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This thread is for United operated United Clubs.
Threads exists for other lounges:
Centurion Lounge meet-up thread
Delta Sky Club
Star-Alliance Operated Lounges

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Can Guest

07/24 LGA 08:30-09:45 hudsonlaluna +2
07/24 IAH 13:00-14:00 hudsonlaluna +2 (Term c or e)
07/26 STR 17:00-18:15 zeer0 +1 (lh)
07/27 CPH 08:30-10:00 zeer0 +1 (sas)
07/27 YYZ 13:30-18:30 zeer0 +1 (transborder mll)
07/28 IAH 08:00-09:30 kirkwoodj +2 (or Centurion)

08/03 IAH 12:30-13:30 kirkwoodj +2 (or Centurion)
08/21 EWR 07:00-08:30 hudsonlaluna +2 (Term c)
08/21 IAD 15:00-16:30 hudsonlaluna +2

09/01 PHL 04:30-5:15 Ruhr +2
09/01 SFO 09:15-11:15 Ruhr +2
09/08 HNL 11:00-12:00 Ruhr +2
09/08 SFO 21:00-23:15 Ruhr +2

11/21 BOS 04:30-06:00 zeer0 +1
11/24 SFO 21:30-22:30 zeer0 +1
11/25 ORD 05:00-07:30 zeer0 +1

Looking for Access

07/13 SFO 1:30-3:30 single_flyer
07/27 IAD 09:00-12:00 Kamalaasaa

Can't Guest But Can Say Howdy

08/24 EWR 17:15 - 18:15 LGA (LH lounge if we make it to Terminal B)
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Just added some times when I can host next month
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Going through my emails from earlier in the day and noticed that the United Club sent out an email stating that there would be fondue, bread cubes, and prosecco available among other "festive food and beverage options" on New Years Day in the clubs
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Old Jan 1, 18, 12:15 pm
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Holiday Sparkler is the beverage for New Years. Prosecco and Cointreau. They were out of cranberry juice.

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Looking for access:

01/05 IAH 08:45-11:30 junglematt
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I can guest one person:

1/27 EWR (Term. C) 4-6pm

If someone wants to add to the wiki on my behalf feel free
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Just added the following to the Wiki:

Can host:
05/05 EWR 14:15-16:45 mpiotrow +1
05/05 LAX 20:30-22:00 mpiotrow +1
05/07 SIN 08:00-09:00 mpiotrow +1 (either SQ or SATS lounge in T2)
05/08 LAX 11:00-14:00 mpiotrow +1

Looking for access:
05/05 DEN 06:30-07:30 mpiotrow

Last edited by mpiotrow; Jan 5, 18 at 7:29 am Reason: Added info about when I'm looking for access
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Anyone stuck at IAH today 1/4 due to east coast weather? I'll be at Centurion til 8:30pm.
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Last minute I know, but if anyone with access is leaving from CLE this afternoon (between, say, 1400 and 1800 local) and would be willing to bring me as a +1, that'd be awesome
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Also last minute:

DEN today (8-1) 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Sorry if I missed anyone at YVR today.
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Old Jan 9, 18, 11:35 am
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Can host (+2) at ORD today, 1/9 - 3:15pm CST. F Lounge.
Can host (+2) at ORD Thursday 1/11 - 6:30pm CST. Most likely B6 Lounge.
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Looking for access

1/13 ORD
Hello, I am looking for access to a UA club on 1/13/18. My flight from COS is scheduled to land around 9:50 am and I would be looking to be in the lounge until about 1:00pm. Let me know if you can guest me in!
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Just updated the Wiki with a couple entries from the last make this easier, please try to follow the format as shown in the Wiki above when you are posting info about hosting or looking for access! Please, and thank you!
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Looking for access:

01/12 IAH 17:30 to 19:30 Ceres
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Originally Posted by CMK10 View Post
First time someone has taken advantage of one of my offers in years that's for sure. But hey, I got a free drink out of it thanks to Seat1A so I'm glad I posted
And thanks for getting me into the Admiral's Club at DEN last year, twas very generous of you!

Originally Posted by Ruhr View Post
I've been posting since at least 2015 and still haven't guested anyone from FlyerTalk yet.

BTW, I added another itinerary so if any of you need a host, please contact me!
Originally Posted by diburning View Post
I've been guested in exactly once since I've started posting on this thread over 5 years ago. I've also offered to guest people in (when I had the ability to so) and never connected with anyone. I think it's actually more difficult than we think because of how many hours there are in the day, how long people stay at the club, and how many United Clubs there are. It also depends on the day of travel. I tend to travel on weekends, and most people who are able to offer are business travelers who tend to travel on weekdays.
Originally Posted by kirkwoodj View Post
I've guested in people at least twice in 2017, and already have one set up next month
Originally Posted by CHOPCHOP767 View Post
I've recently started flying with UA again and have done my best to provide invites to maximize the value of paid club membership. I realize that BOS might not be the most popular origin or destination, but certainly hope to meet a few FTers over the holidays at the hubs in IAH and ORD. For better or worse, I have about 20 segments on UA alone over the next thirty days
Originally Posted by brendandubs View Post
Long-time lurker, also happy to host if I have a layover > 1 hour.
As a semi-regular flyer and, at times, not knowing at what airport I will arrive, I do appreciate the offers of guesting people into the United Club. I have had the pleasure to be guested a couple of times and have missed people by a couple of hours on other occasions so please be reassured that there are folks without UC access who do lurk on this thread
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Okay, time to give this a shot. Can anyone add me to the wiki? I'm looking for access:

01/18 SFO 10:00-12:00 Polytonic
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