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Could LHR use this quiet time to finish off T2?

Could LHR use this quiet time to finish off T2?

Old Sep 16, 20, 3:26 pm
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Could LHR use this quiet time to finish off T2?

The original plan for T2 was to occupy the space currently occupied by T1, the main issue is that T2 is currently using the T1 baggage system so they need a way to move the baggage system somewhere temporarily while the remainder of T1 is demolished.

So would it be possible to move T2 traffic to T3 and then they could complete enabling works without the need to worry about keeping T2 operational?

I can see why HAL might not want to invest in these works at the time, but if they could it would be easier to do it now rather than when the airport is operating at full capacity.

So is T3 big enough to take over from T2 on a temporary basis? I think it's best to avoid T4 due to its location.
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Old Sep 16, 20, 3:55 pm
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Whilst not a bad idea logically, there was a fairly detailed plan developing (pre-COVID) about how the baggage system could be fitted out for T2 whilst keeping the T1 system operational. The currently under construction basement for the track transit system would have been extended into what is currently the remains of Pier 3 and the T1 Flight Connections Centre building, with the baggage system fitted out in this basement.

The project is currently paused along with the majority of other projects not yet already in construction as a result of COVID.
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Old Sep 16, 20, 4:26 pm
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Not so sure this is one for the BA forum?
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Old Sep 16, 20, 5:33 pm
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Sounds an interesting idea but it will flounder at the first hurdle: capital expenditure. There will be near zero discretionary capex until the aviation industry starts materially recovering.
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Old Sep 16, 20, 5:46 pm
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This suggestion has been raised on several occasions.

Major works like this can't be turned on and off like a tap. They are planned far in advance coordinating contractors and specialist equipment as well as airport operations.

HAL were able to bring forward some runway refurbishment works but given those are outside the social distancing rules are easier to manage plus the contractor was avalable to do the work. If they weren't then the original schedule would have been maintained.

Not sure the airlines having been shunted aready from T3 and T4 to T2 would appreciate another move to T3 and yet another move back to their proper homes.
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Old Sep 16, 20, 6:09 pm
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really depends on the airport/airline and budget.

if something was planned/starting, it can be brought forward and completed earlier

eg: Changi decided to close off T2 entirely, ramp up renovations (renovations were already announced in Jan 2020 for partial closure in Feb-2020, will now complete 1 year ahead of original schedule)


if something was in-progress, you almost have no choice but to continue (eg United building new EWR lounge, it was already midway. You can minimize overtime/etc, but have to continue. otherwise your permit/materials will expire and cost more to resume)

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