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dgittings Jun 17, 12 10:31 pm

What is the most child-friendly car rental facility at Heathrow?
Sure any of you with young kids who've picked up a rental car after arriving jet lagged on an intercontinental flight know how important this is.

Even with things like Hertz Gold which allow you to go straight to the car, the kids still need to hang around in the parking lot while you load the luggage, check the car carefully for scratches, remind yourself how to drive it, etc.

Used Hertz at Heathrow last year which was great because they have a safe indoor play area for children, which will keep them occupied while you sort all this out.

Just wondered if any one could report back on whether they've seen similar children's play areas at other car rental facilities (Avis?) at Heathrow? I know Sixt don't have anything like this (although they're great in other respects).

For me (and maybe others) this is a deal breaker in terms of where I rent the car when travelling with the kids.

rwoman Jun 17, 12 10:48 pm

The Avis check in area is pretty small - I've never noticed a child-friendly area in the reception area.

VickiSoCal Jun 18, 12 9:41 am

Avis is tiny, just a long counter really.

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