Anyone combine 2 TWA accounts to AA?

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Anyone combine 2 TWA accounts to AA?

I know it's a no-no, but I have 2 TWA accounts having forgotten the # for the 1st one a few years ago.

AA sent me a letter confirming that they will combine one of the accounts (because the addresses match). However, they don't know about the 2nd account.

Will they combine 2 TW accounts into my AA? Or will they refuse to do so? Or send me to the AA Prison CAAmp?
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If you want the two accounts combined, you'll need to call Aviators Customer Service and provide the acct numbers for them to possibly merge the old account into the one that is more active. Then they'll be all together in the AADVANTAGE account. Do this before 11/30 when the program closes. Especially if they'll have to do account number research for you.

If you want two accounts, then go to the website and using your Aviators portfolio number and address on file with them, create a second AA account for yourself that will link.

IMO I don't think AADV cares if you have a personal account and business account anyway.

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You can have two Aviators accounts linked to a single AAdvantage account if you wish, or do as suggested and create a dummy second AAdvantage account to link the hanging Aviators account, then combine them after the transfer.
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