drag my bags through Penn Station (ugh)...

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