TWA CallCenters

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TWA CallCenters

Hi y'all,

remember back in the days when TWA was still alive. Didn't they use to have call centers in prisons ?

Does anybody of you guys have trustworthy information/sources regarding this ?
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I remember that TWA was not the only one using call centers in prisons. They said the call centers caused psychological problems for prisoners because they were booking flights for all those destinations while they were stuck in prison!

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TWA DID have call centers in prisons

I miss TWA! However, the fact that they used prisoners to make reservations is somewhat disturbing! How many times did I give my name, address, and credit card number to a convicted criminal?

Michael Moore even discussed the TWA - Prisoner connection in his film "THE BIG ONE"!

I think you can find out more on his website "" I saw it not long ago. In the film, he interviews former prisoners that made reservations for TWA when they were in jail!
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speaking of the late TWA, I had some time to kill when at LAS last week (where I am very frequently) and came across a display with old TWA relics, including a brochure cover that advertised their "new" transcontinental service. They claimed that TWA was the fastest way from one coast to the other. What was mind boogling was that their trans-con service, maybe they were the first, was not all that long ago.

I fly so much (well, I know there are people that fly for business almost daily...i just travel weekly), that I can't even fathom having to travel any other way. I live in PHX and often find myself having to dash out for a meeting in Las Vegas or Los Angeles that was scheduled an hour earlier. I don't even think about it...I run to the airport and there is virutally always a plane going my way.

If you get to LAS, check out the display. It is in the main hall of the second floor. You pass it on the way to the "D" gates. Brings back memories of TWA.
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PhxFlyGuy thanks! I'll have to keep my eyes open! One never knows what interesting aviation displays LAS will have - and I keep looking for TW memorabilia.

RyanOK, welcome to FT! Scary to think TW - and many others - haev / do use prisoners to process credit card orders, etc. And with an airline, there's a bonus - they can tell confederates when you are going to be away from home!

BTW, those who like the ultimate TW memorabilia, try Mojave airport - as in old Convair metal (though the heyday when there was a lineup of old CV-880s there is over.)

Ex-Aviator :sigh:
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