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OskiBear Jul 11, 19 2:36 pm

Arriving London on Boxing Day - or not?
I have a trip booked for the end of year and it just occurred to me that I'm arriving LHR on the morning of December 26th. I'll have a week in Europe and the original plan was a few days in London, Paris, and then Brussels. However, the realization that I'll be in London on Boxing Day (a bit of a foreign concept to an American) leads to think I might better served re-routing a bit.

I can't change my ticket so I could possibly just buy a simple one-way from LHR to Paris or other points in Europe that are fully open on the 26th and wind my way back to London later in the week.

However, am I missing something by not being in London on the 26th (or 27th and 28th)? I've been there leading up to Christmas Day but never after. If I were arriving later in the day it would probably be less of an issue as it would just be an evening, but I hate to lose a full day.

Ldnn1 Jul 11, 19 5:29 pm

There's no reason not to arrive on Boxing Day, you just need to check what trains are running if you're planning on using public transport. Many/most services do operate so it's much easier than Christmas Day when basically nothing does.

Otherwise it's quite a lively day - lots of people out shopping and generally enjoying the day off work.

rcspeirs Jul 11, 19 11:49 pm

The tube will be running on Boxing Day. A few tourist attractions will be closed but the majority of shops and restaurants will be open. (In fact most shops will be mobbed - the sales....)

lhrsfo Jul 12, 19 2:48 am

You may well find that London will be rather more open than most other European capitals. Generally commerce triumphs over holidays to a greater extent in the UK than much of continental Europe.

UKtravelbear Jul 12, 19 7:09 am

Most shops and restaurants etc etc will be open but likely later than normal - large stores from 10 or 11 am (more likely) rather than 9am for example

Most privately operated tourists attractions - London Eye / Madam Tussauds etc will be open. Most public ones such as British Museum, National Gallery etc will be closed

Most theatres in the west end will also be open for their evening performances. Some - especially those aimed at families - will offer either their usual matinee show (if usually scheduled) or add one in (the lure of bums on seats)

There will be no shortage of things to keep you entertained but would be best to check direct with the venue if there is something specific you want to see.

OskiBear Jul 12, 19 10:08 am

Thanks everyone, great info and advice!

13901 Jul 17, 19 3:17 am

Word of caution on the Tube. Lines might not be working, might be closed for engineering works and so on. will have info closer to date.

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